Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It is so cold in Dallas; Brett Favre was texting pictures of his chestnuts roasting over an open fire.

It is cold as hell here in the Big D!!!

19 damn degrees at 1:00 in the afternoon!! This is the coldest it has been the entire time I have lived in Dallas.
They say that this is a record.

I grew up on the North East side of thangs, so cold weather ain't no big whoop to me. Matter of  fact I prefer the seasons to do exactly what they are supposed to do. Winter is supposed to be cold; Spring is supposed to be warm; Summer is supposed to be hot; Fall is supposed to be cool.
 That is how I prefer the seasons to be.

I have gotten spoiled living out here in Texas. There are only two seasons out here...Well... one and a half..
Summer and summer-fall.
It might get down in the 30's here during the "winter". It might freeze 3 days out of the year, but at noon the next day it is usually 75 or 80 degrees.

Snow might last a couple of hours after it falls and then it is gone.

So this shit here today is a total surprise to me.

19 damn degrees for the high yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after!!
What the hot ass hell is goings on around here!!

I ain't used to this shit!! I had forgotten what Winter is supposed to feel like...
And I thought that Wisconsin was cold last month....

But anyways....This is supposed to be Winter, right?

I mean it is supposed to be cold at this time of the year, right?

Texas is finally catching up with the rest of the country...
Let me explain that last statement.....

If you are a Texas implant like myself...then you know that Texas is a little late on getting the word on shit.
Texas is always like 2 years behind the rest of the country when it comes to, fashion, slang whatever....

How do you think the "holiday" Junetenth came about?

These Black folk out here did not know they were free until 2 years after the rest of us were sharecropping on Mr. Charlies farms instead of being slaves on them. there a difference? Anyways......

Yep.... it is so cold that my balls have turned into ovaries.....


Reggie said...

Brother it was 75 degrees in Charleston today,'s gonna be 45 tomorrow.

Winter time sucks horse nuggets.

Dirty Red said...

I have no problem with winter man. Like I said this is supposed to be like problem is the damn inconsistency. If it is going to be cold, then be cold man. I can't stand all the damn flip flopping. That is one of the things I have never gotten used to about living here. One minute it is 80 the next it is 19. There is a saying here that goes...."if you don't like the weather in Texas now; wait a minute it'll change." That's that bullshit man.

Reggie said...

I like consistency too, that's why I want it to always remain 75 degrees.

Brother I hate the cold.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Red you are too funny man! Go Steelers!