Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is the difference between Carmello and Kunta?

The whole sports world is all ablaze about Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Knicks.

Me personally I could give a good damn.

I like the Lakers.

Kobe is a beast man... A gatdamn Beast!!!

Anyways this is not I want to talk about...Well technically it is what I want to talk about; but in  different light.

What is on my mind this morning Ladies and Gentlemen is the way Professional athletes...especially BLACK professional athletes... are referred to by the teams they are on and by the media.

What I mean is this....
These grown ass men are looked at as being property and assets instead of human beings. They are looked at as being commodities instead of people. They are sold and discarded like yesterday's newspaper whenever their "value" to their organizations diminish.  In all this trade talk concerning Carmello; not once has he been referred to as a man. All the talk has been about what kind of "assets" the Nuggets will get to replace him.

Now I admit that these "superstars" are not worth the money they are being paid. Even my man Kobe, the beast that he is.

But with the insane amount of money that these guys are getting paid; for every dollar they are getting, their "owners" are getting five. The owners can trade and replace a "superstar" at will. Without even informing the player. Some of the players contracts deny them from riding a motorcycle, they cannot go to a park and participate in a simple pick up game with the local neighborhood cats. Their owners do not want anything to happen to their investments. And if something does happen the player is gone.

Now I understand contracts and business and money and investments and all that.
But these are people man. People.
These men are not property. They are not assets that can be gotten rid of a the drop of a dime.
They are not "commodities". Well in a sense I guess they are....but damn.

One thing I do have to add though...I have to give the "that's gangsta" award to Carmello.
He did what he wanted to do. He went where he wanted to go. And he did it on his time.

Owners be damned. 


Blaque Ink said...

This is a major reason why I don't like sports. It's basically no different than slavery in some aspects.

Daij said...

I have to cosign

Dirty Red said...

Blaque Ink,
Well I have to admit I love all sports from Football to Hockey and back to Soccer.. But I have to agree with you...That book 40 million dollar slaves pretty much says it all.

Thank's for taking the time to read my thought man.. I appreciate ya.

Reggie said...

So you like the Lakers huh?!? You're a fan of the rapist?!?

Unlike Kunta, these guys are making a helluvalot of money and I'll bet they like grits too.

Wasn't it Marge Schott who called her black players her "million-dollar niggers."?!?

That's still a classic line after all these years.

I hate people.

Reggie said...

By the way, I loved that book 40 million dollar slaves by Bill Rhoden. That was an excellent book, it's sitting in one of my book cases right now.

Dirty Red said...

ALLEGED rapist man... Alleged...

Get it right.

The man is a beast.. As I am certain that White Girl can testify to. lol again.
Damn I crack myself up!

I could give a damn what this nukka does when he is not in the Staples Center though on the serious tip.. I only care when I got 50 bills with one of my homies that says he is going to drop 35-10-10 on some poor unsuspecting team.