Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where you been Son? I just came home from a 10 year vacation...

Yesterday on one of the morning shows here in the DF-Dub; the topic was the budget cuts that our fair city is going to have to endure to make those ends meet. (Oh and while I am on the subject of our fair city; It seems like our fair Mayor has done a Sarah Palin and resigned his post before his term is up. He has thrown his hat in the ring to run for the Senate. and according to THIS STATEMENT, It seems that our former Mayor is right on the heels of the tea-baggers and the Palins in Texas.)

Anyways back to the radio show.....

The main cuts that are being discussed are cuts to the jail system. Now I believe that Jail should be considered a punishment. I know when I was younger and did some shit that pissed my Moms off...she took everything from me. No TV, no phone, no visits from friends, no going outside, no nothing. I was literally excommunicated from the world I knew until she determined I had paid my dues and she determined when I could reenter the world of the living.

Why should Jail be any different?

Why am I paying so much a year in Tax dollars I work my ass off for to ensure that these fools can get a FREE COLLEGE education; while a nukka like me that is not in jail, has to pay damn near 350 dollars a month back to the government  in student loans?

Why do these people that broke whatever law they broke be allowed FREE cable TV; while a nukka like me that is not in jail, has to pay damn near 150 dollars a month to Direct TV?

Why do these people that broke whatever law they broke be allowed FREE gym equipment; while a nukka like me that is not in Jail, has to pay 20 dollars a month in gym membership fees?

Why do these people that broke whatever law they broke be allowed FREE health care; while a nukka like me that is not in jail, has to pay "membership" dues every damn pay period?

Now I can live with the 3 meals a day; because these fools have to eat. I can live with the warm beds; because these fools have to sleep. I can live with the GED programs; because it is the lack of education that landed 90% percent of these fools locked up. I can even live with regular Dr. visits; because we can't have a health epidemic run loose in the prisons can we? I can live with the drug rehabilitation programs most jails have too. I believe if the system used these programs instead of locking someone up that has a drug addiction, there would be less people in prisons.

But all the extra shit?

Where is the punishment in that?
I have talked to several cats that have did bids for a couple of months on up to dudes that have been locked up for decades and they all say the same thing.... Jail ain't no bytch.
Having your freedom taken is nothing to be scoffed at.

But come on Son...
Jail is not supposed to be a "break" from the real world. You are not being locked up to get your "swoll on", so you can impress the ladies when you get out. (Or the dudes' depending on how long you were "away")You are not being locked up to get some kind of street cred to bolster your rep when and if you get out.

The whole purpose of Jail is to be punished for breaking the so called law of the land.


That is what jail is supposed to be. Nothing more nothing less. Jail is supposed to make a nukka not want to go back.
But this shit we have right now? People complaining about not getting desserts with dinner, losing yard time and not having access to the Maury Povitch show?

This is that bullshit son.


Joanna said...

If jail was reserved for people who actually committed crimes against other human beings, I might be able to see your stance. But, prisons are full of young men who have committed nonviolent offenses, and who are only behind bars because of the color of their skin. A friend (who has been to prison) told me this: A Black man in prison is most likely in there because he is Black and had the nerve to try to support himself and his family. A white man who is in prison is usually there for committing a serious, violent offense. THAT is the problem with looking at the prison complex and saying that things should be more punishment oriented. You cannot take away job prospects from young Black men, so that they have few opportunities left, educate them in inadequate schools, and keep them mired in poverty and the punish them for resorting to "crimes" to support themselves, ESPECIALLY when you are NOT punishing white men for the same exact offenses.

Dirty Red said...

I hear ya and on some aspects I agree.

However... Not every Black man that is locked up is a victim of this countries vendetta against all things Black.. I knew personally some cats that are locked up that need to be locked up. I knew some cats that are running around free that need to be locked up. I grew up with some major players that did not do what they did to provide for their families. They did what they did because it was an easy way to get what some people call the "American Dream". But I also grew up with some cats that did do what they did to provide. See I have seen and lived both sides of the coin. So on that aspect I have to disagree with some of what you said. There are some of my people that are parasites. It is a smaller margin than the media would have you believe; but there are some Black men that do not give a damn about nothing but themselves. Some of my "brothers" that are locked away did everything they have been accused of doing and more. And this is why I wrote this post. They broke the law.. They didn't break the law because they are Black and broke; They broke the law because that is what they wanted to do. Being Black sometimes means there is a bulls eye on our backs, but being Black does not excuse one for trying to do and live right.

Joanna said...

I am not disputing the fact that some people are in prison or jail because they need to be. The problem is, calls for more punitive prisons would impact the people who are in there because they were victims of the so called drug war who were merely trying to get by. And from all I have observed (through reading, meeting people who are or have been in prison, and speaking to a wide variety of people) most men in prison are there for nonviolent offenses.

As for breaking the law to obtain the American dream... well, it is done all the time by people who work for these large corporations and making mega money, and the (in)justice system ignores it. And they are preying on people to the tune of millions of dollars as opposed to thousands. But they receive immunity for their crimes based on racial and economic factors.

People outside of prison have this idea of prisons being like country clubs or vacations. But for every person I have met who says going to prison is "easy" or "no big deal" I have met ten who talk about how awful the treatment they receive at the hands of prison guards and officials is.

Until the prison system starts to focus on incarcerating people who actually pose a danger, regardless of race, I cannot support the idea of making prisons more punitive.

Blaque Ink said...

I have to agree with both of you.

When you think about it, it does seem kinda screwy that prisoners get free this-and-that while those on the outside have to pay out the ass for the same luxuries. Shouldn't money from tax payers be used for programs to prevent young people from ending up in prison, rehibilitate those who are in prison as well as their families, and help those who were in prison find steady careers or employment?

Red, I agree that it is sad that there are few brothers who do believe that going to jail is cool or a rite of passage, but I think they don't understand is that ending up in prison means that you have become essentially what their ancestors were, slaves. They may know or don't care, and they may not know. Both are problems that need to be looked into.

Not every brother and not most brothers have that mentality despite what the media would like us to believe.

I agree Joanna, there are those who thrive behind corporate doors who have and are committing larger crimes, but they are too privileged to get punished. In the end prison is also a place to keep poor people, and poor people with mental issues from the mainstream.