Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too African to be American...Too American to be African

What is an African American?

Is it a native born African person that is granted American citizenship? Or is it a person that has some kind of African DNA that was born in America?

If the second definition is true, I guess I am an African American. But if the first definition applies, then what am I?
How much DNA would make me African? 10%? 35%? Or does the "one drop" rule work for DNA?

Sometimes I think that we as American Blacks are the most confused people on the face of the earth.
We call ourselves "African" American, but we have no African traditions, traits, language, culture or anything that would justify the use of  the word "African" to describe us.

But on the other hand the word "American" cannot really describe us either; even though we try our best to fit the part.
I mean think about it......
Some of us straighten our hair or buy "America" style oriental hair to look more "American". Some of us lighten our skin to look more "American". Some of us fake our natural eye color in an effort to look more "American".
Some of us even cut ourselves off from other "African" Americans, because we are ashamed to be associated with anything other than  true "Americans".

So who the hell are we?

Why don't we have an identity in this country that we have tried so hard to be accepted by?
I mean an identity that is not considered negative, ignorant, lazy or criminal minded?

Why is it that other "races" come here and prosper under "American" rules....but the people that fought for those rules always fall behind?

I think we have got to be the only "race" of people on the face of this "American" planet that have no true heritage to call our own, no true traditions to call our own...hell... no true language, religion, values, wealth, desires... no nothing to call our own. We don't even have our own Beauty, since so many of us think that the closer you are to looking "American" the better you look...


Everything that we say that makes us "African" has been taught to us by Europeans.

And the few of us that actually try to create some kind of positive culture, are ostracized by "African" Americans for being too African... and ostracized by "American" Americans for not being the good little "separate" but "equal", grateful not to be in Africa Americans they have brainwashed us  into believing we are.

So who the hell are we?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Innocent before proven quilty? Bullshit...In this world you have to prove you are not quilty before all else

I had to report to jury duty for the esteemed county of Dallas, Texas yesterday.
Since I was not picked to serve, I guess I can disclose what the case was about... Well the jist of what the case was about, since not all that much WAS disclosed to the 65 of us that were sent home.

This was a case involving an adult female; we were never told how old she actually was; and an underage child engaging in an inappropriate sexual encounter. Again, we were never told how old the child was or the sex of the child; but the defense attorney did let it "slip" that the defendant was a lesbian; which kinda narrowed it down. We were told that the "inappropriate encounter" involved the adult placing the child's hand on her genital area in an effort to get some kind of sexual pleasure for herself. We were told  also that the the "touching" was not forced in anyway.

Well during the jury nullification part of the whole "justice" system thing, the DA asked  questions to see which of us  77 residents of Dallas County would sway to his side. One of the questions was how do we feel about the sexual abuse of a child.
Well duh...How should any adult that has children feel about the sexual abuse of a child? Another question was, would we be swayed in anyway if we found out the child was lying about the whole thing. He reminded us of the law in Texas concerning child abuse and all before he allowed us to answer.

Well the question floated around the courtroom with several yes's and several no's, until it came to me.....

Me being me....I told the DA that of course kids (and adults) lie if they (we) feel that lying would get them (us) out of some kind of trouble. It is human nature. I told him that I would be less concerned about the child lying and more concerned about what the adult did to give the child reason to feel that they had to lie. I also asked the DA what was the motivation behind the reason the case was being brought before a criminal court since the only crime involved touching...Was it the fact the the two people were in a relationship that went left and the child felt jaded and wanted some get back, or did the child's parents find out and wanted some get back of their own... Well of course since I was not officially part of the jury yet the DA danced around the question.

When the defense attorney had his turn, the first thing he did was ask the room how many of us were either involved in Law enforcement or had someone close to us that were involved in law enforcement. It seems that he did not want anyone on the jury that had some kind of intimate knowledge of the law and dealing with shit like this. Well of course that excluded me since I work for the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as several others in the room that had some kind of dealing with "the man". After that this asshole skipped right passed us whenever he asked the room a question. We were not included in the conversation at all. Whenever we had a question he would ignore us as if we were invisible. He also began the paint the child as a liar and a willing participate... albeit very slyly... He attacked the kids' character in a way that was not  actually said, but it was very well implied. Which pissed me off.

Now anything that involves a child hits a sore spot  with me as it should with any adult. But like I said earlier, I know that false accusations are levied against people on a regular basis. More often than the average person would believe. There are a lot of people locked up that were lied against. This is the main problem I have with lawyers using snitches as witnesses in criminal cases. But I believe that in this case,the main question for me was,what the hell was the "adult" doing with this child in the first place? Why would she allow herself to be put in a situation where her character was being questioned? And if there was a relationship, the "she looked old enough" defense does not hold water. Any adult knows that no matter how a person looks, if you spend enough time (more often than not just a couple of damn minutes should do the trick)you get some kinda hint about how old the individual is you are dealing with. I.E. What they talk about, what their maturity level is.

So I already came into this shit with a biased opinion. It would have taken a lot of passionate testimony from the defense to convince me that the "adult" was not in any fault at all.

So I guess it was a good move by the court to dismiss me. Besides this woman was facing up to 20 years..
For a touch.

No matter how I felt personally, I could not send anyone to prison for 20 years for a damn touch.

What say you?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You can't get Blood from a Turnip

There is some shit that has been on my mind lately..
It is scary because in a way I am starting to sound like those bytch-ass tea-bagger people....


Now I understand that taxes are important to keep our way of life going. I like the highways, the police(sometimes), the fire department, the military and all the other shit my money pays for that the majority of us take for granted..

But what I cannot understand is how in the hot ass Texas hell can this country have a deficient when we pay TRILLIONS of dollars every year in taxes.


I mean think about it for a minute....

We pay income taxes every year. Everything we buy has some type of tax attached to it. So we pay taxes on money we make and then turn around and pay taxes from what is left over for shit we need to live. We pay taxes to drive on the roads...i.e. State registration for our vehicles. We pay taxes on the fuel to keep our vehicles on the road that we pay taxes for.We pay taxes on our homes. We pay taxes on our food. We pay taxes on clothes and shoes. There are taxes attached to every bill we pay every month... Electricity, water, cable T.V., insurance;all that shit.

TRILLIONS of dollars every year.

So why in the hot-ass hell-ass Hell do we have a damn deficient in every state in this blessed "union"?
How can our government be short, when we, the average Joe, pays our share every damn time we spend money?

Why do the idiots that run our local governments feel the need to cut social services that we need, when all that shit should be payed for already?
Where the hell is my money going?

To me it sounds an awful lot like there is some under-handed ass dirty bullshit ass shit going on.
We need to see the damn books, since it is "our" money that is getting fucked off.

I'm just saying....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A half a man is better than no man...Really?

Sometimes I swear I do not understand some Black women.

Most of my wife's friends and some of her female relatives are included in this category. Let me explain.

These women are what I call "suckers for love ass women".

They will accept any and everything from a man just so they can say that they have a man.

My wife's used to be BFF, has been talking to this dude I refer to as "the pimp". I call him "the pimp" because that is what he looked like the first and only time I saw him. Anyways this dude is possessive, controlling and she has caught him cheating on her 2 times already. He has made her stop talking to my wife because my wife has let it be known that just because he controls her friend;  to not go there with her. I thought that me and the dude was going to come to some hands about a month ago, but the wifey made me promise to let it go.

The wifey and her girl made plans to meet up at Papaduex the other night for happy hour and the girl called  my wife and told her that they would have to meet somewhere else because she did not want "the pimp" to run up on her. She said that he does that on occasion; as well as blowing her cell up wanting to know when she is coming home. When I say "home" I mean HER home; since the nukka moved in with her. He drives her car and I don't know if he has a job; but according to her he buys her expensive perform and other "cheap" gifts to prove he "loves" her. Oh and did I mention that he got mad at her once because dinner was not cooked when he came home from where ever he was at and he mushed her all up in her face?

But she told my wife the other night when they finally agreed to meet up at a spot that was safe for a minute, that she hopes to be married to this fool by years end.


And she is not the only one...It seems that most of the  single Black woman I have come across is stupid like this.
I don't understand it.
I understand that the ratio of women to men is like 8 to 1 here in the DF-Dub, but come on son...This is that bullshit.
I also understand that there are a lot of dudes running around here that sneak around with other dudes while claiming to be straight, but come on son.
I know also that there are a lot of dudes running around here that are old as ass still trying to be young.

But even though I know all this....

Where are the standards?

When did it become acceptable to accept bullshit just to say " Well at least I got a man"?
Why are these women not holding these "pimps" accountable for their actions?
Why are they letting a man that ain't got shit, never had shit and ain't trying to get shit move into their houses and be around their kids?

In my opinion this makes Black women look weak and confused. It makes then easy targets. And it is a far cry from the women I used to see growing up. The Black women I grew up around where strong, resilient women that were full of love, but if you fucked up, that love would 360 on your ass quick.

Where did that Black woman disappear to?

Ohhhh yeah....Shouts out to my man Slaus and all the OHN fam....
I don't comment as much as I used to but I still get my laugh on at least once a day!!!