Sunday, March 13, 2011

A half a man is better than no man...Really?

Sometimes I swear I do not understand some Black women.

Most of my wife's friends and some of her female relatives are included in this category. Let me explain.

These women are what I call "suckers for love ass women".

They will accept any and everything from a man just so they can say that they have a man.

My wife's used to be BFF, has been talking to this dude I refer to as "the pimp". I call him "the pimp" because that is what he looked like the first and only time I saw him. Anyways this dude is possessive, controlling and she has caught him cheating on her 2 times already. He has made her stop talking to my wife because my wife has let it be known that just because he controls her friend;  to not go there with her. I thought that me and the dude was going to come to some hands about a month ago, but the wifey made me promise to let it go.

The wifey and her girl made plans to meet up at Papaduex the other night for happy hour and the girl called  my wife and told her that they would have to meet somewhere else because she did not want "the pimp" to run up on her. She said that he does that on occasion; as well as blowing her cell up wanting to know when she is coming home. When I say "home" I mean HER home; since the nukka moved in with her. He drives her car and I don't know if he has a job; but according to her he buys her expensive perform and other "cheap" gifts to prove he "loves" her. Oh and did I mention that he got mad at her once because dinner was not cooked when he came home from where ever he was at and he mushed her all up in her face?

But she told my wife the other night when they finally agreed to meet up at a spot that was safe for a minute, that she hopes to be married to this fool by years end.


And she is not the only one...It seems that most of the  single Black woman I have come across is stupid like this.
I don't understand it.
I understand that the ratio of women to men is like 8 to 1 here in the DF-Dub, but come on son...This is that bullshit.
I also understand that there are a lot of dudes running around here that sneak around with other dudes while claiming to be straight, but come on son.
I know also that there are a lot of dudes running around here that are old as ass still trying to be young.

But even though I know all this....

Where are the standards?

When did it become acceptable to accept bullshit just to say " Well at least I got a man"?
Why are these women not holding these "pimps" accountable for their actions?
Why are they letting a man that ain't got shit, never had shit and ain't trying to get shit move into their houses and be around their kids?

In my opinion this makes Black women look weak and confused. It makes then easy targets. And it is a far cry from the women I used to see growing up. The Black women I grew up around where strong, resilient women that were full of love, but if you fucked up, that love would 360 on your ass quick.

Where did that Black woman disappear to?

Ohhhh yeah....Shouts out to my man Slaus and all the OHN fam....
I don't comment as much as I used to but I still get my laugh on at least once a day!!!


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Man are we on the same page,I have a co-worker who spends half of her weekly paycheck on the "man of her life" who's locked up doing five years!
If she ain't putting money on his books at the prison,she's spending untold dollars traveling out to central Pa. to visit.
They have no children together,so my advice to her is leave this zero alone and get a hero!
But like most young people today they have to get burned a few times before the light comes on.

Reggie said...

Same here. I see the same shit all the time. I see so many of these types of's sad, damned sad.

Juanita said...

I can't argue with you on this. You have made very valid points. And you are right desperation is sad. We women sometime feel that we can save a man when this is not the case. And usually our no good mate will tell us exactly who he is in the beginning. It is up to us women to head the message. Thanks for your take.

Dirty Red said...

Big Mac,
Did I foget to mention that the women that I run across are in their 30's to early 40's? So these are not spring chickens.. If they were young I might be able to give them a pass, but come on son....They are old enough to know better.

Damned pathetic is the word I was going to use.

Thank-you for your comment.. I was expecting a backlash of negative comments from the women that read my thoughts. When I read this post after I wrote it I was like damn... Some Black women are going to jump on me talking about I am putting all Black women in one big group.I am not. I am only talking about the ones I see and have contact with. Not all Black women are like this and I would bet my next paycheck that there are White, Hispanic, Asian and Indian women that do the same shit. I can only speak on what I see. And what I see makes me scratch my damn head.

Untouched Jewel said...

You know what Dirty Red? I fell into this stupid category back in my 20's, and I'm SOOOO glad I'm 30 and on to better ish! Now, one thing I can honestly say is I didn't deal with a dude who's a woman beater, because once I'm crossed, I don't play with a full deck...not to mention that I have a trigger-happy daddy and 3 crazy uncles to boot. I didn't play that foolishness. But glad you brought this subject to light, because women just don't seem to get it! If they want to learn anything about a man...go straight to the source. They are the best teachers.

Blaque Ink said...

Some women don't believe they can do any better, and some believe they can change the man.

The truth is you can't change a man unless he's in his diapers.

Dirty Red said...

You grew up Boo. You realized that no good ass nukkas are just good ass nukkas. But like I told Big Mac....These chicks I know are grown-ass women still doing juvenile ass shit.

"The truth is you can't change a man unless he's in his diapers".

EpiphanySweet said...

@Blaque....."You can't change a man unless he is in his diapers"....Priceless. I am going to have to "borrow" that.

Network Guru said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Network Guru said...

My girl has a friend like you described. This chick runs all over Chicago trying to track down this dude and they aren't even a couple. They hook up from time to time. She has seen him out with another woman and she still sniffs his dirty drawers. Did I mention she's in her late 30's?


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