Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too African to be American...Too American to be African

What is an African American?

Is it a native born African person that is granted American citizenship? Or is it a person that has some kind of African DNA that was born in America?

If the second definition is true, I guess I am an African American. But if the first definition applies, then what am I?
How much DNA would make me African? 10%? 35%? Or does the "one drop" rule work for DNA?

Sometimes I think that we as American Blacks are the most confused people on the face of the earth.
We call ourselves "African" American, but we have no African traditions, traits, language, culture or anything that would justify the use of  the word "African" to describe us.

But on the other hand the word "American" cannot really describe us either; even though we try our best to fit the part.
I mean think about it......
Some of us straighten our hair or buy "America" style oriental hair to look more "American". Some of us lighten our skin to look more "American". Some of us fake our natural eye color in an effort to look more "American".
Some of us even cut ourselves off from other "African" Americans, because we are ashamed to be associated with anything other than  true "Americans".

So who the hell are we?

Why don't we have an identity in this country that we have tried so hard to be accepted by?
I mean an identity that is not considered negative, ignorant, lazy or criminal minded?

Why is it that other "races" come here and prosper under "American" rules....but the people that fought for those rules always fall behind?

I think we have got to be the only "race" of people on the face of this "American" planet that have no true heritage to call our own, no true traditions to call our own...hell... no true language, religion, values, wealth, desires... no nothing to call our own. We don't even have our own Beauty, since so many of us think that the closer you are to looking "American" the better you look...


Everything that we say that makes us "African" has been taught to us by Europeans.

And the few of us that actually try to create some kind of positive culture, are ostracized by "African" Americans for being too African... and ostracized by "American" Americans for not being the good little "separate" but "equal", grateful not to be in Africa Americans they have brainwashed us  into believing we are.

So who the hell are we?

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Blaque Ink said...

In the past whites have beaten the "Africa" out of us as a way to make us more subservient to their schemes. America tries hard to make us hate what we are, and where we come from, and for the most part, they've succeeded.