Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You can't get Blood from a Turnip

There is some shit that has been on my mind lately..
It is scary because in a way I am starting to sound like those bytch-ass tea-bagger people....


Now I understand that taxes are important to keep our way of life going. I like the highways, the police(sometimes), the fire department, the military and all the other shit my money pays for that the majority of us take for granted..

But what I cannot understand is how in the hot ass Texas hell can this country have a deficient when we pay TRILLIONS of dollars every year in taxes.


I mean think about it for a minute....

We pay income taxes every year. Everything we buy has some type of tax attached to it. So we pay taxes on money we make and then turn around and pay taxes from what is left over for shit we need to live. We pay taxes to drive on the roads...i.e. State registration for our vehicles. We pay taxes on the fuel to keep our vehicles on the road that we pay taxes for.We pay taxes on our homes. We pay taxes on our food. We pay taxes on clothes and shoes. There are taxes attached to every bill we pay every month... Electricity, water, cable T.V., insurance;all that shit.

TRILLIONS of dollars every year.

So why in the hot-ass hell-ass Hell do we have a damn deficient in every state in this blessed "union"?
How can our government be short, when we, the average Joe, pays our share every damn time we spend money?

Why do the idiots that run our local governments feel the need to cut social services that we need, when all that shit should be payed for already?
Where the hell is my money going?

To me it sounds an awful lot like there is some under-handed ass dirty bullshit ass shit going on.
We need to see the damn books, since it is "our" money that is getting fucked off.

I'm just saying....


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Well Red since you asked for the truth and nothing but the truth,it's because we the people are so docile and consumed with stuff and images,that we can't see or understand how our tax dollars are being spent.

Reggie said...


We give our hard earned money away to countries like North Korea and Israel and Boliva and places like that.

Those million dollar missiles are expensive. We spend more money on our military and everyone else in the world combined........and that's stupid. We want to stay on the cutting edge as far as technology is concerned, but who can wage multiple wars that cost tens of billions each month and not have a deficit?!?

Our leaders need an enema and those Teabaggers need a full set of teeth and they need to stop screwing their sisters.

Dirty Red said...

Big Mac,
I agree...But is it the fact that we are docile, or do we put too much faith in the politicians that are in control of our money? Which to me would be right on the border of being stupid and insane.

"Our leaders need an enema and those Teabaggers need a full set of teeth and they need to stop screwing their sisters"
Well said my brother...Well said