Thursday, April 28, 2011

What do you call a Black man who is President of the United States? Nigger...What else would you call him?

I was not going to talk about this but.....I recently posted about how if you ignore a dumb ass person, then eventually  that person would  catch the hint  that they were not wanted and move the fuck on and away from you. 
But only in a perfect world huh...
Anyways I  have to go against my better judgment and give this idiot more air-play.....

But first riddle me this...

Why in the hot blooded hell did the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED-FUCKING STATES feel the need to have a press conference to prove to a bunch of racist fear mongering red-necks that he is indeed a gatdamn AmeriKKKan citizen?


Really AmeriKKKa?

This is what's hot now?

Has there ever been in the History of this country another PRESIDENT that had to hold a press conference; viewed by the entire WORLD mind you, to verify that he was a gatdamn American Citizen?

Has there ever? Has another President ever been so disrespected?

And now...getting to the idiot that I said I was going to ignore.....Donald Trump...instead of apologizing and moving on, this motherfucker is now saying that the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED FUCKING STATES, is an affirmative action case that should never have been admitted into the esteemed Columbia University and Harvard, because he was a dumb student? Because he has rich (white) friends who have kids that cannot get in to these "elite" schools? How can this nigga get in, but this son/daughter of "real" American lineage cannot?
He says he wants to see his college records now?

See this is that bullshit Son.

This privileged bastard who was born with a platinum fork in his mouth; has the audacity to question the President's intelligence? A man that has lost damn near everything he had...twice...been married what? 20 times? This man whose only claim to fame besides failing at business and starring in a fake ass "reality"show, has the balls to not only question the PRESIDENT'S citizenship, but now his intelligence too?


This bullshit here only solidifies the fact that no matter how much success a Black Man gains in this country, no matter how hard he works, no matter how much he plays by the rules...In the eyes of the powers that be...He/We/Us/ Me....will always be a NIGGER....

So this is to you Donald Trump.....

This is the last time I will ever give you the attention you have sold your soul to get..I will not mention you here on this blog or anywhere else ever again. I will not watch your bullshit ass fake  reality show ever again...and when I go back to the East Side of thangs, if I ever go to Atlantic City I will not frequent your debt leveraged casinos.

You my good man have never been "cool with the Blacks".

You are an arrogant, outdated, attention loving asshole that can eat a bag-full of hot mustard flavored dicks. That have been dipped in arsenic and marinated in 2 week old collard green juice. With a hint of rat poison.

Monday, April 25, 2011

That's news? Really?

I am so sick of hearing about the "royal wedding".

Why does America give a good fuck about a fake-ass prince getting married?
I mean really.....

Does this "prince" actually have any power?
Sure it is probably cool to be able to trace your lineage back to....well... who the fuck knows how far...
But now-a-days? Who are you reining over?

And isn't his kin-folk the reason America went to war back in the day?
Didn't the colonies fight to stop  from being lorded over?
Wasn't that the whole reasoning behind the Revolutionary war?

So why is this dude and his marriage to a "common" woman on every damn "news" show here in the "free" colonies?


I left a comment on one of my favorite blogs; Los Angelista, saying basicully the same thing I am saying here...

It makes not nan lick of sense to me... Not nan...

Why is America so fascinated with anything rich, anything sexy or anything violent?

And we wonder why the US "media" has it's jaws full of Donald Trump's dick...has it's tongue all up in  Lindsey Lohan's 20 something, going on 60 something used up ass, and is picking the lent off of Charlie Sheen's coked out balls.

America....You gotta love it....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let me finish this donut and I will be right with ya...

I work for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I have held this gig down for the past 8 years.

I told myself when I was hired, that this slave was temporary and as soon as I graduated college and got my degree, that c-ya! I was going to be out like a scout on a new route. I had plans to pick up and leave the great state of Texas and take it on back to the state I love, Maryland.
But lo-and behold....4 years after I walked down the aisle with that piece of paper that said I was edumacated, I am still here.
Just like that old couple on In Living Color... "We are still together".

So in doing this for so long, I have saw myself become a sort of connoisseur of the security business.
In fact I am looking into what it would take to start my own security consulting firm.

Security is the new hotness on the street right now; Whether it be personal security, cyber-security, or corporate security.
I am looking to tap into all 3. I am giving myself 5 years to get it up and running. That is my long-term goal and hopefully I will make it happen.

But anyways that is not what I want to talk about....What is on my mind is this....
I probably will offend some people, but they will be alright...What they gonna do, delete my blog or leave anonymous comments?.... Yeah... So start your own shit and say what you want, if this gets to you....


Security is all about appearance. Especially non-armed security. Appearance and Demeanor is what might save a person from getting fucked with or fucked up.

So my question is....

Why would a security company hire a kid straight out of high school, an overweight person or an old person; someone who is only trying to supplement their social security?

What is the point?
How is a person like that supposed to keep anything secure?

I don't understand it.

I know that what I am saying sounds a little discriminatory...hell it sounds a lot discriminatory.


I think that with every business, how you present your business to the world; the world that might come to your business for whatever service your business is providing; is one of the things that will keep your business in the Black.

So appearance is everything. Especially in the Security Business.

I am not saying that young-ins, fat people and old people don't have a right to work...Alls I am saying is that I would not hire them to work for my security company. You would have to be fit physically, have some kind of experience and not look like you are one step away from using a walker.

I'm just saying....

So let all the "you know you ain't right" and the "your company will not last long" and the "hope you have a good team of lawyers" comments begin .....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is better to let people think you are a damn fool than to open your mouth and prove them right

This morning while I was fighting the never ending Dallas traffic on my way to work;I happened across Tom Joyner's morning show. I usually don't listen to Mr. Joyner because I think his show is corny. But this morning I  couldn't find anything on the radio but the same 10 damn songs you hear every hour of every day and commercials, so I decided to give TJMS a chance for once.

Well it will be a minute before I give him another chance..

During his "Black America Web" newscast, I heard the following story....


I have a news flash for " Black America Web"....

Not every White Man that disagrees with a prominent Black Man is a racist.

Is Donald Trump a racist?

I cannot answer that. I don't thing that those Black "clergy-men" can honestly answer that either.

Is Donald Trump a smart business man? I think we all know the answer to that.

Does Donald Trump have a legitimate shot at beating President Obama?

I think that me running with Flava Flav as my VP have a better shot.

So why is Trump beating this dead horse about the President's birthplace?

It has nothing to do with race. It really doesn't have anything to do with President Obama.

What Trump is doing is what Trump does.
He is selling bullshit real estate to the fools with the money to buy it.
The fools are the slim majority of fools that actually believe that the President is not an American Citizen, and the larger number of fools that do not want to see a Black Man sitting in the Big seat.

Trump is doing the same thing that George Bush did after 911 and what the Republicans have been doing ever since.
He is selling fear. And he is making a killing.

This is business as usual for Mr. Trump.

Do I think Trump is an idiot? Yes I do. But he is a smart idiot. He is an attention loving media whore who has more exposure than those fool-ass clergy-men.
All those dummies did was give more exposure to the man with those idiotic comments.

This is the main reason that issues in the Black community will not be taken seriously here in this country.
This is why whenever something substantial happens that deserves real attention; it is ignored.
This is why whenever somebody Black does have a legitimate case of racism; they are accused of playing the "race-card".

Those fool-ass clergy-men should have known this.
Why give more exposure to a man who is a non-issue in the way the next Presidential election will go?

Just stupid.

Donald Trump is not like having cancer or AIDS. He does not need our undivided attention.

Donald Trump, the Palins, the Newts and the Tea Party will go away...... if you ignore them.

And let the chuuucch say Amen and Amen.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I used to love her

I am a member of the Hip-Hop generation.

Hip-Hop and I grew up together. We graduated middle and high school together. We went to 3 different proms together. (yes I went to 3 proms...I was tight like that..)
We joined the Army together. We lived 5 years in Germany together. I took Hip-Hop with me on 3 different deployments to war zones. Hip-Hop was my maid of honor at my wedding. Hip-Hop was with me when I decided to hang the military up for a while, and she was still with me when I decided to raise my hand and swear in again. Hip-Hop handed me my diploma when I graduated college. you can see, me and that beautiful bytch Hip-Hop go back a long way.

I think I am going to have to have a little sit down with my first lady for a minute and discuss some thangs.....

See I watched this documentary about the so called "Hip-Hop Cop" the other day and I was like... really?

Is it some kind of big surprise or conspiracy that the NYPD had a task force that focused solely on rappers?

Is it a "the man is racist" thing?

In the few short years Hip-Hop has been alive it has transformed from a social media outlet to what is going on in the Black community to a drug infested, "gangsta" filled, "all I want is the money fuck everything else", bytches ain't shit, I shot 10 niggas ghetto hot mess.

So why is it a surprise that Johnnie Law decided to keep tabs on these studio gangstas?
Ain't that what we pay them to do?

If you advertise slanging rocks on the corner, smoking weed everyday and busting caps in niggas asses on every "song", what the hell do you expect?

If 5 out of 10 of the most popular rappers out have a criminal record and has been arrested numerous times for various bullshit, what is so surprising about the fuzz having files on them?

If you brag about "getting it how you live" and being a "gangsta" why are you shocked when "man-down" treats you how you say you are?


You are being targeted because you are Black and rich?  Come on son...
Your stupid ass is being targeted because of the company you keep. You are being targeted because of  behavior. You are being targeted because of your actions. You are being targeted because of your words.

Don't you think that "them laws" have files on every rock band that brags about hating niggas, spics, and jews? Don't you think that they keep tabs on the groups that spew hatred towards the government?

Now in some cases you being Black and rich plays a role in how you are treated; because well this is still America and all. And we all know the saying, ' The only thing a White man with a nickel hates with all his might is a nigga with a dime.'

In some cases that is true.


Come on son..
If you brag about pimping ho's, slanging rocks, busting caps in niggas asses and turning the sidewalk red, gang-banging with the crips or the bloods, knowing Noriega..the real Noriega, naming yourself Capone, "Rick Ross", Smiff and Wesson, Oaktown 357, "lil Ima slap a hoe" or whatever the fuck else.......

If the cops was not fucking with you... then son... I do believe we need some better Police.