Monday, April 4, 2011

I used to love her

I am a member of the Hip-Hop generation.

Hip-Hop and I grew up together. We graduated middle and high school together. We went to 3 different proms together. (yes I went to 3 proms...I was tight like that..)
We joined the Army together. We lived 5 years in Germany together. I took Hip-Hop with me on 3 different deployments to war zones. Hip-Hop was my maid of honor at my wedding. Hip-Hop was with me when I decided to hang the military up for a while, and she was still with me when I decided to raise my hand and swear in again. Hip-Hop handed me my diploma when I graduated college. you can see, me and that beautiful bytch Hip-Hop go back a long way.

I think I am going to have to have a little sit down with my first lady for a minute and discuss some thangs.....

See I watched this documentary about the so called "Hip-Hop Cop" the other day and I was like... really?

Is it some kind of big surprise or conspiracy that the NYPD had a task force that focused solely on rappers?

Is it a "the man is racist" thing?

In the few short years Hip-Hop has been alive it has transformed from a social media outlet to what is going on in the Black community to a drug infested, "gangsta" filled, "all I want is the money fuck everything else", bytches ain't shit, I shot 10 niggas ghetto hot mess.

So why is it a surprise that Johnnie Law decided to keep tabs on these studio gangstas?
Ain't that what we pay them to do?

If you advertise slanging rocks on the corner, smoking weed everyday and busting caps in niggas asses on every "song", what the hell do you expect?

If 5 out of 10 of the most popular rappers out have a criminal record and has been arrested numerous times for various bullshit, what is so surprising about the fuzz having files on them?

If you brag about "getting it how you live" and being a "gangsta" why are you shocked when "man-down" treats you how you say you are?


You are being targeted because you are Black and rich?  Come on son...
Your stupid ass is being targeted because of the company you keep. You are being targeted because of  behavior. You are being targeted because of your actions. You are being targeted because of your words.

Don't you think that "them laws" have files on every rock band that brags about hating niggas, spics, and jews? Don't you think that they keep tabs on the groups that spew hatred towards the government?

Now in some cases you being Black and rich plays a role in how you are treated; because well this is still America and all. And we all know the saying, ' The only thing a White man with a nickel hates with all his might is a nigga with a dime.'

In some cases that is true.


Come on son..
If you brag about pimping ho's, slanging rocks, busting caps in niggas asses and turning the sidewalk red, gang-banging with the crips or the bloods, knowing Noriega..the real Noriega, naming yourself Capone, "Rick Ross", Smiff and Wesson, Oaktown 357, "lil Ima slap a hoe" or whatever the fuck else.......

If the cops was not fucking with you... then son... I do believe we need some better Police.


Reggie said...


But brother consider this....who was running after the Rolling Stones or any of those super bands in the 70s and 80s?!? We're they all stoners?!? Didn't half of those bastards overdose?!? Hell the ones left alive all look like geriatric crackheads. They were all breaking the law right?!?

Why are they always so focused on the crimes committed by people of color?!? Why is crack so much worse than cocaine or heroin or crystal meth?!?

I see the street level drug dealers in jail.....yeah the black ones. But what happened to the people that actually bought the drugs into the country?!? Why aren't they in jail?!?

Crime is crime to me. As far as I'm concerned, they should all be targeted........not just people of color.

Dirty Red said...

Brother as always I agree with you. I would not be Black if I did not see some type of discrepancy in the way we are treated in this country.

The White people that are making the Billions of dollars off our stupidity and our desire to catch the "American Dream" do not advertise what they do. They live in their mansions on the hill and no one knows what they do and who they are except the ones that need to know. That is the difference. But this is still AmeriKKKa though. Even if we did not advertise shit they would find a way to make us the scape goat... Damned if we do...damned if we don't.

Blaque Ink said...

I have a feeling cops would still target rappers even if they rapped about porcupines.

Reggie, I agree that too many cops are focused on the crimes committed by POC. It's like we're in a maze and America is watching to see if we make it to the goal, how we get there, and most importantly to them, how many dead ends we run into.

Dirty, I see what you're saying, and I agree. According to arrest numbers alone white people dominate crime, but in this country black and brown people are STILL viewed as born-criminal minded. Even when mainstream hip-hop was more listener friendly and intellectually worded, white folks still held that same prejudice among others.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Don't think for one second that even the black man who is working 9-5 isn't on the "po-po's" radar.
Many black men think because they have a decent job and a few years of education,they are immune from the racism of profiling and discrimination.
I have made a decision at this point in my life to educate as many young brothers as possible how to live a life with dignity,without going over the edge trying to navigate the insidious demon of racism,

Reggie said...

Kinda puts me in mind of that scene in The Godfather when all those Italians talked about keeping drugs in the black community since we didn't have souls anyway.

Dirty Red said...

"I have a feeling cops would still target rappers even if they rapped about porcupines."

LOL...Especially if all they did was brag about the porucpines. Real g's move in silence. That's something that these fools don't understand.

Anybody that is Black in America...knowing the history of law enforcement and the Black community..and they still go around thinking that they are immune..are damn fools.

Yep...But you have to know your enemy. You already know what your enemy will do or what they what to do to you..If you give them that advantage of knowing everything about you... you deserve whatever comes.