Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let me finish this donut and I will be right with ya...

I work for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I have held this gig down for the past 8 years.

I told myself when I was hired, that this slave was temporary and as soon as I graduated college and got my degree, that c-ya! I was going to be out like a scout on a new route. I had plans to pick up and leave the great state of Texas and take it on back to the state I love, Maryland.
But lo-and behold....4 years after I walked down the aisle with that piece of paper that said I was edumacated, I am still here.
Just like that old couple on In Living Color... "We are still together".

So in doing this for so long, I have saw myself become a sort of connoisseur of the security business.
In fact I am looking into what it would take to start my own security consulting firm.

Security is the new hotness on the street right now; Whether it be personal security, cyber-security, or corporate security.
I am looking to tap into all 3. I am giving myself 5 years to get it up and running. That is my long-term goal and hopefully I will make it happen.

But anyways that is not what I want to talk about....What is on my mind is this....
I probably will offend some people, but they will be alright...What they gonna do, delete my blog or leave anonymous comments?.... Yeah... So start your own shit and say what you want, if this gets to you....


Security is all about appearance. Especially non-armed security. Appearance and Demeanor is what might save a person from getting fucked with or fucked up.

So my question is....

Why would a security company hire a kid straight out of high school, an overweight person or an old person; someone who is only trying to supplement their social security?

What is the point?
How is a person like that supposed to keep anything secure?

I don't understand it.

I know that what I am saying sounds a little discriminatory...hell it sounds a lot discriminatory.


I think that with every business, how you present your business to the world; the world that might come to your business for whatever service your business is providing; is one of the things that will keep your business in the Black.

So appearance is everything. Especially in the Security Business.

I am not saying that young-ins, fat people and old people don't have a right to work...Alls I am saying is that I would not hire them to work for my security company. You would have to be fit physically, have some kind of experience and not look like you are one step away from using a walker.

I'm just saying....

So let all the "you know you ain't right" and the "your company will not last long" and the "hope you have a good team of lawyers" comments begin .....


Blaque Ink said...

LOL at the pics.

As a side note, I think you should check out this brotha's blog. The link is in my post about black wolves.

Reggie said...

It is what it is.

The simple fact of the matter is that most models are beautiful, most professional athletes are athlethic and to me security personnel should at least have a "physical presence". I agree with you. No one respects that donut eating cop who looks like he's in his third trimester and he's sporting a set of DDs.

Hardcore criminals ain't checking for that.

EpiphanySweet said...

I co-sign with this post 100%. I am always amazed at the "security" guards these companies be hiring. They do be looking just like those people in the pics on your post. Way too funny.

Dirty Red said...

Blaque Ink,
I will check out that link Thanks man

"Hardcore criminals ain't checking for that".

My point exactly..

Thank's Boo..
I don't understand that shit either.

Daij said...

love this blog entry!