Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is better to let people think you are a damn fool than to open your mouth and prove them right

This morning while I was fighting the never ending Dallas traffic on my way to work;I happened across Tom Joyner's morning show. I usually don't listen to Mr. Joyner because I think his show is corny. But this morning I  couldn't find anything on the radio but the same 10 damn songs you hear every hour of every day and commercials, so I decided to give TJMS a chance for once.

Well it will be a minute before I give him another chance..

During his "Black America Web" newscast, I heard the following story....


I have a news flash for " Black America Web"....

Not every White Man that disagrees with a prominent Black Man is a racist.

Is Donald Trump a racist?

I cannot answer that. I don't thing that those Black "clergy-men" can honestly answer that either.

Is Donald Trump a smart business man? I think we all know the answer to that.

Does Donald Trump have a legitimate shot at beating President Obama?

I think that me running with Flava Flav as my VP have a better shot.

So why is Trump beating this dead horse about the President's birthplace?

It has nothing to do with race. It really doesn't have anything to do with President Obama.

What Trump is doing is what Trump does.
He is selling bullshit real estate to the fools with the money to buy it.
The fools are the slim majority of fools that actually believe that the President is not an American Citizen, and the larger number of fools that do not want to see a Black Man sitting in the Big seat.

Trump is doing the same thing that George Bush did after 911 and what the Republicans have been doing ever since.
He is selling fear. And he is making a killing.

This is business as usual for Mr. Trump.

Do I think Trump is an idiot? Yes I do. But he is a smart idiot. He is an attention loving media whore who has more exposure than those fool-ass clergy-men.
All those dummies did was give more exposure to the man with those idiotic comments.

This is the main reason that issues in the Black community will not be taken seriously here in this country.
This is why whenever something substantial happens that deserves real attention; it is ignored.
This is why whenever somebody Black does have a legitimate case of racism; they are accused of playing the "race-card".

Those fool-ass clergy-men should have known this.
Why give more exposure to a man who is a non-issue in the way the next Presidential election will go?

Just stupid.

Donald Trump is not like having cancer or AIDS. He does not need our undivided attention.

Donald Trump, the Palins, the Newts and the Tea Party will go away...... if you ignore them.

And let the chuuucch say Amen and Amen.


Daij said...

Amen and amen.

CARMENsong said...


Blaque Ink said...

I'm sort of an agnostic, but I'll say amen lol.

Reggie said...

Donald Trump will NEVER be president.

My college dean said something to someone in front of me 25 years ago and I've never forgotten those words. He said that no one knows just how goddamned stupid you are until you open your mouth and let them know for sure.

I also remember him telling this "challenged" individual that his parents wasted money sending him to college. He said that this particular guy was far too stupid to go to college, that his parents should have sent him to trade school instead.