Thursday, April 28, 2011

What do you call a Black man who is President of the United States? Nigger...What else would you call him?

I was not going to talk about this but.....I recently posted about how if you ignore a dumb ass person, then eventually  that person would  catch the hint  that they were not wanted and move the fuck on and away from you. 
But only in a perfect world huh...
Anyways I  have to go against my better judgment and give this idiot more air-play.....

But first riddle me this...

Why in the hot blooded hell did the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED-FUCKING STATES feel the need to have a press conference to prove to a bunch of racist fear mongering red-necks that he is indeed a gatdamn AmeriKKKan citizen?


Really AmeriKKKa?

This is what's hot now?

Has there ever been in the History of this country another PRESIDENT that had to hold a press conference; viewed by the entire WORLD mind you, to verify that he was a gatdamn American Citizen?

Has there ever? Has another President ever been so disrespected?

And now...getting to the idiot that I said I was going to ignore.....Donald Trump...instead of apologizing and moving on, this motherfucker is now saying that the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED FUCKING STATES, is an affirmative action case that should never have been admitted into the esteemed Columbia University and Harvard, because he was a dumb student? Because he has rich (white) friends who have kids that cannot get in to these "elite" schools? How can this nigga get in, but this son/daughter of "real" American lineage cannot?
He says he wants to see his college records now?

See this is that bullshit Son.

This privileged bastard who was born with a platinum fork in his mouth; has the audacity to question the President's intelligence? A man that has lost damn near everything he had...twice...been married what? 20 times? This man whose only claim to fame besides failing at business and starring in a fake ass "reality"show, has the balls to not only question the PRESIDENT'S citizenship, but now his intelligence too?


This bullshit here only solidifies the fact that no matter how much success a Black Man gains in this country, no matter how hard he works, no matter how much he plays by the rules...In the eyes of the powers that be...He/We/Us/ Me....will always be a NIGGER....

So this is to you Donald Trump.....

This is the last time I will ever give you the attention you have sold your soul to get..I will not mention you here on this blog or anywhere else ever again. I will not watch your bullshit ass fake  reality show ever again...and when I go back to the East Side of thangs, if I ever go to Atlantic City I will not frequent your debt leveraged casinos.

You my good man have never been "cool with the Blacks".

You are an arrogant, outdated, attention loving asshole that can eat a bag-full of hot mustard flavored dicks. That have been dipped in arsenic and marinated in 2 week old collard green juice. With a hint of rat poison.


healthysouls said...

I feel ya bro...stand up black and proud. I can smell their fear of our rise and the shift of power. Now they (not the progressive ones) are trying to whip up the red neck folk into a frensy...they scared my friend. Check me out at'm gonna link ya to me blog. peace

Brotha Wolf said...

Damn, son. I thought my post about this issue was harsh lol. You're right though, Trump is a chump.

kayjina said...

Obama played Trump's @$$ at the WHCD. Look at that video.

But first take a look at this fool right here:

This woman always has something negative to say about black men and the black community in general--never any solutions. I hate to give her extra hits,but she needs to be called out. Look at her picture on there too. Lol. Closing her eyes in ecstasy w/ the presence of white men. She thinks she is so educated and above the black community that has "failed".

But to the point, she believes that Barack Obama isn't a citizen and should release his transcripts as well. It's annoying when non-minorities act blind to racism, but it's very disappointing to see this. I'm sure 99% of black people who went to a half decent college or even highschool often got questions about how they got there--I know I did. And I sure as heck wouldn't legitimize those people by showing them my transcript..

Affirmative action can go only so far. These people think he is hiding something with his transcript and birth certificate. They must think he is Donald Trumps kid or something to get this far with bad grades.