Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something straight and to the point...

Exactly what does it mean when someone tells you that they have your back?

Why would you want a person at your back?
What can a person actually do that is behind you? Except maybe step on your heels, tripping you up?
And if you are a dude,why would you want another dude behind you? Unless of course you like having another man right behind you; and that is subject matter for another post.

There is nothing a person can do for me that is standing behind me, sitting behind me, laying behind me or whatever they might be doing behind me. I cannot see what the fuck is going on behind me. You could have a 15 inch dick waiting for the opportune time to induct me into the man-love class of 2011. And I ain't trying to go there..Nope never been there.. Never done that. Don't have the t-shirt and frankly I don't want it.. Nope. Not me.

The things I want to forget in my life are all behind me.

That is why they are behind me...I have moved on and jumped in front of them.

So instead of people saying "Dude.. I got your back.." Why don't they just say..."Dude.. I am right beside you?"

Doesn't that sound much better?

Anyways this is a little something something that was on my mind....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Man why do you have a platinum plated knife around your neck?

You know I am going to have to stop talking to people so blinded by being "Christian" that they refuse to see any other thing but Jesus falling out the sky to come save them.

Now don't get me wrong with the opening of this little rant....I am not knocking a person for their beliefs; alls I  am saying is that I do not and cannot believe that God gave us a brain to only look,feel and believe one damn way.

The inspiration for this post came from the idiot that declared the world was going to end last week. A guy I know and I had a conversation about it. This guy is a die-hard Christian and he always has something to say about Jesus...Notice I said "Jesus"..Most "Christians" never talk about God per-say...It is always "Jesus". As if God is Jesus and Jesus is God. But if you know anything about the Bible, It clearly states that they are two SEPARATE entities.


This conversation we had was actually a pretty civil conversation since we both agreed that this fool ass reverend was just that; a fool ass. The Bible clearly states that not even the Son(Jesus) knows when the father(God), (Two SEPARATE entities)...is going to give the order to cleanse this world of all it's bullshit.
So in my limited way of thinking and apparently the dude I was talking to as well, this means that NOBODY knows. Not nan man, woman or child. NOBODY. So why would any sane person believe a common Man knows something that even the man that died for our signs admitted that he didn't know?

How gullible can some people be?
Wait...don't answer that....

The conversation was actually pretty civil until we somehow jumped to crosses.

See I have a thing about crosses.
I do not like them.
I refuse to wear one around my neck, I refuse to buy a shirt with one on it and I think that the whole "Christian" fascination with crosses is bullshit.

Yeah I said it....

My reasoning behind this is.... I believe that glorifying and worshiping crosses is a sacrilege against Jesus and his father(God)...TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES...

Why ole Dirty Red would you say something as controversial as that? 
Well it's simple class....

If someone you loved was stabbed to death; would you get the knife or whatever was used to do the stabbing out of police evidence and make a chain out of it?
If someone you loved was shot with an uzi; would you cover that same uzi in jewels and gold and make a monument out of it in your home?
Would you then fall down on your knees and say prayers and blessings to said weapon?

That is exactly what a cross is to me. A weapon. A weapon used to kill an innocent man whose only crime was loving the world and the people in it.
And also the cross has nothing what so ever with Christianity.

Not nan thing.
It has Pagan origins which date back to hundreds of years before the Christ came down to earth.
Don't believe me?
Read this.
And this.
And this.

And if you need more proof; then read this  and this also...

I could post a dozen more links concerning this subject; but I know that all the die-hard "Christians" will only close their eyes to it and call me a blasphemer. Sorta like the guy I was talking to did.

But oh well....
God gave me a brain to use and I intend on using it up.What other people choose to do with theirs; well that is not my business to worry about.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Closet? We don't need no stinking closet

Don Lemon,  a CNN news anchor, came out of the closet the other day...He announced on Twitter that he was a Gay Black Man living in an anti-Gay America.

And? Why is this news?

Why the hell did he feel the need to come out in the first place? Who really gives a shit? I am sure that his co-workers already knew who he was, his family probably knew and his boy-friend (I am hoping) already knew.

So why the sudden need to tell the world? Did he think that our opinions of him would change? Did he think that all of a sudden we would stop watching CNN if we found out?

What this man does outside of the CNN building is his business.
I don't understand why Gay people feel the need to tell the world they are Gay, when the people that are directly in their world already know.

Who the fuck cares? How does me knowing that he spends his time curled up at night in the arms of another man affect me?

The people that needed to know I am sure already knew.

I could care less if Mr. Lemon is into men.. Just like he could probably care less that I am into women. It does not affect how he does his job or how I rate him on how he does his job.
His sexuality should not even have been open for discussion in the first place.

That's his business.

Why are Americans so damn hypocritical? We want people to stay out of our business, and then we put our business in the street for people to get in and then complain about "haters".

This is that Bullshit son.

This man's personal life does not affect me what so the fuck ever.
I will not loose any sleep wondering whose dick is in Don Lemons booty.

I just don't care man.


To Mr. Don Lemon....

Keep doing you on CNN brother. You are an inspiration to many young American Black journalists that feel that they will never get a shot. You are on CNN man. CNN.
It is a damn shame that in this day and time you felt the need to advertise your private business though.
But I ain't mad at cha....Do what you feel you need to do to keep your paper flowing son..
Having said that.. I have to say this.....Who you choose to fall in love with and spend your life with is your business son. 
Dirty Red

You wouldn't happen to have that sexy dark-skin British Chick that is a CNN London corespondent's number, would ya?
I mean now that we all know that the ladies ain't your thang..you don't need it do you?

What? I'm just saying.....Don't judge son...don't judge..I am just trying to get in where I fit in...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sitting on the porch watching the world pass me by....

On my way into work this morning I heard something on the Steve Harvey morning show that got me thinking about myself...

The phone blast this morning was about women making more duckets than their significant other.. The question was will that hurt a relationship.
Well I have no problem with that. I am secure enough with who I am that I don't worry about shit like that. I know what I contribute to the relationship and I try to do the best I can with what I got. If my woman makes more money than me (which she does)...I am good with that.. I have no problem telling her I might be a little short with some shit this month..And if she is short I do what I gotta do to pick her up..That is how a marriage or boyfriend-girlfriend-boyfriend-boyfriend-girlfriend-girlfriend type relationship is supposed to work.. Two people using what they got to make the others life easier. That is what "loving" somebody is supposed to mean.

But this is not what got me to thinking....
What layed on my mind like a ton of bricks was this...

One woman called in and was like that she is wanting to stay moving and her man is comfortable with were they are..She wants to advance in life, but he is comfortable with what they have now.. Well that got me to thinking about myself...

When we first moved to Dallas about 8 years ago I was all about advancing..I had just gotten off active duty, I was in college, I was trying to find a job that better suited my personality and experience, I  was trying to write a book and I was all about keeping it moving.

Now I am back in the Army, I have finished college, well my first degree anyway, I have not even looked at my book in about 7 or 8 months and I am comfortable with my job. I am not comfortable with the money, because the more you make the more you spend, but I am ok.

So have I gotten stagnate?
I have not even looked at my resume in months and I have not even tried to find a another job.
I have even started liking what I do now.
So have I stopped moving?
Am I standing still watching the world pass me by?
These questions haunted me the whole drive into work and I cannot answer them.

I do not like the feeling that phone call gave me, because it sounded too much like me.

Am I getting old?

I don't feel old..in fact I feel like I am still in my 20's.. But my actions of late are that of my father and I don't like it.

I don't like it at all....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How's my ass taste now bytches!!!

I am pretty sure that this is what our President wanted to say to all his haters in the Republican Party and all the rednecks in this country that want him to fail after catching the most wanted man in the world on Sunday.

At least that is what I would have said anyway..

There is nothing that his enemies can say about the man now..

Everything that this man said he would do when he was giving his Martin Luther King speeches during the campaign, he has did...

1. He got his health care bill passed, even though it was watered down all to hell.
2. He brought my fellow service-men home from Iraq like he said he was going to do.
3. He sent more of my fellow service men to Afghanistan to hunt down and kill the Taliban, like he said he was going to do.
4. He ended Don't ask don't tell. like he said he was going to do.
5.He passed the financial reform, like he said he was going to do.
6. And he did what the former President said he was not worried about....He caught the most wanted man. In. The. World.
Well he killed the most wanted man In. The. World.

Everything he said he was going to do, the man has did.
I don't like how he did do some of his shit, I feel like he gave too much away on some of it, but what the hell, he got it done.
At times I thought he was a little bytchified with the way he was handling his business, with all his compromise bullshit, but hey, his business got handled.

But I guess I had a common case of "if it was me, I would have done it like this" syndrome.

We have a bad man as our President.


We have the type of man as our President who everyone thinks is a pansy ass little bytch that will never amount to anything, and then that pansy ass little bytch becomes the President of the damn United States.

We have the type of man as our President that on first glance gives the impression that he  has no swag when it comes to the ladies, but then this fool turns around and marries the future First lady of the United States.

We have the type of man as our President that everyone thinks is weak and has a glass jaw, but then this nukka turns around and hunts down and then orders the Navy Seals to split the wig of the man that has eluded the world's best security forces for years.

Yep..  Our President has been doubted by everyone...including yours truly...It even got to the point that on this very blog I said I would not vote for the dude in the next election if a had another option.

All Because I had/have that "if it was me, I would have done it like this" syndrome.

If it was me sitting in the big seat I would have alienated every Republican in the country because I would have told them from the jump that I was the HNIC and if they didn't like it they could go straight to hell.

I would have alienated every Muslim in the world because I would have turned Pakistan, Iran, Irag Afghanistan, Whofuckastan and all the other "Stan's" into desolate parking lots.

If it was me I would have told all the Tea-baggers's, Trumps, Palins, Newts, Limp-dicks, Becks and Fox Newses (and any one else I might have missed) that I thought that they were a bunch of racist motherfuckers and if they did not sit down and shut the fuck up,then there would be a lot of flower bringing and slow singing being done by their families.

That is what I would have done.

Which makes me very glad that we have the man we have making the decisions.... instead of the nigga I can be at times...

or the nigga I wish he was...

At times....

And where would we be if it were me sitting in the Big seat?

Certainly not where we are now.