Thursday, May 19, 2011

Closet? We don't need no stinking closet

Don Lemon,  a CNN news anchor, came out of the closet the other day...He announced on Twitter that he was a Gay Black Man living in an anti-Gay America.

And? Why is this news?

Why the hell did he feel the need to come out in the first place? Who really gives a shit? I am sure that his co-workers already knew who he was, his family probably knew and his boy-friend (I am hoping) already knew.

So why the sudden need to tell the world? Did he think that our opinions of him would change? Did he think that all of a sudden we would stop watching CNN if we found out?

What this man does outside of the CNN building is his business.
I don't understand why Gay people feel the need to tell the world they are Gay, when the people that are directly in their world already know.

Who the fuck cares? How does me knowing that he spends his time curled up at night in the arms of another man affect me?

The people that needed to know I am sure already knew.

I could care less if Mr. Lemon is into men.. Just like he could probably care less that I am into women. It does not affect how he does his job or how I rate him on how he does his job.
His sexuality should not even have been open for discussion in the first place.

That's his business.

Why are Americans so damn hypocritical? We want people to stay out of our business, and then we put our business in the street for people to get in and then complain about "haters".

This is that Bullshit son.

This man's personal life does not affect me what so the fuck ever.
I will not loose any sleep wondering whose dick is in Don Lemons booty.

I just don't care man.


To Mr. Don Lemon....

Keep doing you on CNN brother. You are an inspiration to many young American Black journalists that feel that they will never get a shot. You are on CNN man. CNN.
It is a damn shame that in this day and time you felt the need to advertise your private business though.
But I ain't mad at cha....Do what you feel you need to do to keep your paper flowing son..
Having said that.. I have to say this.....Who you choose to fall in love with and spend your life with is your business son. 
Dirty Red

You wouldn't happen to have that sexy dark-skin British Chick that is a CNN London corespondent's number, would ya?
I mean now that we all know that the ladies ain't your don't need it do you?

What? I'm just saying.....Don't judge son...don't judge..I am just trying to get in where I fit in...


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

What Mr.Lemon doesn't realize is he has added another burden to his load as a Black Man living in America.
If he was as smart as he comes off he would have thought this through from all directions.
Some (Black folk and other people of color)think because we work in the "Big House" that we are free to do our thing anyway we see fit.
What I'm saying is your business is not everyone's business,Don!

Brotha Wolf said...

I always thought Lemon admitted his homosexuality, in a way, during the Eddie Long scandal of last year. I could be wrong though.

Anna Renee said...

It's become PC for people to "come out". I think it's an ego trip, because they expect others to feel that they are so brave for doing it in the "anti gay America". And there will be those who will say that.

It looks like Don has gotten along quite nicely in this "anti-gay world" with his CNN job and all.

It's just a whorish political move--one that probably will stoke gay people the way that "Black in America" series stoked some egos.

It's bound to get more ratings as gay people pour in to watch him on CNN.

It's a political move, and nothing else.

It's possible that he's not even gay, and just pulling gay folks legs.
Im just sayin.

Dirty Red said...

"What I'm saying is your business is not everyone's business,Don"!
My sentiments exactly Big Mac..

Brotha Wolf,
I am gong to have to get used to calling you that
I kinda figured it out then too, I mean you can look at the dude and tell he is a little sweet...Just saying..

You think that this is political? Huh..never thought of that...You could be right, but even so,this cheapens it even more in my eyes.
I wonder how the world would treat me if I "came out" and said that I love big bootied women with nice titties? And described my life in explicit detail? You think I could get a gig on CNN?

Reggie said...

I don't get it either, I don't care. I don't give a shit. I couldn't possibly care less. Who he chooses to bump uglies with doesn't define him as a person. It's time we all sat the sexuality thing aside and moved on.