Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How's my ass taste now bytches!!!

I am pretty sure that this is what our President wanted to say to all his haters in the Republican Party and all the rednecks in this country that want him to fail after catching the most wanted man in the world on Sunday.

At least that is what I would have said anyway..

There is nothing that his enemies can say about the man now..

Everything that this man said he would do when he was giving his Martin Luther King speeches during the campaign, he has did...

1. He got his health care bill passed, even though it was watered down all to hell.
2. He brought my fellow service-men home from Iraq like he said he was going to do.
3. He sent more of my fellow service men to Afghanistan to hunt down and kill the Taliban, like he said he was going to do.
4. He ended Don't ask don't tell. like he said he was going to do.
5.He passed the financial reform, like he said he was going to do.
6. And he did what the former President said he was not worried about....He caught the most wanted man. In. The. World.
Well he killed the most wanted man In. The. World.

Everything he said he was going to do, the man has did.
I don't like how he did do some of his shit, I feel like he gave too much away on some of it, but what the hell, he got it done.
At times I thought he was a little bytchified with the way he was handling his business, with all his compromise bullshit, but hey, his business got handled.

But I guess I had a common case of "if it was me, I would have done it like this" syndrome.

We have a bad man as our President.


We have the type of man as our President who everyone thinks is a pansy ass little bytch that will never amount to anything, and then that pansy ass little bytch becomes the President of the damn United States.

We have the type of man as our President that on first glance gives the impression that he  has no swag when it comes to the ladies, but then this fool turns around and marries the future First lady of the United States.

We have the type of man as our President that everyone thinks is weak and has a glass jaw, but then this nukka turns around and hunts down and then orders the Navy Seals to split the wig of the man that has eluded the world's best security forces for years.

Yep..  Our President has been doubted by everyone...including yours truly...It even got to the point that on this very blog I said I would not vote for the dude in the next election if a had another option.

All Because I had/have that "if it was me, I would have done it like this" syndrome.

If it was me sitting in the big seat I would have alienated every Republican in the country because I would have told them from the jump that I was the HNIC and if they didn't like it they could go straight to hell.

I would have alienated every Muslim in the world because I would have turned Pakistan, Iran, Irag Afghanistan, Whofuckastan and all the other "Stan's" into desolate parking lots.

If it was me I would have told all the Tea-baggers's, Trumps, Palins, Newts, Limp-dicks, Becks and Fox Newses (and any one else I might have missed) that I thought that they were a bunch of racist motherfuckers and if they did not sit down and shut the fuck up,then there would be a lot of flower bringing and slow singing being done by their families.

That is what I would have done.

Which makes me very glad that we have the man we have making the decisions.... instead of the nigga I can be at times...

or the nigga I wish he was...

At times....

And where would we be if it were me sitting in the Big seat?

Certainly not where we are now.


Reggie said...

I've criticized the man over the last couple of years; but I honestly can't say that he hasn't been a pretty good president. He walked into a few situations left over by the previous administration that hamstringed him at times. But any damned fool ought to be able to look and see what he's already accomplished and his first term isn't even over yet.

It's just too bad that they didn't find and shoot this bastard a week before the election. All this feel good shit will be over in about a week. I'm surprised the right hasn't already taken the opportunity to acuse our POTUS of some other such un-American activity this week. Or maybe they figure they have to wait a week after something like this?!?

Fuck it, if I have another son I'm gonna name him Barack.

Daij said...

Reggie, you funny as always!

This blog entry is speaking to my heart. Thanks for writing it! It's true

Blaque Ink said...

Here's my take on the Bin Laden killing, but it presents a darker reality...


Constructive Feedback said...

Black Man's View:

Do you notice that NONE of your "Obama Victory List" directly point to ANY ORGANIC INCREASE WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

It is incorrect to analysis the Black Community situation from "OBAMA ONLY". The truth is that the NETWORK of the "Black Racial Services Industry" are working in close conjunction to keep BLACK FOLKS:

* Looking past the INCREASING Black Unemployment rate and toward throwing alms at OBAMA

* Looking PAST the fact that in this so called "Health Care Reform" NOT ONE POINT OF INCREASE in Black General Practitioners to PROVIDE OUR COMMUNITY WITH HEALTH CARE can be shown to have been produced from the SCHOOLS that favorable people now control - for the past several decades. THIS WAS NOT "HEALTH CARE TO BLACK PEOPLE" this was REGULATION of the external insurance entities.

Notice how your index of Obama's "respect" is focused upon what WHITE CONSERVATIVES say.

It would be interested for you to list our people's PERMANENT INTERESTS, make note of how much we have been SOLD in the way of promises that through the IDEOLOGICAL UNITY via the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN our community would be made to PROSPER.

Yet on the Bev Smith radio show last night she, along with Dr Claude Anderson said BLACK PEOPLE TODAY ARE IN A WORSE CONDITION as a "COMMUNITY" than at any other time since Reconstruction. (Again the point is COMMUNITY - not sporatic individual success - INCLUDING the President who had his consciousness sculpted by a White mother [not hating] and spent his formative years OUTSIDE of the nation.

BlackMan's View: SHOULDN'T YOU be focusing on what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY instead of trying to live vicariously through Obama - having Republicans to kiss his behind so YOU can cope with your issues?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] But any damned fool ought to be able to look and see what he's already accomplished and his first term isn't even over yet.[/quote]


1) Black Unemployment Rate INCREASED to 16.1% - the week Obama ordered Osama killed

2) A week after the Fiscal Emergency Commission in Michigan imposed its will on the insolvent cities of Detroit, Flint and Benton Harbor - BLACKS who live VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA and felt offended by the Birth Certificate being asked for by RACISTS - failed to notice that - UNLIKE OTHER "KLANSMEN" - Donald Trump was an invited guest at a dinner in which the BLACK President Of The United States SPOKE. There were no shots fired as the BLACK GUY verbally insulted the KLANSMAN - he would have been shot dead by the Secret Service for doing what other WHITE KLANSMEN would have gotten away with in the past.

3) This same "Disrespected Black Commander In Chief" ordered US commando units to KILL a man of color out of the NATIONAL INTERESTS of the United States. The JINGOISTIC, lily white crowds of SUPPORTERS were not seen as FULLY EQUAL to the crowds of Muslims seen in Iraq as 4 US mercenaries where burned and strung up from a bridge. Exactly WHERE did the spirit that was shown in the lynching pictures of the American South GO?

4) Put your ear to the window. You hear those birds chirping? That is the RESPONSE FROM THE BLACK COMMUNITY to the Bombing Of Africa by US Drones - in conjunction with 3 former African Colonial forces - Italy - who once controlled Libya, France and the United Kingdom.

Just imagine when there is a mass migration into Africa and then "Clarence Thomas' off spring" complains to the United Nations' about the masses oppressing him? When the UN gives cover to BOMB your ancestors with war planes from EUROPE -including the American "Africom" which is based in Europe because all African nations REFUSED its "protection" - they will point to THIS TIME PERIOD of your SILENCE as their cover and precedent.

And YOU will be saying WHAT?
Will you be criticizing "Obama" your SON or Obama the former president by this time?

Dirty Red said...


You and me both man you and me both.. But like you said he has not done a bad job so far.

Yeah Reggie is a damn fool.. And thanks for the love man.

I read your post and I cannot disagree with you man.

Now Constructive,

Man what the fuck are you talking about?
Obama is a damn politician..not the Black savior..He goes where the polls tell him to go. If you were dumb enough to believe he was with all his "hope" bullshit, then you might want to rethink your moniker "constructive feedback". There is nothing "constructive" with that type of bullshit you are thinking and the only feedback I am getting from you is hot,stale- ass,stank breath air. Besides I thought all you retugs believed in people pulling themselves up by their own boot straps? So isn't your little "Obama hasn't done shit for us Black folks" rant kinda hypocritical?
Huh "Constructive"? But that is just like you motherfuckers...

Man check your bullshit at the door Son.

And remember...just for future reference..this ain't the Fields site..He lets people say what they want over there..but here..Son..I don't have the time or the patience to put up with your holier than thou bullshit.

Constructive Feedback said...

Short and sweet rebuttal.

Though Reggie offered to name his next son "Barack" and although Obama's picture replaced and outsold those of Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne inside urban malls with Korean retailers giving The Least Of These People what they demanded .....it was MY RESPONSE that raised your ire.

Got it

Black Man said...

excellent post. I totally agree with you

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Red:This post of yours is spot on in so many ways,first it allows anyone with a brain to see that there are varying opinions and thoughts about how Black folk should handle their business.
The only way Black folk will begin to move out of our economic stagnation in this society is to begin to think outside of the box!

Dirty Red said...

Again..."There is nothing "constructive" with that type of bullshit you are thinking and the only feedback I am getting from you is hot,stale- ass,stank breath air."

Thank's Blackman...I appreciate it..

I agree man.. But the problem is I think most of us have gotten comfortable being in the box...which is what I think my next post is going to be about.