Saturday, May 28, 2011

Man why do you have a platinum plated knife around your neck?

You know I am going to have to stop talking to people so blinded by being "Christian" that they refuse to see any other thing but Jesus falling out the sky to come save them.

Now don't get me wrong with the opening of this little rant....I am not knocking a person for their beliefs; alls I  am saying is that I do not and cannot believe that God gave us a brain to only look,feel and believe one damn way.

The inspiration for this post came from the idiot that declared the world was going to end last week. A guy I know and I had a conversation about it. This guy is a die-hard Christian and he always has something to say about Jesus...Notice I said "Jesus"..Most "Christians" never talk about God per-say...It is always "Jesus". As if God is Jesus and Jesus is God. But if you know anything about the Bible, It clearly states that they are two SEPARATE entities.


This conversation we had was actually a pretty civil conversation since we both agreed that this fool ass reverend was just that; a fool ass. The Bible clearly states that not even the Son(Jesus) knows when the father(God), (Two SEPARATE entities) going to give the order to cleanse this world of all it's bullshit.
So in my limited way of thinking and apparently the dude I was talking to as well, this means that NOBODY knows. Not nan man, woman or child. NOBODY. So why would any sane person believe a common Man knows something that even the man that died for our signs admitted that he didn't know?

How gullible can some people be?
Wait...don't answer that....

The conversation was actually pretty civil until we somehow jumped to crosses.

See I have a thing about crosses.
I do not like them.
I refuse to wear one around my neck, I refuse to buy a shirt with one on it and I think that the whole "Christian" fascination with crosses is bullshit.

Yeah I said it....

My reasoning behind this is.... I believe that glorifying and worshiping crosses is a sacrilege against Jesus and his father(God)...TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES...

Why ole Dirty Red would you say something as controversial as that? 
Well it's simple class....

If someone you loved was stabbed to death; would you get the knife or whatever was used to do the stabbing out of police evidence and make a chain out of it?
If someone you loved was shot with an uzi; would you cover that same uzi in jewels and gold and make a monument out of it in your home?
Would you then fall down on your knees and say prayers and blessings to said weapon?

That is exactly what a cross is to me. A weapon. A weapon used to kill an innocent man whose only crime was loving the world and the people in it.
And also the cross has nothing what so ever with Christianity.

Not nan thing.
It has Pagan origins which date back to hundreds of years before the Christ came down to earth.
Don't believe me?
Read this.
And this.
And this.

And if you need more proof; then read this  and this also...

I could post a dozen more links concerning this subject; but I know that all the die-hard "Christians" will only close their eyes to it and call me a blasphemer. Sorta like the guy I was talking to did.

But oh well....
God gave me a brain to use and I intend on using it up.What other people choose to do with theirs; well that is not my business to worry about.


Reggie said...

You know just like I know that there are people out there that will forever have their heads in the sand. People that just can't deal with the realities of the universe without involving some mythical all knowing "Oz" figure.

Brotha Wolf said...

Great post as usual. Some of these "believers" are too blind to know who or what they worship in. To me they are no different than sheep who rely on the mainstream news networks to tell them how the world is through a rich, white man's view.

Dirty Red said...

Yep..How gullible can some people be?
Wait...don't answer that..

I think the same thing. Most of them have no idea what they are worshiping..Just what someone told them they should be worshiping.