Friday, June 24, 2011

America ranks 27th in the world when it comes to education...I wonder why?

Is it the American media's job to keep us informed about the important shit that is happening in our country on a daily basis; or is it their job to entertain us and keep our minds and thoughts OFF the important shit that is happening in our country on a daily basis?

I ask this because the other night our President gave a speech about our involvement in Afghanistan;( which I might be seeing in the near future by the way.)
I thought the speech was well said, but that is about it. In other words I thought it was a political speech filled with political talk that basically said a lot of pretty nice things but didn't say much of anything. The speech was very nice to listen to, given by a man that is according to the wifey, nice to look at; but it didn't mean nothing. Sorta like a hooker in Hunts Point up in the Bronx...Nice to look at with all the nice asses and titties; nice to listen to with the smooth silky way they ask for your money; but if you close your eyes and look with your mind instead of your eyes and hear with your gut instead of your ears; you will see, hear and understand exactly what is being shown to you and what is being told to you. Which is "you ain't nothing but a mark to me. You don't exist. You are only my car payment, my house note, food for my kids and my next hit of heroin. So fool listen to my nice voice. Look at my coke bottle ass shape and give me my money. But don't take too long in busting your nuts off, because I'ma have to charge you double. This shit ain't free nigga."

This is what I heard the other night when Big O was talking. This is what I hear whenever I hear any politrickster say anything that "concerns the American People."

"Give me my money."

But back to the subject......

Even though I thought the speech was bullshit;it still should have made major headlines. It still should have drowned out everything else....
This bullshit-ass shit about that crazy bytch Casey Anthony. It should have overshadowed the news about some Irish Gangsta getting caught after being on the run for the past 18 years. Bristol Palin's dumb ass 15 minutes of fame ass book should never have been talked about as well as Lindsey "I'm Lindsey Lohan Bitch" getting a pat on the hand again. Or Ron Pauls crazy ass talking about Fort Knox gold.

Our Involvement in Afghanistan should have been the major topic in US media outlets for the next week at least.
Sure it was covered and talked about..but it was treated as something that really does not matter at all.

Now all I am hearing, seeing and reading is bullshit ass talk that is as mind numbing as a blunt of that Chocolate Tye that is going around Oak Cliff right now.

Maybe that is a bad comparison..At least Chocolate Tye would be worth my 20 dollars.


Ankhesen MiƩ said...


Reggie said...

Our children are our future. Perhaps it's time we shaved 10% off our defense budget and put that money into education?!?

Brother I don't know what you've seen in Hunt's Point, but I've seen some pretty scary shit there.

When I've driven by most of them looked like men to me. Sure you might get lucky and find a toothless female.....but what if you're unlucky?!?

I'm quite sure that there are dog balls hanging out of some of those mini skirts.

Next year my son is supposed to go to Afghanistan. Hopefully, he won't have to go and neither will you. I get sick of all the political bullshit too. It's way past time for all of our troops to have come home.

Rebel Flower said...

America has been dumbing itself down for a generation. The media loves to give us a heaping pile of b.s. just like Paris Hilton's arrest or the so called "royal wedding". Nothing of any consequence or depth. We hate science, technology but we kid ourselves that we are innovative. We are in some serious trouble in this country.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I wish I had a plausible excuse why education isn't important to Black Americans today.
But Red I don't,all I know is that young Black kids growing up today seems to have never gotten the memo,that education is the currency of the 21st century.

Brotha Wolf said...

What's more frustrating is that we tell our youth that to succeed they need to go to school, make good grades and stay out of trouble. Yet, every so often you hear about another plan for budget cuts to education and programs to help the youth and to raise tuition rates.

It's like why go to school if you, as a nation, don't care about it? Why stay out of trouble when you, again as a nation, help cause it?

Dirty Red said...

Hola back at cha..

I have a cousin that works at the Fish Market and the few times I have been down to the Point, I have seen some dimes parading with their asses out. Although I must say there were a few questionable things parading right along side them..I won't know until Oct if we are slated to cross the water..Hopefully we won't get that nod..Hopefully.

Rebel flower,
Yep we are in very serious trouble.

The answer is that Parents are not pushing education. and besides; now-a-days the mothers and the fathers are only 16 years older than their kids..A nation of kids raising a nation of kids. A 37 year old grand mother? Really?

Brotha Wolf,
Godd points man..damn good points