Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Know thine Enemy so you can learn how to defeat them....

I try to keep an open mind about different stuff.
I try to understand why a person does whatever they do.
I try to put myself in the other persons shoes and try to see how they view the world.
I don't try to judge other people, but sometimes I fail miserably.

For example...

I have tried for about a month to listen to conservative talk radio whenever I am in my car. I wanted to see if I could try to understand the hate that most conservatives have towards our sitting President. I wanted to see if I could get a grip on all the negativity towards the way the country is being ran under the nations first African American President. I wanted to see if I could get some kind of mental picture of why they think the way they do.

I have failed.
I have tried to see their point of view and I cannot.
I don't understand it. I have tried and I cannot get it.

How can people that profess a strong believe in Christianity be so hateful and bigoted?
How can they spread shit that they know is nothing but lies and bullshit?

Like I said I have tried to listen to this bullshit for about a month and I can't do it anymore.
I am tired of getting mad and cussing at the radio for the mess they talk about.

Nothing they talk about is based on any facts. It is all baseless rhetoric. It is all opinion based bullshit.

I have heard some of the most outrageous and despicable stuff on conservative talk radio,that I am surprised that the FCC has not shut them down.
I have heard so much overtly racist bullshit that I am surprised that the NAACP, the Urban League, ACLU and all the other "equal" rights groups ain't staging daily protests in front of these studios.

But this is America. "Freedom of speech" and all.

I ain't mad at these racist, bigoted pea-sized braindead assholes for taking advantage of  their "god" giving right to say whatever the hell they feel like saying.
I just cannot and will not waste anymore of my braincells listening to their bullshit.

Keep your enemies close?
Why waste time on assholes that are predictable?


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Red:You are a bigger man then me,I gave up years ago trying to understand conservative folks,not just right wing bigot white folk,but some of my own kin folk who think just like them.
I tell folk don't tell me it's raining when I can see and feel you pissing on me.
As our good friend Reggie likes to say"it is what it is".

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]How can people that profess a strong believe in Christianity be so hateful and bigoted?[/quote]

A Black Man's View:

If we are going to use CHRISTIANITY as the reference - what do you think about the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist "Embedded Confidence Men" in our midst that leverage the resentment held by Black people from experiences of "Back In The Day" to keep Black people in a "Racially Defensive Posture" and thus VOTING our way toward salvation?

I notice that progressives don't consider their "hatred" as 'hate' because they convince themselves that SECONDARY hatred is not "hate".

Why don't you start your inspection from WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - pondering how our people can reside at a state where all that our "Leadership" TOLD US TO DO was accomplished (ie: use our "Equal Black Ballot" to remain IDEOLOGICALLY UNIFIED behind progressive democrats as the primary means of community uplift).

Yet as we look at the cities that do not have a CONSERVATIVE THREAT (Chicago, Philly, Detroit, NYC, DC) the fate of Black people has changed little.

Why do you feel it is so important for you to index your views AGAINST Right Wing Talk radio rather than the RESULTS that are transpiring

* In our schools
* On our streets
* In our business districts?

Please listen to www.waok.com and tell me if what you hear is CONNECTED with actual resolution of issues within our communities?

A Work In Progress said...

And this is why I love your blog.....

Dirty Red said...

Big Mac,
I tried man..I tried. But it was like listening to a person scratch thier fingernails down a damn chalkboard.I just couldn't take it anymore.

You know when ever I come to my comments section and see your name; I am like "here we go with this motherfucker", but this time I actually agree with you. There are a lot of problems that we face in the Black community. Most of them are of our own doing. And your right...Me talking about the racist bullshit I have heard on conservative radio will not fix them.
This post was not about the problems facing our communities.This post was about the racist, non fact based, fear mongering bullshit that the majority of "real" Americans listen to and agree with on a daily basis.
Once again you have proven to me that you are a "selective" reader. You don't read the whole post..you only read a few lines and draw your opinion from those few lines. If you go back and reread the ENTIRE couple of 2,three paragraphs that this post was;You will see I was not trying to educate anyone about the woes facing American Blacks. I was writing about the ear-grinding shit I tried to listen to. You will see if you reread the ENTIRE post that I was trying to be open minded and not condemn certain people for their words and thoughts...I was only trying to see and understand why they had those thoughts and form an opinion based on my conclusions.
If you go back and reread the ENTIRE post and then go back and reread your comment.. You will see that you are exactly like those fools I wrote about. Close minded, unable to see past your own nose and very judgemental. Nothing in my post was supposed to be about the Black community.. That was not my intent. I thought my intent was very clear.. But once again.. "here we go with this motherfucker".

A work,
Thanks for that.. I appreciate it very much.

Brotha Wolf said...

Mr. Feedback,

Trying to deviate the topic from its subject to suit your needs is one of the signs of trolling. I suggest that if you want to be taken seriously, you should adhere to the topic and the blogger.


I can't understand it either. I can only come up with one theory: They somehow prefer to feel better about themselves by demeaning others. Something about their own sense of esteem must want them to put others down to rememdy their pain.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]This post was not about the problems facing our communities.This post was about the racist, non fact based, fear mongering bullshit that the majority of "real" Americans listen to and agree with on a daily basis.[/quote]

DirtyRed & Wolf:

I ready the COMPLETE post.
The focus on "Christianity" was the second element that I chose to focus on.

You talk about fearmongering.
What do you think is going on on TheRoot/Grio/etc as the next presidential election is heating up?

The truth is that Black America is going to be placed into a RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSTURE and thus motivated to VOTE FOR OBAMA out of loyalty and PROTECTION despite the Black unemployment rate being 16.2%.


I struggle to understand why you all are not more pissed at the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who have hijacked our COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, fusing it into the American Political Domain.

As they are feeding you Glenn Beck, Rush Limbuagh and Sean Hannity PROVOCATIONS - the INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE are suffering from benign neglect.

I don't need to agree with you about the "Threat from Right Wing Radio" for us to agree that THE SITUATION WITHIN too many of our communities are unacceptable and something needs to change.

In my opinion though - this OUTWARD focus for the benefit of the PARTIES comes at the COST of our COMMITMENT TO A FIX FOR OUR COMMUNITIES.

I think that my response is a "BIGGER PICTURE" than your observation of "Right Wing Lies" as I ask you - WHAT ARE YOU EVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO TO STOP THEM?



Reggie said...

I see a post filled with a bunch of oxygen thieves. I've long since stopped trying to understand why they think the way they do. I suppose that might be because I haven't lived their privilege filled lives; nor do I look through the rose colored glasses they've been looking through all their lives.

I'm forever amused to hear people attempt to defend them. Particularly when they open their mouths and the indefensiveable comes out constantly.

Redeye said...

You know when ever I come to my comments section and see your name; I am like "here we go with this motherfucker",

Word. But how else would we know we're getting under their skin? :)

Great post.