Monday, June 6, 2011

Stupid is the new straight A student

I have an idea about Sarah Palin that I wish to share with ya'll....

My Rethug buddy and I were talking about her last week at work. My buddy is one of the few Rethugs that cannot stand the woman. He says that he wishes that she would just go back to Alaska; count the money she has made over the past 2 years and keep her mouth closed. He says that she is a disgrace to the party he loves with her "folksy, mama bear" bullshit.

Well  I can't knock the dude for his opinion.

But my opinion is this...

Sarah Palin is not a stupid woman; no matter how dumb she sounds whenever she opens her mouth. It is practically guaranteed that when she opens her mouth, the sound-bites are going to end up on The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimball and Comedy Central. I mean the chick should start her own stand-up routine she sounds so stupid. For instance....listen to her bullshit about how Paul Revere was warning the BRITISH instead of warning the colonists that the BRITISH were coming..

Really Sarah?

But having said that..I have to say this....

I think it is all an act. See, I think that this woman has realized the main factor in determining how successful a woman can be here in the "land of opportunity."

Most men have a problem with Brainy, independent, got her own shit-don't need mine type women.
Most of us are intimidated by a woman who is capable of running shit.
She always ends up being a bitch, bull-dyke, cunt and all the other derogatory terms we have for women in this society of ours.
Don't believe me?
Look at how Hillary Clinton, Oprah and Martha Stewart have been vilified and demeaned by the man controlled media. And those 3 are only the ones I can put a name to at the moment. There are thousands of other smart capable women; that let it be known that they are smart and capable; who do not get a chance to showcase their potential because weak  minded ass men feel like the bitches they are whenever they are in the same room with these women.

But on the other hand...

Dumb, needy insecure looking women are always depicted as being hot and desirable. (IE...Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Rhianna, Sarah Palin)...Men flock to these stupid looking women like they are dying of thirst and these women are the last cup of water for miles. These are the women that end up getting pushed to the front of the class, get their own reality shows and sign multi-million dollar modeling contracts.

Why you may ask?

We men do not feel intimidated by these women. We don't feel like our manhood will be threatened by being seen with women like this. We like to feel like we are the only light in a room of darkness; and these women let it be known that their light ain't shining at all.

Sarah Palin has figured this out.
So don't hate the playa people..This woman has figured out how to play. And she is playing it well..

There is no future in this world for a smart, independent, got her shit together woman.

At least not in the male dominated culture we live in.

Oh and fellas...I know that my man-card will be reevaluated after this is read though-out these here Internets,
but hey somebody has to tell it real at least once a year.

Oh and one more thing I need to clear up right now..

This is in no way an endorsement for Sarah Palin.. I cannot stand the woman. Every time I hear her damn voice, I have to run and grab an encyclopedia and just start reading that shit so I can replace the braincells I lost by listening to her brain dead ass bullshit. She is irritating as hell to me.

I just understand why she does what she does.
So I ain't mad at her...
Use what you got to get what you need Boo-Boo.
And if dumb ass men want to pay you millions of dollars to be the dumb blond, then Baby...bleach the shit out of your shit.

I'm just saying...


Reggie said...

Dude she's as dumb as a bag of hammers!!!

Ankhesen MiƩ said...

*cue sound of thundering applause*

Brotha Wolf said...

*Standing ovation!*

Amaya said...

Tell the truth and shame the motherfucking devil!

Invisible Man said...

Just think, there's a large portion of the public that actually support this woman.

One mistake, ok.
Two, even thats understandable.
Now when you get 3,now you're pushing it.

But when you get to 10, 20, pretty much every time you open your mouth something ignorant comes out that just says you're dumb. You're not capable of carrying on a conversation concerning pretty much anything.

Let alone lead the country.

Dirty Red said...

If you take what she says as proof..then yeah...but...I think it is all an act. One does not get to be Mayor,Governor and get picked to be a United States Vice Presidential nominee if one is "dumb as a bag of hammers". lol It is all an act dude. If it is not..then the men running shit are the ones "dumb as a bag of hammers."

Ankhesen Mie,
Thank-you...Thank-you.. I will be here all week..Don't forget to tip your waitress...

Brotha Wolf,
And let the Chuuch say amen..and amen..It's offering time! Nothing that jingles though..We only do the offerings that fold...

Yeah the truth will set you free!!Unless of course you are a black man accused of raping a white woman..Then nothing can save you.

Invisible man
So who is getting played?
The person collecting all that "support" or the people doing the supporting?

Rebel Flower said...

Well, her stupidity "not running for president" FAILED history lesson tour is over and she is going home to scam her supporters into thinking she is going to run for president again. She really is a loon and anyone who thinks she is smart thinks that Rihanna can sing.