Monday, August 29, 2011

You want a knight in shining armor? Really?

I graduated my leadership course yesterday and am on my way back to Dallas today. I can't wait to put GA behind me.

It is humid as hell down here. I know it's hot as two hell's in Texas; but it's a dry heat. This humid shit?
I ain't gonna be able to do it. This is that bullshit son.

Anyways back to what I want to talk about....

We had to critique the class and it's instructors yesterday before we signed out. In my opinion the class was ok..I can't complain about it. The instructors were professional and very knowledgeable in their field. They handled their business.
So my critique was pretty positive.


The one female in the class critique was not very good. She complained about everything. But the one complaint that got me and the rest of the class heated was she said that the guys in the class were not very "gentleman like". She said that during the time we had night classes that at least one of us should have walked her to her car. She said that we should have opened doors, and offered her the best seat and all that good shit. We should have invited her to go out with us when the rest of the guys were going out around the town..even though we did and she always refused.
All we could do when this bullshit came out her mouth was go, for real?
That's how you want to play this? Really?

Now mind you that this is the same chick that got pissy when we offered to carry equipment that would have been too damn heavy for her. We altered the way we talked around her so as not to offend her. We offered to drive to her room to pick her up if she wanted to hang with us.

But this chick is talking about opening doors and walking her to her car at night on a military installation? One of the safest places a person can be?

I can't stand females like this.

First and foremost she is a soldier. She knew the job was dangerous when she took it. She wants to be treated equal; but she complains about us not opening doors for her? Really?
She don't want to be treated differently because she's a woman; but she is complaining about not being treated differently because she's a woman.

You can't have it both ways. Either you want to be treated like a woman or you don't.

This is one of the many reasons some men don't like women being in the military.


I like woman in the military. It would be hell being around a bunch of nasty ass, stank feet, farting, snuff dipping, hairy ass dudes all the damn time. Having women around is a good thing.

Don't judge son; don't judge... I am a healthy man that likes healthy women. Besides I met my wife while she was in the military.

But this heffa here?

I could do without females like her.

Especially ones that look like Precious but want to be treated like Gabrielle Union.

Yeah I said it.


Anonymous said...


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Me thinks this woman hasn't learn the art of being a complete woman,she needs to stop watching the Lifetime Channel and realize that we all have to adjust to the realities of 2011. Some men are confuse about what their role is in today's society and just lay back with some females.

Reggie said...

Yeah sure, open doors, compliment her shoes, hold her hand while walking through the part, buy jewelry, take her to the movies and pick up tabs, but ask for one blowjob......and I'm an asshole.

No seriously, I thought the point was to treat her like an equal.

Brotha Wolf said...

This is another reason why I'm single.

Dirty Red said...


She wants what she wants when she wants it..Just like every other woman..
You a damn fool man.

Enjoy it while it lasts my brother..We all fall for the okie doke eventually.