Friday, September 23, 2011

1 Black man+1 dead White Cop+ No physical Evidence+Georgia=Another dead nigger

This is going to be a very short post...
I want to take the time to extend my condolences to Troy Davis's family.

Mr. Davis you died in vain.
I usually support the Death Penalty....But this is that bullshit.

But ole well....

This is the country we live in.

Rest in peace son.

If that is even possible for you since you were murdered by a country that is hell bent on making an example out of people that "fit the description".

And now a moment of silence please.....


Redeye said...

I am against the death penalty period. I would rather see an innocent person go free than an innocent person be put to death. I agree with your other points.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I like Redeye can't support the death penalty,simply because god didn't die and leave man in charge of dispensing justice.
Troy Davis's murder was a message to poor folk in America,your life is worth nothing to society's rich.

Ankhesen MiƩ said...

I don't support it either. No country on earth is mature enough to administer it.

The murder of Troy Davis was just 21st Century lynching.

Reggie said...

I guess I've ceased being surprised by situations like this. This has been the reality throughout my life.

I understand the outrage, but I must admit I'm surprised by the surprise of so many people.

As awful as this is, I'm still a staunch advocate for the death penalty.

Redeye said...

I was surprised, shocked and saddened by the actions of I our government in this case. Don't ask my why, but I thought America was better than the countries we invade spreading Freedom and Democracy, and freeing them from evil dictators who kill their own people.

But then again, this is the country which allowed slavery and fought a Civil War to keep it. So like Reggie said, I shouldn't be surprised.

Dirty Red said...

Redeye and Bigmac and ankhesen,

I am of the few that believe that if a person is convicted of killing another person in an extremely heinous way; then that person needs to be dealt with in an extremely heinous way. But I also believe that the convicted person should be allowed appeals and further investigation into his alleged crime to ensure that the jury got it right. If an independent investigation comes back with the same verdict that the jury did.... then gotta go gotta go. Troy Davis's case is a prime example of how fucked up the system is.

Reggie and Redeye,
I was not surprised either. I told my wife that Mr. Davis was a dead man walking. Especially when I heard that it was going to be sent up to be decided by the likes of Clarence Thomas and that Scalia woman.

sip said...

If all the energy in the protest, twitter and facebook postings, posters and buttons to save Troy Davis had been used collectively as a boycott against corporations headquartered in Georgia, Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Intercontinental Hotels, to name a few, I think Troy Davis life could have been saved.
All the begging and drooling at the footsteps of GA government served no purpose to a govt hSllbent on the execution. But threaten the $$$ of a corp would have created more leverage. Someone with power and pull would have made a phone call and stopped this murder.