Thursday, September 1, 2011

All a man has is his balls and his word

I am a big football fan.

I love it.
Well I am a big sports fan period, but football is my favorite overall.

But having said that I have to say this....

No MAN playing a CHILD'S game deserves to make the amount of money that these guys are making.
Not nan man. Not even Kobe Bryant or Ray Lewis; the beasts that they are.

I cannot stand it when I hear that a player is "holding out" from doing the job that he signed a legally binding contract to do because he does not like his contract anymore.

That's that bullshit son.

Case in point...

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans.

He is a bad dude when he is running the football, I'll give him that.
But when he signed his rookie contract he gave his word that he would live up to the contract that he had his lawyers and agent look over before he agreed to it.
Has he out performed what his "owners" thought he was going to do?
Yes. He is the Titans only offensive weapon.


He gave his word. He ensured the Titans organization that he would play for what he agreed to play for.

Now since he has started smelling himself and listening to the flunkies around him telling him how great he is, he wants to ignore his LEGALLY BINDING  contract and demand a bigger one.

Who do these sports  "stars" think they are?

I could not be a NFL owner.

Nope... Couldn't do it.

I would sue the shit out of this dude for breach of contract. I would take everything I could from this dude and then I would cut him from my team. I would not give a shit how good he is. He is basically holding the team hostage.

Now I would understand if his contract was up and he wanted a new one. But this is that bullshit son.

Players should fulfil their obligations and then negotiate a new contract.

You keep your word..Be a man and do whatever you promised that you would do. And after you have fulfilled your contract, if you have surpassed all expectations; then you demand more money.
I think it is chicken shit ass shit that a player has one or two good years and all of a sudden they think they are worth ten times more than what they originally agreed to play for.

I wouldn't do it. I would tell Chris Johnson to get to stepping. There are a million and one Chris Johnson's that didn't get the opportunity to showcase their skills and are ready, willing and more than capable of taking his spot.

There will always be a new and improved Nigga next year.

For a hell of a lot less money.

If I were the Titan's owner I would be holding open auditions.


Chatterbox said...

Speak the truth and shame the devil! You are spot on.

Tiffany said...

So true and if they are great do they honestly deserve 40 million dollars to play what some people just have a passion to do?

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Hawa said...

I SO agree with you. There's honor in keeping your word.

He could have easily asked about bonuses and perks for his performance - but it sounds like he went straight into breaking his promise.

Reggie said...

There's a big part of me that agrees with this.....but.....

A contract can be voided and a player waived at any time in the NFL. So very few of them have guaranteed contracts. No, I don't like to see anyone go back on their word. The NFL was set up to fail. The work that was done in the offseason, needs to be continued if the NFL is going to continue to be viable. It's always funny to me when millionaires and billionaires argue and can't come to a consensus.

I think it's funny when the NFL players compare themselves to slaves and the system as a plantation system. As if slaves would actually have Bentleys and starlets with "centauresque asses" falling all over them.

Rookies that have never played a down get tens of millions of dollars in contracts. It's silly.

It's kinda hard to feel sorry for any of them though, billionaires or millionaires. I just feel sorry for us, the fans.