Saturday, September 24, 2011

If you want to kill yourself..Don't fuck around with it Son... Do that shit!! Who wants to die slow?

Last night as soon as I came home from the gym; my neighbor came over to my house. It was as if he was outside waiting on my truck to pull into my driveway This is the same neighbor that I blogged about last year whose wife put a used tampon into his freshly made drink of Crown Black while he was watching the game.

Well they have been at it again. But it is getting worse..It is getting physical. This time she was beating the dude all around the knee and thigh area with their vacuum. Yep....You heard me....The gatdamn vacuum. All because their oldest daughter skipped school yesterday.

The dude limped his poor ass over to my crib barely able to walk. His face was scratched up and his lip was swollen. Again he swore that this was it and he was leaving.

Well I invited him in,offered him a beer and we went up to my den to talk. He said his peace and I took a deep breath and this is what I told him......

' can't keep living like this. Every other day you are telling either me or Tommy...(our other neighbor) about some shit that you and this woman have done. And it's getting worse..You have kids man. This is not good for them to see. Your daughters are going to think that this type of shit is normal and their relationships are going to be as fucked up as yours.  Now the way I see it you got 2 can stay or you can leave. If you stay then you need to stop complaining because it is obvious that you like her bullshit. Now if you decide to leave and I am not telling you to leave your home and your kids, then you need to grab your balls and do that shit. Either way I cannot tell you what to do. But I do know that somehow this bullshit here has to stop.'

Of course he agreed with me as he always does. We talked a little longer, drank a few more beers along with a few shots of Jim Bean and he went back to his house.

Now my question is this.....

What the hell is going on over there that makes them two nukkas stay together?

Is it love? Necessity? Sex? The kids? Stupidity? Or do they just like drama?

I know good and damned well that I could  would not put up with that bullshit.

Black men have hell in this world as it is. We not only have to put up with all the bullshit that this country throws at us on a daily basis, but to have to come home to a war zone on top of it all?

Strokes, Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure and overall bad health is dropping us like flies. A man's home is supposed to be his fortress of solitude. A place where he can leave all the pressures of everyday 'Blackman's life in America' on the doorstep. A place to relax, unwind and recuperate.

This is that bullshit son.

Now I only hear his side of this mess. I am pretty sure that his wife would tell me about what he be doing if I were to talk to her. I am pretty sure that he is just as fucked up as he says she is. One person cannot fight all by themselves.

This shit here?
This shit right here?

This shit cannot be healthy son. Not in the least bit.
Why would any person want to kill themselves slow?


Brotha Wolf said...

Damn, son.

I know someone else who's going through the same thing, but he still wants to stay with her. All I can say is that one must have low self-esteem in order to continue putting up with that shit whether it's male or female.

He may love her, and he knows he can't hit a woman. However, the dude must not love himself enough to keep himself or his daughter safe.

I dunno.

Sunny said...


First off, I don't want to laugh at this but its partly funny.

I don't understand how a man can go thru something like this...but then again the door can swing both way.

Yes, his daughter will learn that beating a man is a form of love. Thats crazy...he need to love himself and let that shit burn.

gr8p said...

I think he feels sorry for her. (Fucked up, strange and irrational, I know..) He may think she's mental or he may know that she's been abused and he wants to fix her. Black folks ain't that different from white folks. I know we like to think that we are not compassionate towards one another, but sometimes we can be to a fault. I think this dude thinks he can save her. But it will only escalate. It always does. And nobody wants that. He needs to leave. For both their sakes.