Wednesday, October 26, 2011

By the people..For....Wall Street?

This is another post that might wrinkle some people's feathers.

This is a another subject that has been on the tip of my tongue for a minute...I was not going to write about it..but a brother can change his mind his mind, right?


This occupation Wall Street shit... What is the purpose? What is supposed to be the outcome?

I don't understand it... I mean I understand the frustration and all but in my opinion all that frustration is misplaced.
In my opinion this is just like those fools that rioted in LA back in the 90's. They were mad at the Just-us System, but they rioted and destroyed their own shit. They were mad at the White Man, but they robbed and burnt down Black men's shit.

Stupid... Very Stupid..

I feel the same way about this "OCCUPY" shit.

Don't these "occupiers" realize that Wall Street was only doing what our government allowed them to do? Nobody on Wall Street broke any laws. Matter of fact they followed the laws to a tee. Well correction...some laws were broken...and the people that broke them need to be dealt with..but on the whole? Naaa...

The government is the problem.
The government makes up the tax codes.
The government is the governing body that is supposed to ensure that the people do not get screwed.
The government is supposed to ensure that laws are passed that favor the people and not the business world.
With the lack of regulation that was voted on and passed by congress and the millions of dollars that leave Wall Street on the back of semis heading down south to Capitol Hill, why are the "occupiers" so obsessed with Wall Street?
It makes no sense to me.

Wall Street is not the problem. They are only doing what our government allows them to do.

So why all the hate?
Why are people mad because there are people that have more money than they do?
Why are you hating that I can afford a Corvette and you are still driving a 1990 Hyundai?
Why are you hating that I have a house in the Caribbean and you are still living in your Moms basement?
Why are you hating on the fact that I can afford Fillet Mignon and you are stuck with the dollar menu at McDonald's?
Why all the hate?

This is that bullshit son.

I think that the brother Herman Cain is a damn lost in translation idiot, but I do agree with him when he said 'If you ain't rich, blame yourself'.

Don't hate on me because I either worked for it, inherited it or married into it.
Don't hate on me because I put in the work and you didn't.
Don't hate on me because I was in the right place at the right time.

All this "occupy" bullshit needs to be redirected towards it's roots.
And the roots run directly beneath Washington DC.
These "occupiers" need to take their occupation (insert city here)... to the ballot boxes of that city.

Cut the head off the snake and the body will die.

I'm just saying...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What part of 'you got caught' are you not understanding?

This post is going to piss some people off.

You will get over it. I am going to be very insensitive to certain people during the next couple paragraphs; so if you wear your feelings on your sleeve, you might want to leave now.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about how a certain group of people in this country, that came to this country in the back of a semi hidden beneath some cabbages, crawled under the border in a makeshift tunnel, swam over a nasty stank river, climbed over a fence, went under the fence or however else they got here ILLEGALLY...complaining about new laws that certain states have adopted that might separate them from their families and send them back to wherever they came from.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for them? Am I supposed to feel sympathy for them because they got caught breaking the law? Am I supposed to picket and march to show my solidarity with them?

Really? Is this how I show human compassion to people that got caught breaking the law of the land?

Let me inject something into the equation real quick....

I am not against immigration. I am not against people doing whatever it takes to provide for the people they are responsible for. However you need to get your money; as long as you are not raping, killing or stealing, then handle up on that.

What I am against is people that get caught doing whatever they are doing  trying to play the blame game and try to reverse whatever they got caught doing back onto the people that caught them.

This is that bullshit son.


These people knew the job was dangerous when they took it. They knew that eventually they might get found out. If they didn't know this then they deserve to be caught. If they did not have preparations made for when the day came, then oh well...better luck next time.

Do I fault them for doing whatever it takes to provide for their families? Of course not. This is not an anti-immigration rant.

But when the jig is up...don't make excuses and get on CNN with a long face talking about how you love this country and this ain't fair and this is anti-Hispanic and your plight is the same as what your fellow Black Americans went through.

It is not son. Your plight is nothing like what my people went through. Matter of fact if my people had not went through what they went through, you would not have the little bit of laws that you have to protect you now.

So no...I do not care if Jesus has to leave Maria and all their little chicas and chicos in the middle of the night. I don't care if you have to leave everything you worked for the past 3 years. I don't care if your son is about to graduate and this is the only country he has only known.


You got caught doing something that you knew was wrong.

YOU. GOT. CAUGHT. have two options...

Leave quietly and come back next week...we all know that that is what you do anyway...
Shut the Fuck up and accept the fact that you got caught doing something ILLEGAL.
Leave quietly and come back next week...
With a better plan on how not to get caught again.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nigger, Nigger Nigger..How many times can I fit the word Nigger in this post?

I live in Dallas, Texas.

I like it here. It had to grow on me, the whole TEXAS thing, but it ain't bad here. Not bad at all.
Before I came here I thought the whole state was nothing but Rednecks, cows and more Rednecks.
Now don't get me wrong...There are a lotta Rednecks, cows and more Rednecks..but it ain't like what I pictured it to be. There are a quite a few places just outside of the Dallas and Ft.Worth city limits where "the coloreds" would be best not to visit. That is the case for all the rural areas outside of every major city here. I assume it is like that for every major city in the country. But to tell the truth...I have seen more racism from the Mexicans here than I have from the usual white suspects. For some reason The "Blacks" and the "Browns" do not seem to get along.


When I heard about the name of our Governor's families hunting lodge; it didn't really surprise me, but in a way it did. I mean come on son, you are the Governor of one of the biggest states in the country and a Presidential candidate; and you didn't think a hunting lodge named NIGGERHEAD would be noticed by the media?


Now I ain't mad at ole Slick Rick...I mean he ain't the one that wrote NIGGERHEAD on the rock that everyone has to see before they go into this hunting compound. But since he is now in the national spotlight; I kinda sorta think that his people should have told him that either he needs to stay away from NIGGERHEAD, or he should get the NIGGERHEAD rock removed.

That is just bad buisness.

But then what can I say about NIGGERHEAD?

Not to much; since the word Nigga is a daily part of my vocabulary.
How can I say anything about anyone that uses the same word that I use?

I know the history behind the word and all that Bullshit...But this is 2011.
The word Nigger and who might slip up and say it is not on my list of priorities at the moment.
There are a lot of things more important going on in my life  that need my undivided attention more than some word that a White person might use.

Is NIGGER offensive?
Should I or anyone else use it?
Will I stop using it?
Probably not.
Will Rick Perry or other White people stop using it?
Most definitely not.

This is America people.
The word NIGGER is engrained into the very paper that our great Constitution was written on. There will always be Niggers in America. The biggest Niggers are the ones up in Washington DC.
Now it is a damn shame that when the word NIGGER is said by anyone; the picture that always pops into a persons mind is a picture of a person that looks like me. But I can name off a quite  few Niggers that don't fit the description of a 6'2" , 215 pound Black Male.

But like I said this is America.

And we as Black people in America spend too much time worrying and raising hell about the wrong shit.

Who gives a shit what Rick Perry's family named their hunting lodge? Will us protesting in front of the lodge until they take down the rock, help the millions of Black Americans in this country that are unemployed?

Will it stop other Black Americans from killing each other daily on the streets of our neighborhoods?
Will it stop the AIDS epidemic that is killing us off?
What about the "schools" in our communities? Will protesting over a hunting lodges name improve them?
Will it take the drugs out of our neighborhoods?
Will it make the entertainers that are so beloved by us change the lyrics to their songs?
Will it help us stabilize our family structure by advocating a 2 parent household?
Will it teach our youth that it is better to learn  to read and write than it is to learn the fundamentals of throwing  a football or dunking a basketball?

Can anyone answer me that?
I'll wait.....
No? Not one answer? Yeah...I thought so...

Why should I get mad at a White Person or anybody for that matter, that lets the whole world know who they really are?

I respect that kind of person more than I respect a Nigger that orchestrates a protest of a hunting lodge named NIGGERHEAD; while all the while he is lining his pockets with the money all the Niggers gave him to orchestrate the protest; while the Niggers protesting and giving money to the Nigger that told them to protest;don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of and no means of getting said pot or said window.

Yeah I said it.