Wednesday, October 26, 2011

By the people..For....Wall Street?

This is another post that might wrinkle some people's feathers.

This is a another subject that has been on the tip of my tongue for a minute...I was not going to write about it..but a brother can change his mind his mind, right?


This occupation Wall Street shit... What is the purpose? What is supposed to be the outcome?

I don't understand it... I mean I understand the frustration and all but in my opinion all that frustration is misplaced.
In my opinion this is just like those fools that rioted in LA back in the 90's. They were mad at the Just-us System, but they rioted and destroyed their own shit. They were mad at the White Man, but they robbed and burnt down Black men's shit.

Stupid... Very Stupid..

I feel the same way about this "OCCUPY" shit.

Don't these "occupiers" realize that Wall Street was only doing what our government allowed them to do? Nobody on Wall Street broke any laws. Matter of fact they followed the laws to a tee. Well correction...some laws were broken...and the people that broke them need to be dealt with..but on the whole? Naaa...

The government is the problem.
The government makes up the tax codes.
The government is the governing body that is supposed to ensure that the people do not get screwed.
The government is supposed to ensure that laws are passed that favor the people and not the business world.
With the lack of regulation that was voted on and passed by congress and the millions of dollars that leave Wall Street on the back of semis heading down south to Capitol Hill, why are the "occupiers" so obsessed with Wall Street?
It makes no sense to me.

Wall Street is not the problem. They are only doing what our government allows them to do.

So why all the hate?
Why are people mad because there are people that have more money than they do?
Why are you hating that I can afford a Corvette and you are still driving a 1990 Hyundai?
Why are you hating that I have a house in the Caribbean and you are still living in your Moms basement?
Why are you hating on the fact that I can afford Fillet Mignon and you are stuck with the dollar menu at McDonald's?
Why all the hate?

This is that bullshit son.

I think that the brother Herman Cain is a damn lost in translation idiot, but I do agree with him when he said 'If you ain't rich, blame yourself'.

Don't hate on me because I either worked for it, inherited it or married into it.
Don't hate on me because I put in the work and you didn't.
Don't hate on me because I was in the right place at the right time.

All this "occupy" bullshit needs to be redirected towards it's roots.
And the roots run directly beneath Washington DC.
These "occupiers" need to take their occupation (insert city here)... to the ballot boxes of that city.

Cut the head off the snake and the body will die.

I'm just saying...


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

The way I cee it, is the occupiers are just fed up and have no other ideas of what to do to make that bit of knowledge born. It's not like they could up the powers that be and tell them what's on their minds. The only result it could possibly yield is a new conversation amongst the people who could actually do something.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I don't see anyone that resemble me occupying Wall Street,maybe that's why after over a month of occupation they are still occupying? I got too much shit on my own plate to be concern with what these little rich white boys and girls are doing!This kind of make me think back to the anti-war protest of the 1960's,where are those protesters today?Making money on WALL STREET!

Brotha Wolf said...

I thought about that as well. What exactly do these protesters want? Why aren't they doing the same thing at D.C. I mean the government and the rich are tight.

I too don't see anyone resemble me at the OWS. If that's the case, are those protesters thinking about us. I think not.

Dirty Red said...

I understand what you are saying....but....they are protesting the wrong damn people! It is the politicians that gave the people on wall street the power to do all they have done.. so again what is the damn purpose?

Big mac and brotha wolf,
I have seen someone that resembles irag vet that got beat down in Oakland. Another one in NYC that dared the police to touch any unarmed citizen around him. But again...they are protesting the wrong damn rich people.

Reggie said...

When I think of this protest, I think of a farmer kicking a mule. You can kick it all you want, but the motherfucker still isn't gonna move.

I'm one of the 99%