Saturday, December 17, 2011

Too much money is never enough money

How much money is enough money? How much would it take for you to say...'OK son..This money right here? This shit right here son? This shit is enough. I needs no more money son. I got enough.'

Would it take 10 million? 100 million? 250 million? A billion?

How much would it take? Or is enough money not really enough money? Do you like money that folds? Or would you prefer to have money that don't fold? I mean money that will not fit in a wallet, money?

If you were given 1.2 million just for signing a contract to play a child's game..and then given $650,000 for the first year of that contract..another $875,000 the second year of that contract..and then a cool million for the last year with an option for another year at another 1.2 million...would you still want more? Would that be enough money for you to "feed your family"? Would that be enough money to provide your family with a nice Christmas?

Think on that a minute son....

Now that you have tossed that around for a minute....Would that be enough money for you?

Or would you feel the need to supplement your "meager" income by becoming the neighborhood dope-man?
Would you feel the need to stand on the corner with a "pocket full of stones"?

Would you feel the need to reup with a dude you did not that you had never done any dirt that was "suggested' to you by one of your "homies"?

No? Me neither..

But Sam Hurd did. 

For those that do not follow sports..Sam Hurd is was a wide receiver with the Chicago Bears. He was a former wide receiver down here in the Big D with the Cowboys. He was just arrested up in the Windy for arranging to buy 5 Keys of snow white...(that Lindsey Lohan)...and a half ton of that Stickey ickey ickey a week...from an undercover Fed.
5 birds and a half  TON of weed a week!! A week son!! Do any of ya'll know how much shit that is?


Obviously this wanna be Scarface nukka was setup. But that is not the point..

He was already set financially for life. If he had the brains to move that much product a WEEK... then he is not a dummy. Well he is a dummy...but shit..ya'll know where I'm going with this.

So why did he feel the need to slang weight on the side?
And if he was moving that much shit a WEEK..why was he meeting with a Fed? 5 birds and a half TON of weed is nothing to laugh at. He has obviously been doing this shit for a minute. So he had to have some flunkies working for him. With that much weight... The boss-man should be no where near the transaction. He should be somewhere close watching to make sure everything goes down the right way..but he should not be anywhere within 100 feet of the deal. And why was he fucking with a dude he did not know? And why was he even there himself? In person? In Black and white? Live in living color?

Disclaimer alert..
I am not speaking from experience... I am only speaking on what I saw on the wire....

This whole shit is just damn dumb to me. This dude was an alright receiver with a very good future ahead of him.
But as far as being the next "Big Meech"?

Nope. This dude is dumber than a room full of cloned Sarah Palins.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is a Christian nation...really son? Really?

I hate religion.
And I have no use for people that are so blinded by their religion that they refuse to see any other person's point of view.

I do not understand why religion is a focal point in politics. I thought that it is in the constitution that religion and state are supposed to be separated. If Mitt Romney wants to believe that Jesus Christ descended upon Utah a hundred years ago and bought with him a new Bible...then he is entitled to that. If a Muslim wanted to throw his hat into the ring for a chance at the big seat...then more power to him.

This is supposed to be the country of freedom of religion. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that this is a solely Christian nation. There is nothing in the constitution that says that a person has to be "washed in the blood of Jesus" in order to sit in the funny shaped office, in the big seat, behind the 150 year old desk, in the big White House. If it is in there somewhere, somebody please correct me.

So all this focus on Mitt Romney being a Mormon is that bullshit. Who cares?

How can this country of all countries call itself a "Christian" nation?

Where are the "Christian" values?

I think that 95%  of Americans would call themselves "Christian"... But...

Actions speak louder than words..

Was it Christian to invade a country  on lies and bullshit? And then how Christian was it to defend that lie and bullshit after thousands of people were killed?
Is it Christian to refuse to give assistance to the elderly that need it? I believe it is written in the good book..."Honer thy father and thy mother"..
Is it Christian to abandon children by forcing them into schools that would rather meet quotas than educate them?
Is it Christian to flood the airwaves and TVs with images and music with violence and degradation? And then wonder why America has the most cases of violent deaths of all  the "industrialized" countries in the world?
Is it Christian to allow Celebrities to be put up on thrones and treat them as being equal to God himself?
Is it Christian to discriminate and treat others differently just because you don't like their skin color?
 Is it Christian to put money and power above the welfare of people?

If these are the attributes of being a CHRISTIAN...Then son, I wants no part in it.

My beliefs and values include treating others like I want to be treated.
They include respecting the elderly and putting children in a position where they can succeed in life.
They include owning up to my mistakes and not blaming others for the decisions that I make that might turn sideways on me. They include learning from my mistakes and not repeating them..because in my opinion...a mistake done twice is not a is something that was meant.
My beliefs and values include not worshipping a man or an object. That is why I could give a fuck about what Brad Pitt is wearing to an event that honors other men and why you will never see anything that resembles a cross on my body or in my house.
My beliefs and values include living my life as good as I can without causing harm to another..But don't get it twisted....if you cross that thin..and it is a very thin might come up missing. There is no turning the other check when it comes to Dirty Red.

Now if my beliefs are Christian.. then I'm all in. But this Christian thing that is supposed to represent America? You can keep that bullshit son...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look here man...I need what you got so...Break yourself Fool!

I have a question....

If I have 10 dollars and you have I supposed to give give you 8? Am I under some kind of unwritten law that says that just because I have more money than you I have to give you most of my money just so life will be fair towards you? Am I supposed to help every homeless person out begging on the street, just because I have 2 or 3 extra dollars in my pocket and they don't have any? Am I supposed to feel sorry for you and your family because you went out and spent money that you didn't have and now your ass is hanging out?

Is this what that is?

I understand that some people need help. I understand that if I have it and can help I should. That is the morally right thing to do. But having said that I have to say this.....


Did I say that loud enough?

And this brings me  to these 99% people.....

I don't get it.

What is the outcome of these demonstrations supposed to be?

Are all the rich people supposed to come out of their high rise offices and throw money down in the street? Are the bankers supposed to forgive every bodies debt in the name of Jesus?
Are all the mortgage companies supposed to give  everybody whose house got taken back another house to live in?
Are the credit card companies supposed to forgive the debt that people built up?

What is supposed to be the outcome?

Now these people did do something yesterday that I totally agree with... They went to the source of all this mess...Washington DC...and demanded to see the Politricksters that are at the root of this financial mess. They camped out in some of the Rethugs offices and stayed there waiting for an audience with all the pricks that are doing whatever they feel like they have to do to get the scary Kenyan socialist Black Guy out of their beloved White American mansion. But being the dicks and assholes they are...none of them came out to talk to them.

Now that is a protest I can get down with. Go to the source. If these clowns won't come out of their plush offices to answer questions...I'll wager my next 3 pay checks that they WILL come to the polls on  election day.

Vote these bastards out. Take THEIR jobs from them. Outsource THEIR shit. Take THEIR Health care from them.


 That is the only power we as citizens have.

All this bullshit of sleeping in tents in parks and standing out in front of businesses and banks and all that silly shit....This is that bullshit son.

Don't get mad at somebody just because they have more than you. Learn the game and play it how they play it. If you want something.. go get that shit. If you have to work extra hard, then do that shit..If you have to sit in a classroom until 3 in the morning..then sit in that shit..If you have to save and sacrifice, it is only temporary.

Anything that is not EARNED is not going to last.

Get off of that shit that Rich people owe you something just because they are rich. You might not like how they got rich...but that is no excuse to stand around and blame them for your shit being fucked up. No one forced you to get a 10,000 sq ft house when you only make 25 k a year. No one forced you get a credit card with a 50k limit and then max that shit out. No one forced you to spend your last paycheck on Black Friday and now your lights are cut off. No one forced you to buy an Escalade while you live in your mama's basement. They sold a product and your dumbass bought it.

YOU did that stupid shit. So now YOU should do what YOU got to do to fix it.

If your job got outsourced, then I understand. If your mortgage broker lied to you, then I understand. If you got layed off, then I understand.
If I can help you I will.

But.... if you were not bamboozled, hood-winked or led astray in any way...Shut the fuck up..admit your mistakes and do what you have to to correct them.
And don't think you are entitled to mine just because I have it.

It's called being held accountable for your actions son.