Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look here man...I need what you got so...Break yourself Fool!

I have a question....

If I have 10 dollars and you have I supposed to give give you 8? Am I under some kind of unwritten law that says that just because I have more money than you I have to give you most of my money just so life will be fair towards you? Am I supposed to help every homeless person out begging on the street, just because I have 2 or 3 extra dollars in my pocket and they don't have any? Am I supposed to feel sorry for you and your family because you went out and spent money that you didn't have and now your ass is hanging out?

Is this what that is?

I understand that some people need help. I understand that if I have it and can help I should. That is the morally right thing to do. But having said that I have to say this.....


Did I say that loud enough?

And this brings me  to these 99% people.....

I don't get it.

What is the outcome of these demonstrations supposed to be?

Are all the rich people supposed to come out of their high rise offices and throw money down in the street? Are the bankers supposed to forgive every bodies debt in the name of Jesus?
Are all the mortgage companies supposed to give  everybody whose house got taken back another house to live in?
Are the credit card companies supposed to forgive the debt that people built up?

What is supposed to be the outcome?

Now these people did do something yesterday that I totally agree with... They went to the source of all this mess...Washington DC...and demanded to see the Politricksters that are at the root of this financial mess. They camped out in some of the Rethugs offices and stayed there waiting for an audience with all the pricks that are doing whatever they feel like they have to do to get the scary Kenyan socialist Black Guy out of their beloved White American mansion. But being the dicks and assholes they are...none of them came out to talk to them.

Now that is a protest I can get down with. Go to the source. If these clowns won't come out of their plush offices to answer questions...I'll wager my next 3 pay checks that they WILL come to the polls on  election day.

Vote these bastards out. Take THEIR jobs from them. Outsource THEIR shit. Take THEIR Health care from them.


 That is the only power we as citizens have.

All this bullshit of sleeping in tents in parks and standing out in front of businesses and banks and all that silly shit....This is that bullshit son.

Don't get mad at somebody just because they have more than you. Learn the game and play it how they play it. If you want something.. go get that shit. If you have to work extra hard, then do that shit..If you have to sit in a classroom until 3 in the morning..then sit in that shit..If you have to save and sacrifice, it is only temporary.

Anything that is not EARNED is not going to last.

Get off of that shit that Rich people owe you something just because they are rich. You might not like how they got rich...but that is no excuse to stand around and blame them for your shit being fucked up. No one forced you to get a 10,000 sq ft house when you only make 25 k a year. No one forced you get a credit card with a 50k limit and then max that shit out. No one forced you to spend your last paycheck on Black Friday and now your lights are cut off. No one forced you to buy an Escalade while you live in your mama's basement. They sold a product and your dumbass bought it.

YOU did that stupid shit. So now YOU should do what YOU got to do to fix it.

If your job got outsourced, then I understand. If your mortgage broker lied to you, then I understand. If you got layed off, then I understand.
If I can help you I will.

But.... if you were not bamboozled, hood-winked or led astray in any way...Shut the fuck up..admit your mistakes and do what you have to to correct them.
And don't think you are entitled to mine just because I have it.

It's called being held accountable for your actions son.


Chatterbox said...


Blaximus said...

Unfortunately you seem to have not been paying attention to what's happening.

It's not about giving people stuff.

We've been effectively ROBBED by huge corporate interests. Read Matt Tiabbi's work to catch up.

And now that tax payer money has gone to Big Banks and Wall Street, our bought government is looking to end any of what the GOP considers " help " ( medicaide, medicare, unemployment, social security, welfare...anything at all that doesn't go to the wealthy )

It's not about anyone taking anything from you. It's not about anyone asking you to give anything up....unless you're sitting on millions or billions ( or like corporate america - TRILLIONS ) of dollars.

Brotha Wolf said...

Very well said.

Reggie said...

I absolutely get it and I actually give a shit; but, it's too fucking cold out there for good old Reggie to be sleeping in anybody's tent.

Fuck that!!!

Dirty Red said...

Well Thankyou Boo..
I appreciate it.

You just proved my point... Vote these bastards out! This financial mess got it's start in DC. DC is the problem. Sleeping in parks and disrupting ports in cities ain't gonna accomplish nothing but sending people to thier Dr's. with a case of the damn flu.

Brotha Wolf,
I do try man..

Well you got me son.. I don't understand it. To me this shit is just straight stupid.

Kwesi Akosa said...

love this comment bro. Clear concise and too the point. Kind of where my head was at about the occupy wall street movement