Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is a Christian nation...really son? Really?

I hate religion.
And I have no use for people that are so blinded by their religion that they refuse to see any other person's point of view.

I do not understand why religion is a focal point in politics. I thought that it is in the constitution that religion and state are supposed to be separated. If Mitt Romney wants to believe that Jesus Christ descended upon Utah a hundred years ago and bought with him a new Bible...then he is entitled to that. If a Muslim wanted to throw his hat into the ring for a chance at the big seat...then more power to him.

This is supposed to be the country of freedom of religion. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that this is a solely Christian nation. There is nothing in the constitution that says that a person has to be "washed in the blood of Jesus" in order to sit in the funny shaped office, in the big seat, behind the 150 year old desk, in the big White House. If it is in there somewhere, somebody please correct me.

So all this focus on Mitt Romney being a Mormon is that bullshit. Who cares?

How can this country of all countries call itself a "Christian" nation?

Where are the "Christian" values?

I think that 95%  of Americans would call themselves "Christian"... But...

Actions speak louder than words..

Was it Christian to invade a country  on lies and bullshit? And then how Christian was it to defend that lie and bullshit after thousands of people were killed?
Is it Christian to refuse to give assistance to the elderly that need it? I believe it is written in the good book..."Honer thy father and thy mother"..
Is it Christian to abandon children by forcing them into schools that would rather meet quotas than educate them?
Is it Christian to flood the airwaves and TVs with images and music with violence and degradation? And then wonder why America has the most cases of violent deaths of all  the "industrialized" countries in the world?
Is it Christian to allow Celebrities to be put up on thrones and treat them as being equal to God himself?
Is it Christian to discriminate and treat others differently just because you don't like their skin color?
 Is it Christian to put money and power above the welfare of people?

If these are the attributes of being a CHRISTIAN...Then son, I wants no part in it.

My beliefs and values include treating others like I want to be treated.
They include respecting the elderly and putting children in a position where they can succeed in life.
They include owning up to my mistakes and not blaming others for the decisions that I make that might turn sideways on me. They include learning from my mistakes and not repeating them..because in my opinion...a mistake done twice is not a is something that was meant.
My beliefs and values include not worshipping a man or an object. That is why I could give a fuck about what Brad Pitt is wearing to an event that honors other men and why you will never see anything that resembles a cross on my body or in my house.
My beliefs and values include living my life as good as I can without causing harm to another..But don't get it twisted....if you cross that thin..and it is a very thin might come up missing. There is no turning the other check when it comes to Dirty Red.

Now if my beliefs are Christian.. then I'm all in. But this Christian thing that is supposed to represent America? You can keep that bullshit son...


Brotha Wolf said...

*Thunderous applause*

Reggie said...

One of my favorite quotes of all time....

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi.