Saturday, December 17, 2011

Too much money is never enough money

How much money is enough money? How much would it take for you to say...'OK son..This money right here? This shit right here son? This shit is enough. I needs no more money son. I got enough.'

Would it take 10 million? 100 million? 250 million? A billion?

How much would it take? Or is enough money not really enough money? Do you like money that folds? Or would you prefer to have money that don't fold? I mean money that will not fit in a wallet, money?

If you were given 1.2 million just for signing a contract to play a child's game..and then given $650,000 for the first year of that contract..another $875,000 the second year of that contract..and then a cool million for the last year with an option for another year at another 1.2 million...would you still want more? Would that be enough money for you to "feed your family"? Would that be enough money to provide your family with a nice Christmas?

Think on that a minute son....

Now that you have tossed that around for a minute....Would that be enough money for you?

Or would you feel the need to supplement your "meager" income by becoming the neighborhood dope-man?
Would you feel the need to stand on the corner with a "pocket full of stones"?

Would you feel the need to reup with a dude you did not that you had never done any dirt that was "suggested' to you by one of your "homies"?

No? Me neither..

But Sam Hurd did. 

For those that do not follow sports..Sam Hurd is was a wide receiver with the Chicago Bears. He was a former wide receiver down here in the Big D with the Cowboys. He was just arrested up in the Windy for arranging to buy 5 Keys of snow white...(that Lindsey Lohan)...and a half ton of that Stickey ickey ickey a week...from an undercover Fed.
5 birds and a half  TON of weed a week!! A week son!! Do any of ya'll know how much shit that is?


Obviously this wanna be Scarface nukka was setup. But that is not the point..

He was already set financially for life. If he had the brains to move that much product a WEEK... then he is not a dummy. Well he is a dummy...but shit..ya'll know where I'm going with this.

So why did he feel the need to slang weight on the side?
And if he was moving that much shit a WEEK..why was he meeting with a Fed? 5 birds and a half TON of weed is nothing to laugh at. He has obviously been doing this shit for a minute. So he had to have some flunkies working for him. With that much weight... The boss-man should be no where near the transaction. He should be somewhere close watching to make sure everything goes down the right way..but he should not be anywhere within 100 feet of the deal. And why was he fucking with a dude he did not know? And why was he even there himself? In person? In Black and white? Live in living color?

Disclaimer alert..
I am not speaking from experience... I am only speaking on what I saw on the wire....

This whole shit is just damn dumb to me. This dude was an alright receiver with a very good future ahead of him.
But as far as being the next "Big Meech"?

Nope. This dude is dumber than a room full of cloned Sarah Palins.


Rhod said...

I can never figure out why professional athletes/entertainers/actors get caught up in dumb shit like this. They have all of those resources and get wrapped up in unnecessary criminal behavior. SMDH

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Red:I have begun to stop trying to figure folks out all the time with their need for "lots" of money,but Merry Christmas my friend!

Reggie said...

Sam Hurd probably saw "Scarface" one time too many.