Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where you been Son? I just came home from a 10 year vacation...

Yesterday on one of the morning shows here in the DF-Dub; the topic was the budget cuts that our fair city is going to have to endure to make those ends meet. (Oh and while I am on the subject of our fair city; It seems like our fair Mayor has done a Sarah Palin and resigned his post before his term is up. He has thrown his hat in the ring to run for the Senate. and according to THIS STATEMENT, It seems that our former Mayor is right on the heels of the tea-baggers and the Palins in Texas.)

Anyways back to the radio show.....

The main cuts that are being discussed are cuts to the jail system. Now I believe that Jail should be considered a punishment. I know when I was younger and did some shit that pissed my Moms off...she took everything from me. No TV, no phone, no visits from friends, no going outside, no nothing. I was literally excommunicated from the world I knew until she determined I had paid my dues and she determined when I could reenter the world of the living.

Why should Jail be any different?

Why am I paying so much a year in Tax dollars I work my ass off for to ensure that these fools can get a FREE COLLEGE education; while a nukka like me that is not in jail, has to pay damn near 350 dollars a month back to the government  in student loans?

Why do these people that broke whatever law they broke be allowed FREE cable TV; while a nukka like me that is not in jail, has to pay damn near 150 dollars a month to Direct TV?

Why do these people that broke whatever law they broke be allowed FREE gym equipment; while a nukka like me that is not in Jail, has to pay 20 dollars a month in gym membership fees?

Why do these people that broke whatever law they broke be allowed FREE health care; while a nukka like me that is not in jail, has to pay "membership" dues every damn pay period?

Now I can live with the 3 meals a day; because these fools have to eat. I can live with the warm beds; because these fools have to sleep. I can live with the GED programs; because it is the lack of education that landed 90% percent of these fools locked up. I can even live with regular Dr. visits; because we can't have a health epidemic run loose in the prisons can we? I can live with the drug rehabilitation programs most jails have too. I believe if the system used these programs instead of locking someone up that has a drug addiction, there would be less people in prisons.

But all the extra shit?

Where is the punishment in that?
I have talked to several cats that have did bids for a couple of months on up to dudes that have been locked up for decades and they all say the same thing.... Jail ain't no bytch.
Having your freedom taken is nothing to be scoffed at.

But come on Son...
Jail is not supposed to be a "break" from the real world. You are not being locked up to get your "swoll on", so you can impress the ladies when you get out. (Or the dudes' depending on how long you were "away")You are not being locked up to get some kind of street cred to bolster your rep when and if you get out.

The whole purpose of Jail is to be punished for breaking the so called law of the land.


That is what jail is supposed to be. Nothing more nothing less. Jail is supposed to make a nukka not want to go back.
But this shit we have right now? People complaining about not getting desserts with dinner, losing yard time and not having access to the Maury Povitch show?

This is that bullshit son.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is the difference between Carmello and Kunta?

The whole sports world is all ablaze about Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Knicks.

Me personally I could give a good damn.

I like the Lakers.

Kobe is a beast man... A gatdamn Beast!!!

Anyways this is not I want to talk about...Well technically it is what I want to talk about; but in  different light.

What is on my mind this morning Ladies and Gentlemen is the way Professional athletes...especially BLACK professional athletes... are referred to by the teams they are on and by the media.

What I mean is this....
These grown ass men are looked at as being property and assets instead of human beings. They are looked at as being commodities instead of people. They are sold and discarded like yesterday's newspaper whenever their "value" to their organizations diminish.  In all this trade talk concerning Carmello; not once has he been referred to as a man. All the talk has been about what kind of "assets" the Nuggets will get to replace him.

Now I admit that these "superstars" are not worth the money they are being paid. Even my man Kobe, the beast that he is.

But with the insane amount of money that these guys are getting paid; for every dollar they are getting, their "owners" are getting five. The owners can trade and replace a "superstar" at will. Without even informing the player. Some of the players contracts deny them from riding a motorcycle, they cannot go to a park and participate in a simple pick up game with the local neighborhood cats. Their owners do not want anything to happen to their investments. And if something does happen the player is gone.

Now I understand contracts and business and money and investments and all that.
But these are people man. People.
These men are not property. They are not assets that can be gotten rid of a the drop of a dime.
They are not "commodities". Well in a sense I guess they are....but damn.

One thing I do have to add though...I have to give the "that's gangsta" award to Carmello.
He did what he wanted to do. He went where he wanted to go. And he did it on his time.

Owners be damned. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Black Club gotta love it....

I have some questions I have to ask about Black Clubs that has been on my mind for a minute now.

These are some questions that I would really like to know the answers to; and if anyone has the answers, please feel free to hit me up.

1. Why is there always some old dude sitting in the bathroom with cologne, condoms, gum, breath mints and whatever else that you would ordinarily already have with you? Why do they always expect you to give them tips for you washing YOUR hands?

2. Why do old people try to "step in the name of love" to every damn song? Trying to step off of "Get Low?"

3. Why do the fattest women wear the most "form fitting" shit? Bytch if you have to ask; "Does this make me look fat"? Then yes Boo-Boo it does!! FAT and PHAT mean two totally different things entirely. ENTIRELY.

4. Ladies...Why the hell do you stand up by your table; dance your ass off; and then if a dude like myself asks you to dance... you say no? You don't like this song? Really? So what where you just doing? Catching the holy ghost while listening to "Single Ladies?"

5. Why do some dudes wear a damn 3 piece zoot suit to a smoke filled, dark as fuck ass club? And then just stand on the wall where everyone in the club has to pass by them to get to the damn bar? What, you don't go home before you go to Church?  You go from doing to the Dougie straight to the Jesus Stomp? That's what's hot now-a-days? Looking like a two dollar version of TD Jakes with a side of  Bishop Don Juan....

6. And while we are on the subject of dressing....Why do the oldest cats in the club try to dress so damn young? Bytch you are damn near 40 years old! Why do you look like a young NWA version of Ice-cube/Eazy-E? Really?

7. Why do Black women spend money on  rainbow colored weaves for their "club do"?

8.  What is the purpose of a woman getting a tattoo on her damn neck? And gold teeth? Like.. a full grill?

9.  Why do men that used to be in shape wear the Under Armor outfits to the damn club like they still got it...Somewhere under all that belly?

10. And last but not least....Why do some men put the keys to their 1990 Mercedes on the bar next to their money clip when they order a drink? Who the hell is this impressing? Does this shit still work to pick up women?

There you have it folks... Feel free to educate me... Ya'll know the old saying....Knowledge is power!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Mama's House 3? Really?

Big Mama's house 3 started yesterday.

Was I in a rush to go see it?
Uhhh.....Hell to the damn nawl!!

Why, you may ask? You say that we as Black folks need to support one another? You say that every Black family has a "big mama" in it? You add that Martin Lawrence used to have a credible career until he was caught butt booty naked in the middle of LA traffic and he is finally getting his groove back?

All I can say is..Really?

Just because this dude is Black, I have to waste my money and time supporting this stereotypical, loud, obnoxious and big Black woman bullshit?
Just because he used to be a beast in the comedic world, I have to waste my time and money to reminisce over what was?

This is one of the many reasons I don't fuck with too many all Black movies. Especially Black comedies. I think that most of them are degrading to us as Black people and the really good ones that are made are ignored by us and everybody else because they are not degrading to us as Black people.

There are thousands of credible Black actors and screen play writers that get overlooked because Hollywood thinks it is cool to make movies that act out every stereotypical behavior that America thinks all Black Americans do.

And on to the next point... most of the actors in these bullshit ass movies are actors that used to have a viable career in Hollywood. They used to be A-list people...But now they are old, fat and broke and alls they want is that next paycheck to hold them over to the next White screen writer writes a screenplay on what he thinks all Black people are like by what he sees on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the rest of the "media" outlets we have in this country.

I can only speak for myself here but... I don't know any "Big Mama's". I don't have nan one in my family and if I did I would not admit it. I don't live in the "hood". I used to, but I grew the hell up and got the hell out.
I don't know any drug dealers. I don't know any gang-bangers. Like I said I used to...but I grew the hell up and I moved the Hell on. I don't have a babies mama. I have a wife. I am not on welfare. All of you that frequent my lil ole blog know that I have two jobs; the United States Army Reserve and the Texas Department of Public Safety. I went to and finished college without a sports scholarship. I have never been to prison; although quite a few of my child-mates have. I don't have AIDS and I am not on the down-low.

So why would I support any type of bullshit that glories all of the negative things that I mentioned above that I am not? Even if it has some sort of "feel good" message hidden somewhere in the plot?

Now I admit that back in the day I loved me some Martin Lawrence. I thought he was funnier than Eddie Murphy at one point.
But that was back in the day.
I have evolved.

I think that ole "Martie Mar" should too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Damn it all to Hell!!!I can hear you in my sleep!!! Please go away!! Far Far away!!!

I have just returned from the most physically demanding thing I have done since I went to Basic Training damn near 20 years ago... I am a graduate of the Advanced Hand to Hand combat course that the Army offers it's younger recruits. My body feels like it has been beat by a young Mike Tyson on steroids. But it is a good hurt, ya heard me? I held my own against all those young punks (male and female). So all you young nukkas out there that want to challenge a brother to a little UFC action, holla at ya man ya heard? LOL....

Anyways that's enough  bragging on the skills of this 38 year old brother ya'll all know as Dirty Red....
I came here today to talk of other things.

Why in the hot Texas Hell is Sarah Palin still news worthy?
Why does CNN, MSNBC and all the other "news" outlets still give this bytch air time?
Why does everything that this heffa says make headline news?

I do not understand this shit.
This woman is about as smart as an empty potato chip bag, but EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is the "next thing."

Breaking News....'Sarah Palin criticizes President on his handling  of Egypt'.  Really? Does this chick even know where Egypt is? Can she even spell Egypt?

This just in....
'Sarah Palin is to trade-mark "Sarah Palin"'. Who gives a redneck fuck?

And today's quote of the day... 'Sarah Palin has a WTF moment.' 
Somebody please make it stop!!

On today's financial news... Sarah Palin has brought a new house.. She is quoted as saying that the housing market in Alaska has never been stronger.

Man just go ahead and shoot me now so I won't have to hear no more about this bytch!!
I swear that I cannot take no damn more of hearing what this crazy chick has said or done.

This is reason 2,000,095 why I hate the media.

And unlike the "news" organizations in this great country of ours, I will not be posting anymore about this ditzy broad. Maybe they will catch the hint from me and this chick will go back to the bush, never to be heard from again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It is so cold in Dallas; Brett Favre was texting pictures of his chestnuts roasting over an open fire.

It is cold as hell here in the Big D!!!

19 damn degrees at 1:00 in the afternoon!! This is the coldest it has been the entire time I have lived in Dallas.
They say that this is a record.

I grew up on the North East side of thangs, so cold weather ain't no big whoop to me. Matter of  fact I prefer the seasons to do exactly what they are supposed to do. Winter is supposed to be cold; Spring is supposed to be warm; Summer is supposed to be hot; Fall is supposed to be cool.
 That is how I prefer the seasons to be.

I have gotten spoiled living out here in Texas. There are only two seasons out here...Well... one and a half..
Summer and summer-fall.
It might get down in the 30's here during the "winter". It might freeze 3 days out of the year, but at noon the next day it is usually 75 or 80 degrees.

Snow might last a couple of hours after it falls and then it is gone.

So this shit here today is a total surprise to me.

19 damn degrees for the high yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after!!
What the hot ass hell is goings on around here!!

I ain't used to this shit!! I had forgotten what Winter is supposed to feel like...
And I thought that Wisconsin was cold last month....

But anyways....This is supposed to be Winter, right?

I mean it is supposed to be cold at this time of the year, right?

Texas is finally catching up with the rest of the country...
Let me explain that last statement.....

If you are a Texas implant like myself...then you know that Texas is a little late on getting the word on shit.
Texas is always like 2 years behind the rest of the country when it comes to, fashion, slang whatever....

How do you think the "holiday" Junetenth came about?

These Black folk out here did not know they were free until 2 years after the rest of us were sharecropping on Mr. Charlies farms instead of being slaves on them. there a difference? Anyways......

Yep.... it is so cold that my balls have turned into ovaries.....