Monday, January 9, 2012

I hate you so much right now

I try my damn best to accept other people's ideas and points of views.
I try to listen to what they say and  I try to understand why they are the way they are.

I try not to limit my way of thinking to only one point of view. I try my best to take into account other's backgrounds and education levels.

I try. Which is all I can do... I guess..

But as hard as I try not to...hate is such an ugly word and feeling...I am starting to hate the Republican Party.

I cannot stand not one of those bastards. They make me sick. I tried to watch the Republican debates this weekend...and the political shows afterwards...I really did. But all the lies, bullshit and down right racism and bigotry of the small minded White men up on that stage and sitting behind those "news" desks made me want to take a hot bath in some bleach and tomato juice.

I don't see how in 7 Texas hells these assholes can get up on a stage in front of the world and fix their mouths to say the shit they say. I don't understand how they have the support they do. There was no truth, integrity...nothing of substance came out of a set of bleached teeth on that stage. Not nothing.

There is not a man or woman of character in the whole Republican party. Not one.

How can any educated person back these assholes?

This is the country I am supposed to be proud of? This is the country I have went to war for? 3 times? This is the country that is supposed to be the shining beacon for the whole world? This bullshit? Really?

These assholes actually think they represent "what's good" in America?

These motherfuckers are supposed to be the "Christian" right? The high and mighty? The elite?

But the biggest problem I have is that there are millions of people in this country that are hanging off everything these bastards say. They agree with everything they say..regardless if they know it's true or not.

How in the hell can anybody with an education level higher than 8th grade support these people?

I don't understand it.

Nope...I just don't get it.


Amaya said...

Ditto. All damn day. I don't get it either; it is beyond my ability to grasp.

Brotha Wolf said...

I'm way ahead of you. I loathe the Republican Party lol.

Anna Renee said...

I have long refused to try to grasp anything they say. Ive tuned them out since last year.

Ive downgraded my cable to basic just so I cant be tempted to watch their channels. Ive have purged, and it feels so good right now!!

Reggie said...

Earlier today I was at work and I listened to two oxygen thieves explain how Barack Obama ruined our economy and how things like health care and taxes are frivolious. How Mitt Romney would make a great president.

Normally I just walk away, but not today.

I spent ten minutes lecturing them on the realitites of the world and how I don't undertand how poor white trash in their millions lines up to consistently vote against policies that favor them.

How whether they realize it or not how they have more in common with inner city people, than they do with Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich. said...

You wrote this post almost four years ago and they are even WORSE now! How is that possible? I know you REALLY hate them now.