Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Signs of me turning into my Father

I tried to watch the Grammy's the other night and I could not finish it.

The Grammy's, American Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, BET  Awards  Soul Train Awards...just don't do it for me anymore. I used to love all the awards shows. I used to watch videos by the hour and then sit out on the stoop in front of my apartment building with my crew and talk about them for hours more.

Now I could care less who wins what and half of these kids winning these awards, I have no idea who the bloody hell they are.

Today's music just don't...Well I ain't feeling it. I still listen to Hip-Hop a little..mainly when I'm Channel surfing in the ride or when I'm working out...but other than that, naaa.

I do not fuck with R&B at all because...well Chris Brown won R&B artist of the year...so what does that tell you?

The good R&B... Anthony Hamilton, Letice, Music Soul Child, Kem, India Arie and groups like them never get any air play. These cats make good music but I guess it ain't about  making "good"music now-adays. R&B has turned into the "let me hit it all night and then fuck your friends too" music.. So naaa. Ain't gonna be able to do it.

I listen to more Rock, Pop and Reggae now than I do traditional "Black music". I'm not saying that this genre of music is any better, but right now I am so sick of "Black Music" that it is a much welcome change.

What happened to "let's work together" or "I love you" or "I only want to be with you" or "you are my lady" music? Why is it all "in the club", "meet me in the bathroom stall", "let me see that ass bounce", "I want to be a babies mama or side chick" music?

I cannot tell you the last time I watched a video. I do not even know what channel BET, MTV or VH1 comes on.

I'm getting old man.


I guess I should shout out a RIP to Whitney Houston..
There will never be a voice like hers again. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family. Especially her daughter.

We all know that crack heads don't live long.


Yeah I said it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You sir, are a bytch-ass nukka

I have a problem with dudes...men. BOYS that don't support their kids and disrespect the mother(s) of their kids.
Especially dudes...men...BOYS that cry that bullshit about not having a father in their own lives. It seems to me if you had a bitch for a daddy, then you would do every thing you had to do to not be a bitch yourself. But that is just me.

In my opinion, kids are the greatest gift that God can give a man. There is nothing that feels better than coming home from work and the first thing that you see are your kids running towards you screaming "Daddy!!" at the top of their lungs. There is no better feeling than being on the sidelines or in an audience watching your kids fulfill something that you never got the chance to do.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about... let me get to the point...

Terrell Owens has four kids by 4 different mothers. 1 of the kids he has never seen and the other kids well..you get the picture. All of his babies mothers he says were mistakes. He said that they were just "multiple one night stands". He is blaming the mothers of his kids for them demanding support. He is complaining about being broke and jobless and of course that is not his fault either.

Now I used to like this motherfucker. I thought he was an outstanding receiver with the 50-11 teams he has played for. I thought he was just misunderstood. I thought that he was just a passionate competitor who wanted to win.

But now?

Terrell Owens aka TO... you are a motherfucking bitch.

How in the hot-ass Texas hell can you abandon your kids when every fucking interview you have ever given you talk about not having a father in your life? You don't have to have a relationship with the mother(s) of your kids, but you do need to have one with your kids. No one made you go all raw dog in a woman you had no intention of wifeing up. No one made you go back for seconds. You made that decision and now that you are no longer wanted in the NFL and you got cheated by people that you hired, now the women that were good enough for you to fuck,(multiple times mind you) are now gold-digging one night stands?


I hate Black Boys like you. I gave you a pass when it came out that you did not like Black women. But this bullshit?

Man fuck you.

If I sound kinda heated...well shit... I am. I take fatherhood very seriously.
And I am also pissed that my own wife still thinks the world of this bastard. Even though she has friends and family that are going through hell with bitch ass niggas just like this.  I don't understand how women can continue to support motherfuckers like this and then out the same mouth they use to praise these no-good, selfish ass, insecure ass bitches, they have the nerve to say, "all Black men are dogs. I don't know what happened to my brothers. They are all turning to White women."
You think?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reason # 20000000 I dislike religion

I cannot stand organized religion.
I stopped going to church when the Pastor of the church I was attending started dabbling into politics. Politics and God should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

In my humble opinion.... Religion is that bullshit. I believe in God and I guess my belief is based on Religion....but the shit that passes itself off as Gods word these days...I can't fuck with. I have my church every morning on my way to work.. That is when I pray and talk to God.  My belief in God has never been stronger.. But organized religion? Nawl son... I ain't gonna be able to do it.


Bishop "Daddy Long stroke" Long was crowned a king this past Sunday.

That's right folks.... this homophobic hypocrite was made a fucking king by his congregation.

He was honored by some Jewish Rabbi in ancient Jewish traditions.


This is that baby back bullshit son.

This is the standard that Religion has set.

Religion is nothing more than a billion dollar a year hustle. Sometimes, when my money is funny, I feel like stating my own religion. I would be a damn multi-millionaire in 5 years.
I have been told that I have the gift of gab.

I could sell pussy to a whore.

My shit is that tight son.
Believe that...