Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Signs of me turning into my Father

I tried to watch the Grammy's the other night and I could not finish it.

The Grammy's, American Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, BET  Awards  Soul Train Awards...just don't do it for me anymore. I used to love all the awards shows. I used to watch videos by the hour and then sit out on the stoop in front of my apartment building with my crew and talk about them for hours more.

Now I could care less who wins what and half of these kids winning these awards, I have no idea who the bloody hell they are.

Today's music just don't...Well I ain't feeling it. I still listen to Hip-Hop a little..mainly when I'm Channel surfing in the ride or when I'm working out...but other than that, naaa.

I do not fuck with R&B at all because...well Chris Brown won R&B artist of the year...so what does that tell you?

The good R&B... Anthony Hamilton, Letice, Music Soul Child, Kem, India Arie and groups like them never get any air play. These cats make good music but I guess it ain't about  making "good"music now-adays. R&B has turned into the "let me hit it all night and then fuck your friends too" music.. So naaa. Ain't gonna be able to do it.

I listen to more Rock, Pop and Reggae now than I do traditional "Black music". I'm not saying that this genre of music is any better, but right now I am so sick of "Black Music" that it is a much welcome change.

What happened to "let's work together" or "I love you" or "I only want to be with you" or "you are my lady" music? Why is it all "in the club", "meet me in the bathroom stall", "let me see that ass bounce", "I want to be a babies mama or side chick" music?

I cannot tell you the last time I watched a video. I do not even know what channel BET, MTV or VH1 comes on.

I'm getting old man.


I guess I should shout out a RIP to Whitney Houston..
There will never be a voice like hers again. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family. Especially her daughter.

We all know that crack heads don't live long.


Yeah I said it.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Yea I said it too!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I am so glad somebody said it....

ChilledLeo said...

Your comment """The good R&B... Anthony Hamilton, Letice, Music Soul Child, Kem, India Arie and groups like them never get any air play"""is sooooo true real talent overlooked and underrated!!!. Don't remember the last time I heard India Arie on the RADIO!!!!

Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

When I spoke to my friend about her death, she said to me 'Girl, Whitney's been dead a long time' and although I couldn't disagree with her (because indeed to the recent public eye, the only publicity she was getting was unflattering publicity) the fact the remains that Whitney was still someone's daughter and mother, sister and friend. So, in that regard..it's still sad.
And of course, she's still regarded as a legend..although I'm sure I'm not the only one who was wishing for her final 'come back.'

Dirty Red said...

Bigmac and Serenity,

Yeah.. But I caught a whole lotta shit from my wife for saying it. I never knew she was such a Whitney fan until Whitney died.. Go figure. Oh yeah.. Serenity.. I would like to have your permission to link you on my main page...Would that be cool with you?

My point exactly!! We have a couple of R&B stations here in Dallas.. They play good music but it is mainly the old school stuff. Which I like...but today's music? Naa son.. That's that bullshit.

Yeah she was a wonderful entertainer. But what is bothering me is all these people (including my wife) that now all of a sudden love them some Whitney.. Where was all the love when she was sucking on that glass dick? Where was the intervention then? I know people are gonna do what people are gonna do but really? She might still be alive today... Just saying...