Monday, March 26, 2012

Jamal kills Trayvoyn...Oh well...Zimmerman kills Trayvoyn..Please... We will burn this bitch to the ground!!

I told myself that I was not going to weigh in on this Trayvoyn mess.

I told myself that I was going to keep my opinions to myself seeing as how I got into trouble with the Wifey and her family about a post I wrote about sorry ass dudes. It seems I offended them and for that I apologize. It was not my intent to offend anyone I love.. However.... that post WAS meant to offend the bitch-ass nukka I was talking about. At first when my wife told me that there was some people that were offended by what I wrote, I was like so? But after reflecting on it I have to let it be known that I am sorry.

And now on to Trayvoyn....

What happened to that young brother was a gatdamn shame. And seeing how much information has come out about what happened, it is even more fucked up. The po-po in that town and that renta cop need to be dealt with. That could have been my son, nephew or cousin or even one of my fellas that this bastard decided to kill just because he was the wrong shade at the right time. This is why we as a people do not trust the JUST-US system. And the way that certain assholes over at that comedy sketch otherwise known as Fox News have tried to villify the young man by painting him as that typical scary Black man that White folks need to be afraid of..well I only have one thing to say... Fuck you.. On every day that ends in day... with a razer tipped baseball bat..dipped in arsenic and 3 week old collard green juice..with a side of  Bubba from cell block 3.

Now I have to switch it up...
Why is it that it took a White Cuban or whatever he wants to be, to kill a Black man before it made national news? Why is the Black community and the usual suspects rallied around this? Where are they when a Trayvoyn gets killed by a Jamall? Where is all the public outcry over that? There are more cold blooded murders like  this one committed by Tyrones killing Maleeks that by Zimmerman's killing Trayvoyns.
Where is the coverage of that? Where are the rallies? Where is MSNBC? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Rachal Maddow? Where is Ed? Where is the tribute song by Chaka Khan?


This is why I was not going to say anything about this. This is not the hot subject right now. Black People don't want to air our dirty laundry out in the street. It is cool for a Black man to kill another Black man in a Black neighborhood...but let a White cuban or whatever the fuck kill one of us...Shit...We will riot and burn down our own shit up in this bitch! We will demand justice! We will march from Atlanta to Selma singing "We shall overcome"! Fuck Whitey and anybody that looks like him!!

But if a Black monster killed an innocent young  Black man walking home from the corner store while talking to his girl on a cellphone?
'OH.. My baby didn't do this. He is a good boy. He goes to church every Sunday. He doesn't have a positive male  role model in his life.'


This is that bullshit son.

I am not taking away from young Trayvoyn being murdered in cold blood by a racist White Cuban..emphasis on WHITE... but really?

We need to clean up our own back yard first.. We need to address how we feel about each other. Why do we hate each other so much? Why is violence accepted when we are killing each other? These are the issues that we need to own up to. Every Young Black man that is gunned down senselessly deserves the same attention that Brother Trayvoyn is getting.

It is a damn shame that it took a White cuban (emphasis on White) dude to kill a Black man for us to realize that Black men's lives are worth more than a pair of Jordans.


Reggie said...

Of course, it's a tragedy to me whenever we lose one of these young warriors. I think about how many die everyday on a regular basis. Over the last few decades we've lost an army of young men. Young men that would have been better served joining the army or the marines.

Young black men killed by other young black men.

I don't care who kills them, it's a tragedy. It's another generation gone. My 22 year old son has a young fae, a face that could easily resemble Trayvon's. It's a sad and sorry, pathetic national shame.

Oh and you're not the only one that has offended your wifey, I got gump over my latest post. Looks like I'll have to start blogging about happy shit and not so much about flesh.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You know Red like minds think alike,I just posted on this topic this morning because like you I'm sick and tired of the wishy washy and double mindedness in our communities!

Redeye said...

There is no double standard. Of course everyone cares about black on black crime. Look at how you offended people with your last post?

Crime happens in the black community, just like crime happens in the white community. It's the job of the police to fight crime, but lawmakers make it hard with easy access to guns and laws like stand your ground. Young black males can get a gun without a job. What's up with that?

Trayvon's case is about the JUST US system, that's why WE are in the streets. It's supposed to be liberty and JUSTICE of ALL not SOME. Remember? Once we get the JUST US system addressed, the black on black crime can be addressed.

Welcome back!

Redeye said...

Editorial: To Those Who Keep Asking, Why y'all don't don't care when Black folks kill Black Folks

1FLYGAL said...

I agree it would be nice to see America come together for the sence less death of all young black men just the same as they have for our son Trayvon

Dirty Red said...

It is a tradegy to the highest degree. And I have room in my doghouse if you want to stop by for a beer.

Big Mac,

Yeah I hear ya. We as a people can be so close minded and hypocritical sometimes.

We will have to agree to disagree..There is a double standard. Black kids killing Black kids gets no attention. It is like we accept that this is how it is supposed to be. But when another race kills one of us the usual Race Baiters come out of the woodwork. Zimmerman killing Trayvon is a gatdamn travesity. But...Maleek killing Jerome is just as bad.. is much worse. We are conducting our own little civil war in every Black hood across this country and nobody seems to care..or either they make up some bullshit ass exuse trying to justify how thier little gangbanging child was a good boy who loved his 3 kids by 3 different women. A Black man dying at the hands of another Black man deserves as much attention as a White man killing a Black man. That's all I'm saying.

I agree with you totally.

Redeye said...

What do you mean black kids killing black kids get no attention? Did you click on the link I provided?

Black on black crime happens just like white on white crime happens. The Trayvon Martin case isn't about crime, it's about an unjust justice system.

Anna Renee said...

I was invited to this event, one of many underreported events that are being held in communities across the nation.!/events/399236383421279/

We are NOT as depraved as they would have you believe. If you get up and search around your communities, I GUAR-UN-TEE you, you'll find an underfunded, ignored, yet struggling black organization to join up with and help.

It's a cop out to throw up your hands and blame "all those other knee-grows who do nothing"

Rev Harry Williams, author of "Straight Outta East Oakland" goes to events every damned day. His grassroots calendar is filled with rallies, events, protests, calls for help from the community of our hundreds of grassroots organizations.!/profile.php?id=1387160410
I follow him on FB and he is busy giving support, encouragement, all the time! So I know damned well that black people, and brown people are out there DOING SOMETHING!!! Even Yellow people! Ive been to Stop the shooting events in ASIAN churches!!
These people are Saving lives of our youth!

We need to GET UP offa that thang and get busy, and stop bitching that nobody cares.
No offense.

Brotha Wolf said...

I was about to post the same link Redeye posted. lol

Anyway, there are outrages when black-on-black crime happens. The thing is you don't hear about it on the news because it's not considered "news" to them.

I agree that some members of our community do show double standards, but as a whole many of us are outraged whenever one of our own dies no matter what color their killers are.

Dirty Red said...

It seems I stand corrected. If there is an organazation here in dallas..which it might be..I just have to find it,I will mos def lend my two hands in support. It sickens me to no end to see our young men acting out the scenes in menance to society on a the daily..hell just last month a man was shot in South Dallas just for telling a young punk to pullhis damn pants up. We have a lot of work to do.but hrd work ain't never killed no man. Shout out to Redeye!

healthysouls said...

Itz just as tragic when a young bro kills another young bro...just as senseless...the same lack of value for a blk life...check out the Detroit 300 tracking dwn blk on blk killas...

and ck out sinead o'conner's open letter...