Monday, April 9, 2012

Shoot first...Then ask the dead man what his intent was..The American way

I have mixed feelings on the current gun laws here in Texas.

We have the same laws here that have caused so much controversy in Florida. We have the "stand your ground" law here. I think that it goes a little too far. If you feel "threatened" seems like a very slippery slope to me.

I understand that every person has a right to defend themselves. I understand the constitutional right to bear arms and all that politically correct shit...


Where is the line drawn?
Can a person feel "threatened" by a homeless person coming up to them with their hand out? Or what about a person that gets to close to them on the sidewalk?

How can "I felt threatened" be interpreted?

I understand that some people need to be shot. Some of our neighbors would make the world a better place by being under the ground instead of walking around doing shit to people just because they can...but again where is the line drawn?

A man shot and killed a 14 year old kid for breaking into his house today. Two other kids;13 and 14 got away but were later arrested. Should the kid have been shot? Yes he should have. He rolled the dice in a grown man's crap game and he crapped out. Does it matter if he was 14? Nope. He broke into one of his neighbors house with the intent to rob. He was not thinking about the man or his family. So he got what he was looking for.

But what if these 3 kids where walking through a neighborhood doing nothing wrong and were shot just because some trigger happy fool felt "threatened"?

So again...where is the line drawn?

I think we need to rethink the gun laws..but we cannot strip away a person's right to defend themselves if a perceived threat is real.

The way the laws are written now; the person that has the gun makes the rule concerning whether the threat is real or not.

This is that bullshit.

But I know good and damned well if someone tries to break into my house and I'm home with my family...if my dog don't get to them first...well it really doesn't matter if she does or not... There is going to be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing being done by the fool's family that tried to break into the house that Dirty Red built.

I'm just saying..


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laughing my self to death with this post!

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Big Mac,
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