Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beat your kids people...Beat your damn kids

When I was younger I did a lot of stuff that I am not proud of today. I ran with the neighborhood thugs and I did what was expected of a young thug in training. I am not going to elaborate; but ya'll should be able to piece it together.

I joined the military right after high school and that gave me a better perspective on things.


Even though I was training to take over my block...I never disrespected my elders. That was something that was a cardinal rule back then. When a grown person was talking to you, you sat and listened with your mouth shut. There was no talking back..There was no rolling of the eyes. There was no loud sighing. And there was most definitely no "bullying".

I know that this is old news..but I cannot believe the audacity of today's youth. When I saw that video of those little bastards mistreating that old pissed me off to no end.
What kind of parents has come from my generation?

It is my generation that gave birth to these little assholes.

My generation came from Parents that whooped our asses. I did not have a "time-out". I got beat. I got slapped in the mouth. I got punched in the chest. I had to go pick the switches off the tree that my Moms used to blister my ass. Not just one switch...THREE switches.. That my Moms and Aunties and Grams and neighbors would braid together.

Even though I was a young wanna be knuckle-head in the streets, I always gave my elders the respect that they deserved. I was all "Yes Sir or Yes Mam". We were afraid of "old" people back then because anybody in the neighborhood could get in that ass if they saw you out fucking up.

That is the generation that I came from.

So why in the hot Texas Hell has my generation stopped following the example that was set before us?

Where did the values go?

I guess that is the $10000 question, huh?


Reggie said...


I've always thought that if people don't beat their children, someone else will end up doing it for them.

I love my two. I have a son and a daughter, both college students. Hopefully they'll both graduate within the next 18 months.

Trust me, I beat mine. Not too often, but I sure as hell beat mine.

Dirty Red said...

You are not alone brother. It worked to keep me somewhat "right", it should work for them too.

daij said...

I agree with you, my brother! I have that thought every single day while on the train to work. My son, though, was rarely beaten as a child. For him, the thought of my being dissapointed kept him from being bad. But that doesn't work for all. My mom had to beat my sister's ass as a child, about 9 days a week!

Christine Vieira said...

Even though I'm neither black or a man, I got my share of beatings. And truth be told, there was a helluva lot of times I should've gotten a beating, but just didn't get caught.

I also come from a neighborhood where anyone was welcome by your parents to punish you if they saw you do something. I remember once when I stole $20 of a customer on my paper route when I was about 13. My mama found the money in my pocket and knew I hadn't had that much. I got my ass beat with a switch from her, then she took me and the switch to the customer, made me apologize, hand them the switch then grab my ankles.... Guess who never even thought about stealing again.