Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If President Obama's Pops was born in Ireland instead of Kenya...His approval rating would be in the 90's.

It is amazing to me to know that if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth.
This is sad but true.
America's history is full of lies that have been told to it's citizens that over time have become the God's Honest truth.

And it is still happening.

This presidential election that is coming up in 6 months is going to be full of lies that people believe.

For example...

A majority of Americans believe that our current President was not born in this country.
They believe that the bad economy is his fault and his alone.
They believe that he has made shit worse than it was under a certain Texan.
They believe that he is a closet Muslim.
They believe that he does not believe in "American eceptiolism", whatever the hell that is.
They believe that he is a socialist.
They believe that he is the anti-Christ.
They believe that he has not accomplished anything in his 3 years of sitting in the big seat.
They believe that the fact that his pops was a true African, that this somehow makes him "anti-American".
And last but not least, they believe that his skin color has nothing to do with all the hate he gets on a daily basis. They believe that it is because of his "socialistic, anti-American, anti-prosperity, anti-wealthy" policies.

The majority of Americans are stupid. We believe any and every thing we see on TV or read in the National Enquirer. Instead of taking the due diligence of looking into something that we know in our hearts is bullshit; we just sit back and say "Well Johnnie and nem said that they heard it from one of Tommy's cousins babies mamma's neighbor's boyfriends Uncle. So that shit must be true"!

Americans are just like sheep. Nobody wants to go out on on a limb and turn left when the rest of the sheep are going straight. Even though we know that if we keep going straight; we are walking off the edge of a thousand foot cliff. With no parachute or bungee cord.

This is why that fool in Wisconsin won that recall election. He had his billionaire friends plaster Wisconsin with ads that were straight bullshit wrapped up in chocolate and peanut butter and after 2 or three bites of that Reese's flavored bullshit....
Those dummies in Wisconsin fell for it hook line and sinker.

They had a chance to call him out on his lies and deceit, but they were too busy licking the chocolate and peanut butter flavored bullshit off their fingers.
 And now I hope they are all praying to that porcelain God wishing they didn't eat so much of that toxic bullshit that they paid for with their constitutional right that people died to give them.

And as goes Wisconsin..So goes the rest of the country.

Which explains why Romney's lying, hypocritical, 'If I said that and I'm not saying I did say that. I stand by whatever I said. Even though I don't recall saying it quite like that' ass is neck to neck with a guy that has done more with less, with no cooperation; even from members of his own crew and in less time than any other President of these hypocritical ass undivided ass states in American History.
And it will also explain why the Supreme Court will vote down "Obama care." Because wink...the American people don't like it. wink wink..... Yeah...

Americans are stupid.

Which is why if my name was President Barrack Obama; I would tell congress, the Demofaggit Party, the Rethuglicans and all those sheep-ass "real American" people in this country that believe everything that Fox news and the Rethuglican party tells them, to go fuck themselves.  I would not run again. I would not put my family through anymore of the death threats and bullshit.I would tell them if you want to be the one to "fix" this bullshit that was started by one of your own kind; a man that is "Christian and 100% American"..right down to his size 11 Texas cowhide cowboy boots; then so be it.You can have this bullshit. I was a fool to think that this hypocritical ass country would see past their bigotry and racism and straight dumbassness, to work for the betterment of their so called country. "The greatest country on the face of the earth." I would go back to Chicago...Collect my $250,000 appearance fee at whatever event I choose to go to and laugh when the country goes right back to where it was 8 years ago. Not just laugh.. But laugh so hard my stomach would hurt. Laugh until I stop breathing. I mean laugh like I laughed when I saw Bernie Mac in concert the first time.

And then I would post a YouTube video of me chilling with my beautiful family on the beaches of Hawaii; the state I wasn't born in by the way, holding a sign that says "I'm Rich Bytch!! How's my ass taste now bytches!!"

Yeah I said it.

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