Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reason 2000001 I think religion is bullshit

For the faithful readers of my Lil ole blog y'all know that I have a few choice words about religion.
I can't stand it.
I think it is a way for men to control other men. I think it is a way for men to manipulate other men. I think it is a quick and easy way for men to get rich and powerful. And I think that religions are given way too much leeway in how they run their business.

Let me clarify once again....

I believe in God with everything I am. I owe God for everything in my life. The good and the bad.

However, having said that I have to say this.

This right here is that bullshit.

A web-site where a nukka can buy his Sunday sermon...and then preach it like the "Holy Spirit" whispered it in his ear 30 minutes before he got on stage?

Really son?

This is what's hot now in "Gods house?"

And my wife wonders why I refuse to set foot in another church. What's the point?

I mean you got preachers posing in booty shorts and sending the pics to his gay lovers and then crowning a man KING...You got preachers running a meth-lab in his kitchen and then raping females in his church...you got preachers slapping and chocking the shit out of their kids...You got preachers sliding dick all up in the women in his "flock"...and now these motherfuckers are buying their "inspirational" messages on a cheaply run web-site?

Where is God's message in all this?

I would get more enlightenment by watching an episode of Real housewives of Atlanta, or Basketball wives..

Come on son...



Reggie said...

I see that you're doing all the preaching over here.

Dirty Red said...

And let the chuuurch say...Amen and Amen...