Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Excuse me Miss/MR... Exactly what the hell are you?


This post is going to offend some people. This post is only my opinion and it does not reflect the views of anybody else. If you are the type of person that reads one word out of a sentence and then forms an opinion about the rest of the sentence based on that one word..then you might want to leave now. And if some of you do get offended...Then you can count the fingers on the hands of a double hand amputee and that would tell you how many fucks I give. You have been properly warned.


I cannot stand some Gay people that are more feminine or masculine than a man or a woman normally is.
It is like they are trying way too damn hard to prove to the world who they are...almost like THEY have doubts on who they are.


I was in the club with the wifey and a couple of friends of ours last weekend and there was a couple of females in there that you had to look at 5 or 6 times to see if they were actually females. They had on very baggy clothes, their hair was cut short and faded perfectly and their mannerisms and attitudes were very manly.

Now to the people that are easily offended and quick to holla about discrimination and tolerance and racism and call me homophobic and all that bullshit let me say this.....

I could give less than 1% of a damn who you choose to share your life with. Love is very hard to find and if you find it in the arms of someone with the same package you have; then that is ALL YOUR business. If you are a man and you like dick in your booty or your dick in a booty; then more power to you. I gives a shit. If are a woman that prefers a woman licking your taint or if you get pleasure from a woman with a plastic apparatus strapped to them all up inside your nether regions or vice verse; then do you boo-boo. Be who the hell God made you to be. Everyone deserves happiness. And just because your happiness is not my happiness; that does not make your happiness wrong.
I ain't mad at you.

But I am pretty sure that God did not give you a dick that has two balls attached to it to walk around this Earth acting like you have a ma-pussy. That's MANPUSSY for all of you that are not up on your urban vernacular.

I am also pretty sure that God did not give you two breasts and a vagina to walk around this Earth acting like the Plastic version of Mr. Marcus that you have strapped to your waist somehow makes you a man.

This is that bullshit son.

Who are you trying to prove yourself to? Some of you act more of a man than most of the hardest dudes I know. And some of you dudes are more feminine than Mariah Carey. Really son? This is where we are now?

Again..if you are a dude that is into dudes or a female that is into females...that is all good. But you are still a dude and you are still
a female.

Be that shit son!!! Stop all this bullshit ass pretending! If you was not born with it....Then common sense tells me that that is something that God didn't think you ought to have. Or something you needed. You having a dick or two big ole titties was not a mistake, son!!!

Be proud of that shit! Stand the hell up and be counted!!

Just saying....

Friday, July 13, 2012

American Politics...The Grand-daddy of Hustle and Flow

Sometimes I think that I should be a profesional politrickster.

I think that I could win a major election. I have the ability to bullshit people. I have the ability to make people listen to whatever bullshit I choose to tell them. Take for instance this lil ole blog of mine. LOL...

Now I do have a problem with lying and playing on people's emotions. I also have a problem with "dry-snitching"  And by that I mean telling someone that "this guy did it so why ain't you talking to him too" type of  shit. I think that that is wrong. So maybe that might disqualify me....

But as for the other 1% of politics, I think I would be a very good politician.

I really think I could do it.

Americans believe whatever lie sounds the sweetest. Most Americans don't want to hear the truth; they only want to hear that you love them and that your interests are their interests. They want to be told that the pants they are wearing does not make their butt look big; when they know damn well that they look like an elephant has been forced into a pair of Richard Simmons signature booty shorts. They don't want to hear that 95% of the people that are successful had to work their hands to the bone to be successful. They want to believe in the "American dream". They want to believe that alls you have to do is just be "American" and good shit will fall into your lap. Most Americans feel entitled just because they are American. So as long as you tell them how "great" America is...then they will love you and they will support you. Most Americans believe that God chiseled this country out of gold and precious jewels and just threw the rest of the world together with the scraps that were left over. If you profess your love for Little White Baby Jesus and acknowledge the love that he has for this "great" country; then the "real" Americans will follow you straight to the pearly gates.

This is all it takes to be a good politrickster.

You have to the ability to make people believe that you believe in whatever bullshit they believe in. You have to have the ability to make people feel special and beautiful. You have to have the ability to convince people that you are that "average" guy that lives next door with the "average" wife and the "average" kids and the "average" dog. And it would not hurt if you were born with a certain skin tone and a certain grade of "good hair" either.

 If you can do this...Then look out 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

I think I could do it.

Would I get your vote?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Women...Can't live without them...Can't get caught killing them

I have a number of my guys that have told me that they are swearing off Black women.
They tell me that they are done with them. Now mind you these are all Black dudes that are telling me this.

They tell me that they still love Black women; they just don't want a relationship with one.
They are tired of the drama ass drama.
Most of them have babies-mamas that are full of shit; a couple have just been in a bad relationships.

Now I have been married to a Black woman for 14 years. She gets on my nerves, but I love her.

I have dated and had "carnal relations" with damn near every race of woman except Native American.

And from my vast variety of experience I have come to the conclusion that all women are basically the same. They do the same shit..but in different ways. The only difference is cultural.

All women have three basic needs...
1. They need to be constantly reminded that they are the only woman in your life.
2. They constantly need to have all of your undivided attention.
3. They have to feel as if their needs and desires are important to you.

If you do all these things no matter what the ethnic background of the woman, she will be satisfied.
She will still get on your last damn nerve, but you won't want to kill her in unspeakable; but very satisfying ways.

As for my guys....they all have the same problem with Black women..

They can't stand the attitude...the constant nagging...the always got to be right bullshit..the "I don't need a man" and I am going to do what the fuck I want to do..you can't tell me shit...I pay my own bills..etc etc..

They say they are tired of trying to be a good man but constantly getting kicked to the curb for the 40 something going on 21 year old thug.

They are tired of their babies mamas using their kids as leverage against them.

They are tired of all the materialistic bullshit.

I get on my knees every morning thanking God that I don't have a damn babies mama. And that I am no longer in the dating scene. My wife is crazy and she tests my patience on the regular...but all in all she is a good woman.

So what say you, my faithful readers?

Are my guys wrong or do they have a right to explore other options?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Obama care Timola dare...It is the law of the land...for now

I was dead wrong about my prediction of the Supremes overturning "Obamacare".
If I was a real betting man, I would have lost my shirt on that one. Who woulda thunk it?

But I think it was all in design though. Think about it for a minute....

Now the whole Returdlican party is up in arms.  All the dumb rednecks in West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and all the other "real American" states are screaming bloody murder. The Governors in these "God and Country" states have already said they would not implement the Health care law. The usual old White bastards in the Senate have already started talks about repeal and replace. The tea-baggers are staging protests and the usual hate mongers on "real talk" radio and the "fair and balanced" no news station have started with their usual bullshit.

This decision by the Supremes just may have been what Mittens needed to kick the Socialist/Muslim/Anti-American/Kenyan/Elitist/Arrogant/Savior/Black/White guy out of the big house.

This would be the last straw of beating the guy, since everything he touches turns to Sunshine. The guy does not lose.

I have no idea how he does it...but this President shines like a female dog in heat to a stray Pit-bull.

And these white folks in this "color blind" society of ours cannot stand it. They are praying to thier Blond-haired blue eyed Jesus at every meal that President Obama gets caught with a live boy with his jaws full of Presidential dick in the Oval Office. They are begging the God of this great country of theirs that somebody comes out and tells the world that President Obama is the father of thier 3 children. They are constantly looking for the next great white actor in chief to swoop down and save them from the "anti-christ".

There are some white people in this country that would vote for Saddam Hussein if it meant getting this uppity nigger and his elitist family out of the house that Ronald Reagan built.

And this is a gat-damn shame.

So I think that what the Supremes; or rather the Chief Supreme did, was inflame the blind, illiterate,dumb, high school drop out, trailer park,meth addicted people that need all the health care, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment assistance, student loan help, mortgage relief, tax credits and everything else that they are protesting against just because a Black man is offering it to them in this "post racial" country that I call  home. They are going to come out in droves in November to get this dude gone. They are more motivated now than the Dumocrats were in 2008 to get the Texas Cowboy gone.

So all you people celebrating and talking victory..slow your role son.

It ain't over.

Ohhh..and more thing before I get out of here...

Please tell your friends, neighbors, family members, dogs, cats...... to STOP calling the Affordable Care Act "OBAMA CARE". Call it what it is people! This "Obamacare" bullshit is why the bill is so unpopular! The only reason most people don't like it is because the President's name is attached to it.
Stop giving the "others" a reason to talk shit and they will eventually shut the fuck up.

That is all.