Friday, July 13, 2012

American Politics...The Grand-daddy of Hustle and Flow

Sometimes I think that I should be a profesional politrickster.

I think that I could win a major election. I have the ability to bullshit people. I have the ability to make people listen to whatever bullshit I choose to tell them. Take for instance this lil ole blog of mine. LOL...

Now I do have a problem with lying and playing on people's emotions. I also have a problem with "dry-snitching"  And by that I mean telling someone that "this guy did it so why ain't you talking to him too" type of  shit. I think that that is wrong. So maybe that might disqualify me....

But as for the other 1% of politics, I think I would be a very good politician.

I really think I could do it.

Americans believe whatever lie sounds the sweetest. Most Americans don't want to hear the truth; they only want to hear that you love them and that your interests are their interests. They want to be told that the pants they are wearing does not make their butt look big; when they know damn well that they look like an elephant has been forced into a pair of Richard Simmons signature booty shorts. They don't want to hear that 95% of the people that are successful had to work their hands to the bone to be successful. They want to believe in the "American dream". They want to believe that alls you have to do is just be "American" and good shit will fall into your lap. Most Americans feel entitled just because they are American. So as long as you tell them how "great" America is...then they will love you and they will support you. Most Americans believe that God chiseled this country out of gold and precious jewels and just threw the rest of the world together with the scraps that were left over. If you profess your love for Little White Baby Jesus and acknowledge the love that he has for this "great" country; then the "real" Americans will follow you straight to the pearly gates.

This is all it takes to be a good politrickster.

You have to the ability to make people believe that you believe in whatever bullshit they believe in. You have to have the ability to make people feel special and beautiful. You have to have the ability to convince people that you are that "average" guy that lives next door with the "average" wife and the "average" kids and the "average" dog. And it would not hurt if you were born with a certain skin tone and a certain grade of "good hair" either.

 If you can do this...Then look out 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

I think I could do it.

Would I get your vote?


Reggie said...

Yes indeed, you are a master bullshitter.

No Labels said...

I say Dirty can run for President, and Reggie can be VP.