Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Obama care Timola dare...It is the law of the land...for now

I was dead wrong about my prediction of the Supremes overturning "Obamacare".
If I was a real betting man, I would have lost my shirt on that one. Who woulda thunk it?

But I think it was all in design though. Think about it for a minute....

Now the whole Returdlican party is up in arms.  All the dumb rednecks in West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and all the other "real American" states are screaming bloody murder. The Governors in these "God and Country" states have already said they would not implement the Health care law. The usual old White bastards in the Senate have already started talks about repeal and replace. The tea-baggers are staging protests and the usual hate mongers on "real talk" radio and the "fair and balanced" no news station have started with their usual bullshit.

This decision by the Supremes just may have been what Mittens needed to kick the Socialist/Muslim/Anti-American/Kenyan/Elitist/Arrogant/Savior/Black/White guy out of the big house.

This would be the last straw of beating the guy, since everything he touches turns to Sunshine. The guy does not lose.

I have no idea how he does it...but this President shines like a female dog in heat to a stray Pit-bull.

And these white folks in this "color blind" society of ours cannot stand it. They are praying to thier Blond-haired blue eyed Jesus at every meal that President Obama gets caught with a live boy with his jaws full of Presidential dick in the Oval Office. They are begging the God of this great country of theirs that somebody comes out and tells the world that President Obama is the father of thier 3 children. They are constantly looking for the next great white actor in chief to swoop down and save them from the "anti-christ".

There are some white people in this country that would vote for Saddam Hussein if it meant getting this uppity nigger and his elitist family out of the house that Ronald Reagan built.

And this is a gat-damn shame.

So I think that what the Supremes; or rather the Chief Supreme did, was inflame the blind, illiterate,dumb, high school drop out, trailer park,meth addicted people that need all the health care, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment assistance, student loan help, mortgage relief, tax credits and everything else that they are protesting against just because a Black man is offering it to them in this "post racial" country that I call  home. They are going to come out in droves in November to get this dude gone. They are more motivated now than the Dumocrats were in 2008 to get the Texas Cowboy gone.

So all you people celebrating and talking victory..slow your role son.

It ain't over.

Ohhh..and more thing before I get out of here...

Please tell your friends, neighbors, family members, dogs, cats...... to STOP calling the Affordable Care Act "OBAMA CARE". Call it what it is people! This "Obamacare" bullshit is why the bill is so unpopular! The only reason most people don't like it is because the President's name is attached to it.
Stop giving the "others" a reason to talk shit and they will eventually shut the fuck up.

That is all.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Well said

Reggie said...

I am truly amazed that anyone would decide that it's a good idea to get rid of a mandatory health care initiative.

How does someone with insurance tell someone else that they don't need it. Particularly in the case of the Supreme Court whose insurance is paid for by my tax dollars.