Thursday, August 16, 2012

I know you ..Why don't you know me?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine the other day..
We were talking about American culture and I came to realize that I knew damn near everything about "White Culture"; but he knew hardly anything about "Black Culture". (This was a White dude by the way..).

This got me to thinking.

Why is this? Why do I know who Jennifer Anniston and  Mila Kunich  is but you have no idea who Megan Goode is? Or Gabrielle Union?

Why do I know who Def Leopard, AC/DC, Poison , Tim Mcgraw is; but you don't know Earth Wind and Fire, Confuction, or Anthony Hamilton?

Why do I know about Modern Family, Friends, Frazier; and you have no idea about Girlfriends, The Jamie Foxx Show, or the BoonDocks?

Why do I know what a Mullet is; but you have no idea what a "Fade" is?

How do I know who Kathy Griffin is; and you don't know who Simore is?

How do I know about Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger; and you don't know Phat Farm, or Rocca Wear?

This is that bullshit son.

How is it I can talk to a White person about anything that interests them; and they have no clue what interests me?

We do live in the same country right?

It's amazing to me that Black people go out their way to know how White people think, how they act, how they talk, how they walk, what they watch on TV, the music they listen too, the clothes they wear...we even go out our way to emulate them; but as far as them getting to know us...shit..we might as well have just landed in the middle of Cowboys Stadium on a damn space ship.

Our needs interests and likes are of no concern to them as long as they continue to be our needs, interests and likes.

The only thing the average White person knows about us is what they see on the national news or read in the local newspapers.

We have to know about them in order to survive in this "post racial" country of ours...but them?

Why bother?

And this is the greatest place on the face of the Planet?


Reggie said...

Because it's their world and we're just living in it.

Voluntary Exile said...

it's because we HAVE to know for survival. I saw something on Tumblr once that said this:
Black people learn about white culture for survival
White people learn about black culture for ghetto jokes

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I don't think we emulate them but their culture is what is seen all over the media. Ours isn't. I used to work for a white man who didn't know who Barry White was. And ths was in the 90's! Guess what he got for Christmas.....

D. McAuliffe said...

All of the above comments are a testament to the unfortunate reality that American society, although it claims to be a "melting pot," a "post-racial society," and all that other jazz, is dominated by "white" values, norms, entertainment, etc.

But that's not to say they don't know anything about black people. They probably know about Lil Wayne, or Michael Vick, or Oprah. And definitely Obama. They know about the controversial negroes and the submissive ones. The rest of us kinda fade away...

Dirty Red said...


I have said before that the White man is the biggest and best hustler known to man. Who else can have a people so twisted, that we study them like a final exam...but they only pay attention to us when we can entertain them... Go figure..

Voluntary Exile,
Truer words have never been spoken.

I beg to differ boo... We DO emulate them.. Why else do Black women pay BILLIONS of dollars a year to make sure their natural hair is covered up? Why do we spend so much on skin lighteners? Why will some Black men tap a Black girl on the shoulder just so she can get her White friend for him? Anyways...This dude didn't know Barry White? Seriously?

I have already added your blog to my blogroll.. Very good writings good sir...

snapsbacula said...

LMAO There are plenty of white people out there who know a LOT about black culture & history. A few might even know more than you. Do they make up the majority of the white population? Not at all. Does it matter? Not much. Should we talk about the vastly disproportionate surge in black mobbing/robbing/attacks on not-blacks since Traygone got made for assaulting Zimmerman? Nah. Let's ignore it. White people are all racist & just don't know it. Black man is god. Just ask a Nuwaupian robot. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Dirty Red said...

snap bacula
Really son? So black on white violence has increased since Johnie Law dropped the ball in Florida? Seriously? Do you have facts and examples..or is this something you heard on Fox not news...Rush Limpdick...Hannity...or that bytch Michelle Malkin? Be prepared to back your shit up here son...You will not troll here and disrespect my site or the people that comment on my site with any senseless racist hate mongering bullshit..Come hard or keep your ass at home.

No Labels said...

Dirty Red, you definitely make some awesome points. It's almost as if one is using Cliff Notes to study Black Culture, but you need the unabridged volumes in reference to White Culture. It's unbalanced as well as unfair.

Dirty Red said...

No Labels.....
Boo they ain't even using cliff notes...They are using Fix News and the assholes in the rebublican party.

Dawna said...

often what one chooses to know is out of want need or necessity.. sometimes general interest or fun. I don't believe we're a post racial society just yet, and probably never will be. 'white people' know about us.. much of what they've learnt has come from us.. however what is often denied is the value, or benefits gained.. and to back that up what is portrayed in the media.. and general assumptions tends to be negative. what i would add is the more diverse our friendships.. they more likely we are to share what matters to us with those from a variety of backgrounds.. yet what can occur even then, is the 'dominant ' cultures wins out..