Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let he who knows no sin, cast the first stone

This is another post that I think will offend some people. This might be the one that drops some of my followers. I am about to talk about something that is near and dear to 99% of all American Black people....Christianity. It is not my intent to offend anyone...but if I do....well it is what it is.

Yesterday a minister friend of mine and I were talking..(well texting) and he pissed me the hell off.

You see, I know the dude is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. I know his views about the world we live in..and he knows mine. He tells me all the time I need to change "my way of doing stuff" if I am really going to receive "all that my Lord and savior Jesus Christ has in store for me". I tell him that I am doing just fine. I tell him that I am receiving everything that God thinks I deserve and all that I work hard for. But because I dare to question Christianity..I am sinning in his eyes.

Anyways... We was doing our thing texting back and forth, talking about the next time we will meet up to play a round of Golf, Olympics, know normal man talk, when I cursed in a reply back to him.
He came back with," Man watch your mouth.. You are talking to a minister." I stopped and looked at the text and was like "No this nigga didn't."
First... I am a grown ass 40 year old man. Watch my mouth? Seriously?
Second... As I said earlier..this dude knows how I am. I have known him for about 10 years now.
Third... Did I mention that I am a GROWN-ASS 40 year old man? Watch my mouth? Really Son?

Anyways... I replied back to him that I know he is a damn minister and that I am going to be who the hell I am. If he don't  like how I express myself..then he can ask me how many shits I give. And the answer would be ZERO.

He didn't like that and he stopped texting.

Well this is my problem with Christianity and every other MAN-MADE belief that has so many people fooled....

All religions are MAN-MADE. They are based on some man's ideas on how that MAN thinks other MEN should be. If I am me a Bible passage that even mentions the word Christian.

There is not one person on this earth that is Christ- Like. How can there be? Jesus Christ was the only perfect man besides Adam to ever walk on this Earth. We can only strive to be a little like him, but we will always fall short.

99% of all "Christians" do not know why they are Christians or how to be a Christian. Most only know a few passages out of the Bible and they only know and try to follow the "new testament." Is not the Old testament part of the book too? 
If you want to be technical about the whole thing... The bible says that we are not supposed to eat any creature that swims in the "oceans" that does not have scales... How many of Christians eat Lobsters, crabs, oysters?  Right after Sunday service? That is going against the holy book. And isn't a pig considered nasty in the Bible? But Chitlins, Hog mawls and pork chops are getting ate by the most avid of  born again Christians.

How many women go to Church every Sunday praying to the Pastor to send them a good man...but then leave church and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is "I am an independent woman. I don't need no man." You tell a woman today to submit to a man..they will cuss you all the way to the pulpit. But that is part of being a Christian, right?

How many men go to Church every Sunday. volunteer...speak to the youth...testify...and then neglect their own kids? Mistreat their wives? Cheat on their wives? But they are Christians...Yeah...

I have never been called a nigga by a Muslim, Buddhist or even atheist.
I have never been  called Tar-baby or ugly by a Muslim, Buddhist or atheist.
That beautiful little Black girl that became the first Black girl to win a individual Gold medal in Gymnastics was not made fun of because of her hair not looking "European" by a Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist...Or hell even A European... Christians did that.
That Black athlete that won a Gold medal and then Crip front of the whole DAMN world...glorifying the most negative aspect in Black American Culture...GANGS... probably calls herself a Christian.
I have only seen Christians burn crosses in other Christians yards.
I have only known Christians to enslave other Christians.
I have only known Christians to write in a countries constitution that I am only 3/5ths of a person and that I can be sold at will to another Christian.
Christians have killed and maimed other Christians who only wanted to be recognized as HUMAN.
 Hell... every Republican calls themselves "Christian".
So for this Ordained Baptist Minister to tell me to "watch my mouth"?

Yesterday might be the last day I ever talk to that "Christian".

Yeah I said it.

In the words of Rick Ross... "God Forgives...I don't"


Reggie said...

This is a touchy subject for some I know; and there are many others concerned with the wouldn't be one of those people.

Here's one, you can quote me, I just came up with it.

The only thing scarier than a world without religion, is a world with religion.

Dirty Red said...

I am going to take that quote, print it out and send it to my minister guy.

D. McAuliffe said...

This comment might offend some, but I'm pretty used to that by now.

It takes a blind, deaf, dumb, and pretty much completely brainwashed and ignorant negro to so vehemently follow a slave master's religion. It takes an individual, indeed a population, that has been so indoctrinated with the belief that its own culture is inferior, backward, and primitive to dress up in the finest threads and head to church every sunday in the hopes of "being saved" (and catching the eye of that pretty church girl). It takes an oppressed people to remain in this disgusting state of slumber.

It takes a fool to believe in such foolishness.

Usually I do not like to promote my blog on other blogs, but I have actually written (somewhat) extensively on this topic before too. If you'd like to come and check out some of my posts, please do. I'd love to hear some feedback.


No Labels said...

Dirty Red, you are so on point with everything you have said. I, too, question Christianity and you would have thought curse words came out of my mouth by doing so because there are things that do not make sense to me. I'm glad you wrote about this--because it's better to seek truth by questioning than to embrace lies by choosing to be ignorant.

alphonso harris jr said...

First off, I really like this blog. Seconpd, I personally do not believe that christianity is about telling people what to do. I believe that your spirit should make those around you conform to the good you portray. But, religion is another way for people to be seperate or bigots. You rarely see people try to let God, Jesus, Mohammed, or who ever change their heart. If Jesus is and was our example, how many times did he go up to people telling them what they are doing wrong or how they need to come out of sin? People wanted to be like Jesus because his spirit was infectious we should strive for that instead of just being annoying.

Dirty Red said...


I agree with you totally. It just makes sense to me that sense gave us a brain he intended us to use it.

No Labels,
"because it's better to seek truth by questioning than to embrace lies by choosing to be ignorant."
I think I might put that qoute on my side bar.

Thanks brah.. I appreciate it. And you are spot on..