Sunday, August 26, 2012

The truth will set you free...or either get your ass beat...

Why the hell can't some white people tell the damn truth when it comes to our President?

Tell me straight up that you don't like him because his father was African. Tell me you don't like him because you don't understand his up bringing. Tell me that you don't think a Black man will ever be qualified enough to run this country of yours. Tell me that you think his wife is too "black" for your taste. Tell me that you cannot stand his "pimp" walk. Tell me that you wish that he would stay in his place.

Just fucking tell me. I ain't gonna be mad at ya.
The truth would be very refreshing.

All this bullshit about his policies, his birth certificate, his college records, his name, his inexperience.... is exactly that..BULLSHIT.

I am tired of hearing it. It is getting old.

Who do you think you are fooling?

This President has done more in 3 and a half years than any President before him. With no backing from either side. I admit I have been very discouraged with the man at times during the past 3 years...but he has done everything he said he would do. He has tried his best to stay above all the petty racist bullshit that has been thrown at him. He has represented this country with the dignity and pride that if he were any other Race than African American, his bust would be on Mt. Rushmore right now. But because certain people in this country cannot move out of the early centuries of this country; his every move is dissected and vilified.

Tell me the gatdamn truth White People!!!

It ain't like you are doing a very good job at hiding it.


D. McAuliffe said...

Amusing, yet sadly true.
But I think a lot of it has to do with the "...or get your ass beat" part. Because a lot of black folk would be ready to whoop a white dude they heard say he doesn't like Obama because he's black.

Either way, they (white folk) need to stop bullshitting and just get to the point.

Dawna said...

The truth is that the 'truth' is ugly. and many are afraid to expose their shameful views

alphonso harris jr said...

the truth is that we knew it was going to be this way. Our president was under qualified and took the presidency during a time where people wanted immediate results. The truth is that the president can't change anything by himself. This is the first time in history that we see how ineffective our congress has been. This is the first time that young minorities will clearly understand that if a congressman or senator is not working with our president he is ineffective. Therefore our country is ineffective. The situation in Washington reflects our everyday lives. We as Americans CAN NOT put aside our differences to achieve the greater good. Sad but this my brothers and sisters is the truth.

Reggie said...

I'm with you. Why can't they just come out and be honest?!? Why do they have to pretend that it's something else?!? Isn't honesty supposed to be the best policy?!?

Yolanda said...

If they told the truth, they would have to admit to themselves and everyone else that they are racist. That’s not gonna happen. So they would rather continue to perpetuate the lies...they are not racists, oh no, our President is just incompetent and it’s up to the good white folks of the Republican Party to save AmeriKKKa from Obama. Yeah that’s it! (rolling eyes)

Kyle D. Younger said...

It would be a cathartic if some of these people would just admit it. Unfortunately, they've spent most of their lives lying to themselves. And so, it will never happen.


Dirty Red said...

Yeah...You are probably right...Black on white beat-downs would go through the roof.

I agree..But at leawt they could be more subtle about it. They are all but admitting it.. Why not say fuck it and go that extra step?


Yeah.. I wish we were wrong though.. But just like Isaid in my last post.. We seem to know what White people will do before they do.

Reggie, That;s waht the good book says. The book they are supposed to know backwards and forwards.

I agree.. But Stevie Wonder can see through thier bullshit.


Yeah..The word "racist" is like being called a Nigga to white folks.

Bluphithunder Blue said...

I agree DRed but I think you are holding "them" to a standard they are not capable of at this point. JMO

No Labels said...

Everything you said is "right on!"

Dirty Red said...

Blue thunder, and that is a damn shame.

No labels,
Thank you..I do try!

Dirty Red said...

Blue thunder, and that is a damn shame.

No labels,
Thank you..I do try!