Thursday, August 30, 2012

We are not alone

I was going to talk about Politics again...but I decided against it. There is nothing new I can say. The Rethuglicans are a bunch of lying, racist, scared White men; and the Democrats are a bunch of scared, kumbaya singing, "can we all get along" assholes. Both sides make me sick.

So I am going to switch this one up a little bit.

Tonight's topic Ladies and Gents will be about......


Yep. You heard me. ET.. Little Green men. "Beam me up Scotty's".

See I believe in Aliens. I think they exist and I think they have been here. They might still be here for all I know.

Anyone that believes that God only created what inhabits this Planet, is in my opinion, very delusional.

Why would he stop with us? Billions of stars surround us and some people believe that this is the only one with life on it? Seriously?

I have a very good reason for believing in Aliens people. No I have not been abducted...I have never been anally probed by a Reptilian looking creature or any other creature...I have never seen an Alien, even though there are a few Humans walking around here that look very suspect...

My reason for believing in the Great beyond is very simple....


200 years ago we were still riding horses and reading by candle light. We were living off the land and plowing it with mules. Dentists were putting wooden teeth in people's heads. Doctors were using leeches to  heal people. American Blacks were picking cotton in Mississippi. Actually bending over in the hot-ass Mississippi sun and PICKING that shit. Like with their hands...We were actually talking to each other face to face instead of texting.

The advances we have made in these relatively short 200 years have been amazing.

So how did we jump so far ahead in this "short" amount of time?\

I mean stop and think about it for a minute...

If we had been on this pace of technical advancement our entire time on this Earth, we would not be on this Earth right now. We would have been on Mars centuries ago. We would have had flying cars centuries ago. We would have been able to create Energy out of pigs guts instead of just cooking them, lathering them with hot sauce and eating them. We would be living the Battlestar Gallactia life people.

So how did we jump so far ahead in such a "short" amount of time?

Did we get smarter all of a sudden? Did certain parts of our brains just turn on?

Is that even believable?

I don't think so. Somebody or something taught us what to do. I think that they are still slowly teaching us.

For me there is no other explanation.

Anyways.... this is my opinion.

Besides I would rather talk about Aliens; than make my blood pressure go up by talking about the Hypocrisy of our Democracy. Believing in Aliens is far more believable than the Republican party is right about now.


Reggie said...

I think that it's utterly ridiculous to assume that given the billions of planets out there that life wouldn't exist somewhere else. So obviously we're not alone. I have always believed that life exists on other planets; and it probably exists again and again and again; and I'm sure one day we will encounter it.

I do not, however; believe that these so called aliens would use their superior technology to fly halfway across the universe to look up some corn boy in Iowa's ass. That I don't get. I don't believe that aliens are coming here on a regular just to get some country ass white boy tail.

Boy 'dem white folks sho are somethin'!!!

Donnell Harvey said...

For all the reasons you stated I too believe in aliens the math is in their favor I just hope that if they reveal themselves during my lifetime they are of a benevolent nature

Dirty Red said...

Yeah it doesnt make sense that something would fly all the way across whatever Galaxy to poke Barny Fifes asshole..

TheY have revealed themselves..and they are not benelovent...They go by the name of the Republican Party.

Bluphithunder Blue said...

LOL at somma these comments, and what's up wit the focus on "ass probing"??? Anyway, a different perspective on so-called aliens with an ethnic twist - take a look at the 3 book series called "Shades of Memnon" by Brotha G. Good reading and I'm sure the brotha can use the exposure/revenue.

Peace, Blessings & Maat

Daij said...

I agree with your opinions of both political parties. While I do believe that in this universe of billions of planets, I have the believe that Earth can't be the only place where there is life, I don't think they're living amongst us. I would be interested in knowing their technology.