Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another day in American Politricks

Man I will be glad when this Presidential election is over.
I am so sick of Mitt Romney.

The shit that comes out of this dudes mouth is amazing.
Why can't his people make him stick to the damn script?

Whenever he goes "off the cuff" he always says something stupid.

The latest "gaffe" is him going on 60 minutes talking about how the Emergency Room is a viable option for the the poor and uninsured.

Yeah.. He said that..

He said that ER visits are "FREE".. and that people get first class care in them.

Yeah...He said that.

Well.. I have no idea what his 53% friends has been telling this dude...but...there is no such thing as a free lunch..
Or a free ambulance ride...a free heart attack..a free appendix bursting...a free gun shot wound..a free knife wound...a free broken leg or arm...a free hatchet in the head...none of that shit is free Mittens!!!


This is your idea of Universal Healthcare? Go to the Emergency Room?

Even after you said not even 5 years ago that ER's are a form of socialism?

How the hell does this dude still have supporters?

You know I had a dude tell me on FB that President Obama was a foreign exchange student and that his college records are sealed because they are forged. .....crickets....

When will this bullshit stop? What does this man have to do prove he is an American? And that he is qualified to represent this "fair and balanced" country?

And then you have this dude Mitt Flopney; lying out of both sides of his mouth on the regular and he is a "real" American?


I am really starting to dislike  hate our political system. I am really starting to dislike  hate Republicans.

Right now there is nothing a Republican can tell me that I want to hear. Nothing. NOT. A. DAMN. THING.
Not shit.

There can be proof that a swarm of vampire spiders has invaded Dallas and has taken over Oak Cliff..and if a Republican told me about it...I would tell him to get the hell away from me. A Republican could tell me that the sky is blue and water is wet and I would tell him to stop lying. A Republican can tell me my name and I would have to call my Moms to verify it. I DO NOT like them bastards. Not nan one.

Not nan.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

RIP Carl "ButtaMan" Hopper

I bit the idea for this post from one of my favorite spots Ohh Hell Nawl... The post in question was written by a contributor over there.. my man Folk.

What is your bucket list?
What are some of the things you want to do before you check out of this world and jump on on the express train for the next one?

One of my best and oldest friends was killed this weekend. He was hit by a fucking truck going the wrong damn way as he was getting out of his car. He was hit by a gat-damn truck people!! What was fair about that shit? This dude was always the life of any party. He was the best barber in North Carolina. He used to cut my hair after school in his bedroom WAY before he starting fading shit professionally. He was my Nigga. Whenever I go back to North Carolina to see my people; he was always the second person I wanted to see. He always told me that he was proud of me for beating the trap and moving away from the negativity that we grew up around.

A damn Truck!!!

 My Nigga... Carl "Butta Man" Hopper.

Anyways before I start boo-hooing again....

What is your bucket-list? As I have just expressed, this shit we call life can be over in a second. One minute you are jamming Rick Ross in your whip; open the fucking door; and WHAM!! A damn truck going the wrong fucking way punches your ticket.

There are a some things I would like to do....

1. I want to go to a nude beach just to see if I can just let it all hang out in public. What? Don't judge.
2. I want to see my Grand kids grown.. (If I have any)
3. I want to get my money right to where I'm comfortable. I don't want to be rich...Just comfortable.
4. I want to live in London for a little while. Not long.. A couple months maybe.
5.I want to improve my Spanish.
6. I want to finish the book I been trying to write for the past 5 years.
7. I want to meet Colin Powell.
8. I want to design and live in my own house.
9. I want to rebuild from scratch a 69 Mustang Shelby.. You know... Eleanor.
10. I want to continue to get in shape so I can finally look in the mirror and see that I have that Tyrese body..(No homo fellas... Just a little man crush I guess.)

This is a little of what I would like to accomplish. I don't think any of it is far fetched.. I just have to do it.

So my fellow bloggers and lurkers... Share yours with me...

Dedicated to my brother... Carl "ButtaMan" Hopper.. You are missed now and forever...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can you really be this damn dumb?

I am going to have to stop talking about Politics with dumb-ass closed minded people.

I have stated in earlier posts about the disdain I have for Returdlicans. I am to the point now that if a person tells me that they associate themselves with that bunch of racist lying assholes, I pretty much put them into the category of being a racist lying asshole. I mean you are known by the company you keep. If you are not a racist lying asshole then you would not associate yourselves with racist lying assholes.

Just saying...


Me and a couple of my guys were sitting around the break-room yesterday talking about Politics, women and know typical man talk.... when another white dude walked up to us and butted his way into our conversation.

He jumped right in when the subject of the convention clown show that ended last week was brought up.

He wanted to know who we were voting for.

Everyone of us all said we are voting for the current HNIC that sits in the big seat. By all of us I mean the 2 White dudes, the Mexican and the brother that was minding our business until this dude walked his ass up to us.

Anyway he looked at the 2 White dudes and said "Why are you voting for Obama? I can understand the rest of you. But I'm curious about you two."

We all stopped and looked at the dude.

And of course me being me... I was the first one to say what we was all thinking...

"What the fuck do you mean, 'you can understand the rest of you'? What the hell is that supposed to mean man? What the fuck are you saying? Is there something in the White voting rulebook that says it is a White code violation for a couple of White dudes to vote for the Black guy?"

The guy got all red in the face and was like, "Whoa dude. slow down man. I ain't saying anything racial. I just wanted to know is all.You know I ain't no racist."


So then I asked him why he was not voting for the President. He said that he was afraid that this Administration was trying to take away his gun rights, he said he didn't like "Obamacare" and of course he said that he believes in the Bible and that 2 dudes should not be allowed to get married.

Well I asked him to tell us what proof he had that President Obama was trying to take away his arsenal.

Alls I heard was crickets.....

I reminded him that just last year he was complaining about having to foot half the bill for his Mothers meds every month because medicare didn't pay for it all and since she was retired, old and has preexisting conditions she cannot get health insurance and he could not add her as a dependant on the bullshit ass insurance we get through the Army Reserves.

Again crickets....

I asked him what he would do if the Government told him that he could not marry his wife because of some cock-a-mammy ass passage in some book that says that since she was a red head, she has the mark of the devil and "God" has forbidden it?


At this, the original bunch of us turned around and started talking football; totally ignoring this dumb motherfucker. He eventually walked off.

See what I mean?

Republicans have got to be some of the dumbest, worst informed, racist bastards in the country.

And they want to take their country back...

Yeah... Right.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Please sign on the dotted line please

Finally an NFL owner with a set of nuts.

The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars stood up to one of his employees and told him that he was going to have to live up to to the contract that he signed.

Maurice Jones Drew has been refusing to report to his job because he wanted more money. He basically told his boss, 'fuck you old White man...Pay me.'

And guess what the 'Old White Man' said?
'Really son? Fuck me? Seriously? Naw Boy...Fuck you!'

The owner told him flat out that The Jacksonville Jags were not going to renegotiate his contract. He told "Mojo" that he gave his word and he expected him to live up to it. He stood his ground and guess what?

Ole "Mojo" gave up and reported to work today.

See this is what I'm talking about. There is no way in hell I could be a NFL owner and have one of my employees tell me he wasn't going to play until I gave him more money. I would not put up with it. I would do exactly what this owner did.

And ole "Mojo" will have to pay the fines he accrued while he was "holding out". And I hear that they are in the high seven figures.

I hope this sets a precedent to all the other "professionals" that think that just because they have one or two good years that their legally binding contract is now null and void.

And I have a response to all the people that are going to say "But Dirty Red...The owners can void the players contract anytime they feel like it. Why can't the players demand the same?"

Well folks it's like this..

Being an owner means that you are the BOSS. Being the BOSS means that this is your shit to do with as you please.

Being a player means that you are an EMPLOYEE... You have a job only as long as the BOSS feels that your services are needed.

I think that this counts as my facts and examples in this matter.