Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another day in American Politricks

Man I will be glad when this Presidential election is over.
I am so sick of Mitt Romney.

The shit that comes out of this dudes mouth is amazing.
Why can't his people make him stick to the damn script?

Whenever he goes "off the cuff" he always says something stupid.

The latest "gaffe" is him going on 60 minutes talking about how the Emergency Room is a viable option for the the poor and uninsured.

Yeah.. He said that..

He said that ER visits are "FREE".. and that people get first class care in them.

Yeah...He said that.

Well.. I have no idea what his 53% friends has been telling this dude...but...there is no such thing as a free lunch..
Or a free ambulance ride...a free heart attack..a free appendix bursting...a free gun shot wound..a free knife wound...a free broken leg or arm...a free hatchet in the head...none of that shit is free Mittens!!!


This is your idea of Universal Healthcare? Go to the Emergency Room?

Even after you said not even 5 years ago that ER's are a form of socialism?

How the hell does this dude still have supporters?

You know I had a dude tell me on FB that President Obama was a foreign exchange student and that his college records are sealed because they are forged. .....crickets....

When will this bullshit stop? What does this man have to do prove he is an American? And that he is qualified to represent this "fair and balanced" country?

And then you have this dude Mitt Flopney; lying out of both sides of his mouth on the regular and he is a "real" American?


I am really starting to dislike  hate our political system. I am really starting to dislike  hate Republicans.

Right now there is nothing a Republican can tell me that I want to hear. Nothing. NOT. A. DAMN. THING.
Not shit.

There can be proof that a swarm of vampire spiders has invaded Dallas and has taken over Oak Cliff..and if a Republican told me about it...I would tell him to get the hell away from me. A Republican could tell me that the sky is blue and water is wet and I would tell him to stop lying. A Republican can tell me my name and I would have to call my Moms to verify it. I DO NOT like them bastards. Not nan one.

Not nan.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Romney can say this isht with utter seriousness because this is what he believes. He is rich and always has been. HE really doesn't know.

Folks support him and not the president because... THE PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!!!! There is no other reason for the man to be so disliked by white people. Black people can see it because we get the rainbow. But, again, white people miss it because they are white and programmed to think white is right and the only way.


Reggie said...

Yeah it's scary when you think of what this oxygen thief has said.....because you just know there is batshit crazy stuff he hasn't said aloud that he really believes.

Chatterbox said...

Mittens? Hell nawww. LOL

It is clearly racial for some of the voters, I agree with Serenity, I work with some die hard republicans & am sure they would vote their party ticket no matter what fool they had running.

To be honest, I think I would too. I like to think of myself as an independent voter, but truth be told, I have always voted for the Dem's.

The devil you know...

Carl said...

I was just talking with my cousin about this election yesterday. He has been and I am now convinced that the Republicans threw the 2008 election and are now throwing this one. Seriously. Think about what a retarded joke McCain/Palin was. Even Republicans are still embarrassed by that mess. Now look at how cartoonishly bad Romney is. There is no way in hell that anybody could screw up this badly! Especially not an experienced politician like him. Keep in mind he’s been running for President since at least 2007, he’s been a Governor, and he ran but lost for Senator. That’s on top of watching his father being Governor and a Presidential candidate. On top of that his mother ran for Senator too. So how in the hell could he possibility be acting like he just woke up yesterday and decided to run?

healthysouls said...

I agree 1000%...the mere sound of his voice is irritating...the more you see him the more you detest him...but check it out folks on the far right are becoming unhinged at the prospect that Romney may lose...

Dirty Red said...

I think your lone comment covers all the comments here.

Why can't this dude stick to the damn script? Write the shit on your hand if you have to dude!!Just say what Fox news, Rush, and all the others tell ya!This dumb fuck might be winning if he did that.

Everything in this "post racial" society of ours is racial.

I don't think they are throwing thr election.. I thnk that they are finally showing thier true colors to the people. We have all known how the "right" side is ...But now the whole...well 47% of the country see it now..

Healthy souls,
It's not just him..It's the whole damn party...

Deborah McEntagart said...
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Deb Mc said...

You know, it's interesting because my sister in law was raised in the Mormon religion and still a follower and reading her postings on FB, I don't see that she is all that impressed with Mitt Romney.

It is quite strange to read how she believes that he is out of touch with a large portion of the American population. She also speaks to the fact that he is condescending and not cognizant of the fact that he is acting in this manner.

Funny thing is that her brother and mother are trying to convince her to vote for Mitt because of the teachings of their church and I have been jumping into the conversation strings and backing her position...ah well, someone's gotta have her back.

Anyone (in this case Mitt) that tries to tell me that giving tax breaks to the wealthy will cause the effect of those same wealthy individuals (or Corps) putting more money into the system (hiring and expansion)is spouting gibberish to me.

I was taught that a + b = c, but that there has to be a direct and strong correlation. The facts do not follow. As they say in the South, "that dog just won't hunt".