Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can you really be this damn dumb?

I am going to have to stop talking about Politics with dumb-ass closed minded people.

I have stated in earlier posts about the disdain I have for Returdlicans. I am to the point now that if a person tells me that they associate themselves with that bunch of racist lying assholes, I pretty much put them into the category of being a racist lying asshole. I mean you are known by the company you keep. If you are not a racist lying asshole then you would not associate yourselves with racist lying assholes.

Just saying...


Me and a couple of my guys were sitting around the break-room yesterday talking about Politics, women and sports....you know typical man talk.... when another white dude walked up to us and butted his way into our conversation.

He jumped right in when the subject of the convention clown show that ended last week was brought up.

He wanted to know who we were voting for.

Everyone of us all said we are voting for the current HNIC that sits in the big seat. By all of us I mean the 2 White dudes, the Mexican and the brother that was minding our business until this dude walked his ass up to us.

Anyway he looked at the 2 White dudes and said "Why are you voting for Obama? I can understand the rest of you. But I'm curious about you two."

We all stopped and looked at the dude.

And of course me being me... I was the first one to say what we was all thinking...

"What the fuck do you mean, 'you can understand the rest of you'? What the hell is that supposed to mean man? What the fuck are you saying? Is there something in the White voting rulebook that says it is a White code violation for a couple of White dudes to vote for the Black guy?"

The guy got all red in the face and was like, "Whoa dude. slow down man. I ain't saying anything racial. I just wanted to know is all.You know I ain't no racist."


So then I asked him why he was not voting for the President. He said that he was afraid that this Administration was trying to take away his gun rights, he said he didn't like "Obamacare" and of course he said that he believes in the Bible and that 2 dudes should not be allowed to get married.

Well I asked him to tell us what proof he had that President Obama was trying to take away his arsenal.

Alls I heard was crickets.....

I reminded him that just last year he was complaining about having to foot half the bill for his Mothers meds every month because medicare didn't pay for it all and since she was retired, old and has preexisting conditions she cannot get health insurance and he could not add her as a dependant on the bullshit ass insurance we get through the Army Reserves.

Again crickets....

I asked him what he would do if the Government told him that he could not marry his wife because of some cock-a-mammy ass passage in some book that says that since she was a red head, she has the mark of the devil and "God" has forbidden it?


At this, the original bunch of us turned around and started talking football; totally ignoring this dumb motherfucker. He eventually walked off.

See what I mean?

Republicans have got to be some of the dumbest, worst informed, racist bastards in the country.

And they want to take their country back...

Yeah... Right.


Sebastian said...

Mr. Blackman, that is indeed a funny anecdote. But you are being unfair on two levels.

First, the white man's question makes perfect sense. Many, if not most, blacks have voted and will be voting Obama because he is black (or mulatto, if you want to get technical).

It is a perfectly normal human reaction to prefer a leader that is a member of your tribe, or the one that is most aligned with it. The same racial instinct that promotes the black vote on Obama is as natural as the white racial instinct to reject him and throws the white vote for the white guy.

To chastise whites for being true to their racial affinity, while lauding blacks for doing the same is very hypocritical.

Second. As for the guy being a racist, and white Republicans being racists...well of course they are! They are *white*.

"Racism" is an abstract concept created by a marxist jewish man called Leon Trotsky, you might have heard of him.

By his definition, only white people can be racists and only non-whites can be victims of racism. Since I am white, also by definition, I am automatically racist, or at the very least 99% pre-disposed to racism.

There is a corollary of course...

You see, in *your* mind that white dude may be racist, but you would never call him that if he wasn't white.

By taking an anti-racist stance in your blog you are effectively taking an *anti-white* stance. "Anti-racist" is just a code word for "anti-white".

You act as if you are anti-racist, what you really are is anti-white.


D. McAuliffe said...


While I understand your arguments, allow me to shed some light on the subject of "racism" being an abstract term.

You see, I am black. And no matter how much some whites may try to deny it, there is a certain standard to which all non-whites must adhere, lest they be considered "radical" or otherwise "different." That standard is a Eurocentric, i,e., "white" standard. In the past few hundred years, ever since Europeans first became the dominant ruling class of this planet, they have set the bar for what is acceptable and what is not. While blatant racism is no longer considered socially acceptable, we cannot deny the fact that nonwhites are still made to adhere to European societal standards. Be it technology, education,mreligion, or any other major institution, anything that is not in line with Eurocentrism is considered primitive or backward.

Racism is not an abstract term. It is a reality that has existed and will continue to exist. While some may argue that discrimination has always existed, the current structure upon which racial discrimination is based was developed by Europeans who believed that the "white race" was not only superior, but that the "white race" HAD to be superior. That is why racism is so deep: it affects not only the most dimwitted of the masses, but it is etched into biology, philosophy, and so many other of our modern institutions.

It is not only whites who can be racists; however, in today's world, it has been whites who have been guilty of perpetuating the system of white supremacy that rules the world. Does this mean that all white people are racists? Of course not. And that is not what the brother implied in this post. However, even if "innocent" whites have not directly perpetuated this system of white supremacy, they do indeed benefit from it.

This brother is not anti-white, he is anti-racist. If he were anti-white, he probably would not have been engaged in a conversation with two white dudes. And the white dude who said "I can understand the rest of you" could have chosen a better way to express his surprise. His comment was based on the assumption that only blacks and Latinos can vote for someone like Obama, and that for a white dude to vote for Obama is somehow out of the ordinary.

Racist? Perhaps not. Ignorant? Definitely.


D. McAuliffe said...

As far as this post goes, it's a damn shame that stupid, ignorant shitheads are allowed to even glance at a ballot box. "It's my right to be a stupid voter?" Seriously? Fuck outta here.

Dirty Red said...


Really dude? Seriously?...
Listen to my man D one more time...

"This brother is not anti-white, he is anti-racist. If he were anti-white, he probably would not have been engaged in a conversation with two white dudes. And the white dude who said "I can understand the rest of you" could have chosen a better way to express his surprise. His comment was based on the assumption that only blacks and Latinos can vote for someone like Obama, and that for a white dude to vote for Obama is somehow out of the ordinary.

Racist? Perhaps not. Ignorant? Definitely."

Nuff said.

Thanks for standing beside me on this one brah... I had a response all set for good ole Sebastion...but your approach was more civil and frankly I could not have said it better.

alphonso harris jr said...

Dirty Red,
I can understand where your coming from. I'm black but, I lean more right. But, I don't believe anyone can vote all one way. As a conservative I appreciate public schools and other govie programs. Personally I believe the presidency should be a non-partisan position. Leading our country should not involve doing whats best for your party. Let's take abortion for instance. I agree that it should be legal. If it were illegal the way my republican brothers and sisters suggest it would be the gov. would still be taking care of those unwanted children. The amount of children that would then go through our system would only inflate the unemployment rate and widen the gap in the rich and poor. But, I do believe that a woman who has gotten lets say 2 or 3 abortions in a 3 year period should be in jail. A repeat abortor should be looked at like a murderer. That's just me.

D. McAuliffe said...

Dirty Red,
No problem brother. I still think an uncivil response would have been funny though. Lol.

Reggie said...

They're not all racists, not all of them anyway.

Dirty Red said...

I hear ya brah.. I too have many conservative views.But I cannot associate myself with any political party. I vote for who's bullshit I think is most believable. Right now I am leaning towards voting for Big O. The returds...well the mouth pieces for the returds, have made it very clear to me that they do not desire my support. They have lied....been caught lying and continue to lie...constantly. They have no clear ideas on how to do anything. Their only clear platform, as far as i can see, is to get the HNIC gone.. By any means necessary. Country be damned. They have made it clear that their whole agenda does not include me or anyone that might resemble me. They have yelled it from the roof tops that as long as a certain few have all the money; that whatever falls out of their pockets should suffice for everyone else. I cannot get with that. The way I see it both parties are corrupt...but at least the democrats tell me they love me before during and after they stick dick in my ass...the rethugs? not so much... They act like I like being fucked. Like I want to be fucked. Like I deserve to be fucked. No apologies.. No explanations. Nope.. Can't do it. I don't think I like the taste of dick, the smell of dick, or the feel of dick. And that is all the rethugs are offering....Longer, fatter and more dick. I'm talking Lexington Steele type dick with a side of Mr. Marcus. Nope..I ain't gonna be able to do it brah.

You are right not all of them are racist.. But as the old saying goes...Not all Republicans are racists..But most racists are Republicans.

Daij said...

It's really sad. It seems you and I work with the same kind of racist idiots. I love how you shut him up!