Sunday, September 2, 2012

Please sign on the dotted line please

Finally an NFL owner with a set of nuts.

The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars stood up to one of his employees and told him that he was going to have to live up to to the contract that he signed.

Maurice Jones Drew has been refusing to report to his job because he wanted more money. He basically told his boss, 'fuck you old White man...Pay me.'

And guess what the 'Old White Man' said?
'Really son? Fuck me? Seriously? Naw Boy...Fuck you!'

The owner told him flat out that The Jacksonville Jags were not going to renegotiate his contract. He told "Mojo" that he gave his word and he expected him to live up to it. He stood his ground and guess what?

Ole "Mojo" gave up and reported to work today.

See this is what I'm talking about. There is no way in hell I could be a NFL owner and have one of my employees tell me he wasn't going to play until I gave him more money. I would not put up with it. I would do exactly what this owner did.

And ole "Mojo" will have to pay the fines he accrued while he was "holding out". And I hear that they are in the high seven figures.

I hope this sets a precedent to all the other "professionals" that think that just because they have one or two good years that their legally binding contract is now null and void.

And I have a response to all the people that are going to say "But Dirty Red...The owners can void the players contract anytime they feel like it. Why can't the players demand the same?"

Well folks it's like this..

Being an owner means that you are the BOSS. Being the BOSS means that this is your shit to do with as you please.

Being a player means that you are an EMPLOYEE... You have a job only as long as the BOSS feels that your services are needed.

I think that this counts as my facts and examples in this matter.


alphonso harris jr said...

I couldn't agree more. I always wonder why players don't sign a max deal that is a heavily incentivized contract allowing them to work hard and get paid for it. Only problem for that would be on the owner because it'd be harder to plan what your books would look like. As a player, you have to be a professional. I.E. Matt Forte

No Labels said...

Definitely agree.