Friday, October 26, 2012


Who controls the media?

Why do we hear the same 10 songs on the radio every hour on the hour? Why are the same celebrities in the news all the damn time? Why do we only get "news" from only 3 different outlets? (CNN, FOX,NBC)

This was a little something that has been on my mind lately;so I decided to do a little research. What I found out was shocking to me.

6 major corporations own and control the WORLDS media information. 

In 1983 50 companies controlled the WORLDS media information.

Who are these companies?

2.News Corp
5.Time Warner

6 companies own and control the information that BILLIONS of people hear, see and believe everyday.

6 companies influence the daily lives of BILLIONS of people.

They determine what we spend our money on..Which politicians we vote for..which laws we pass..what we eat..what we drink..where we go on vacation...who we consider sexy...what is the new hotness in fashion; everything we do is controlled by 6 companies.

6 companies!

We are being brainwashed people. Our entire lives are being scripted by a handful of people that we will never meet. People that will never come to our houses for dinner..people that we will never see at our kids PTA meetings..never see at family reunions..never see..never.

So this is why we hear the same damn 10 songs on the radio every hour on the hour.
This is why the lies about this Presidential race keep getting spread.
This is why this country is still so divided when it comes to race.

People are like sheep and we are being corralled by 6 Shepard's.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dude that shit is Gay

On my way to work this morning I listened to a conversation on the radio that was about male porn stars that call themselves "Gay for Pay".

This is supposedly what the majority of male Gay porn stars call themselves. They don't think they are Gay..they are just playing a "role".
In the porn world, it seems that Gay porn pays better than straight porn, so a lot of the dudes that do porn switch hit so that they can get their paper up.

I really don't care how a man makes his money. Just so long as no one is getting hurt, there are no children involved and the elderly are not mistreated, then do what you have to do to support your family.

But this "Gay for pay" shit is kinda ass backwards to me.(no pun intended)

I just do not understand how a man can get aroused sexually by another man and then go home to his wife and kids like this is what's hot in the streets. In my opinion, if a man gets sexually aroused by a man and by getting aroused he is able to have an orgasm...then that pretty much says Gay to me.

This mess in the porn business...I don't get it. I assumed that Gay porn meant Gay men were doing it. But I guess I was wrong.
These are actors just playing a role....According to them They are acting. I don't get it..but I understand it.

 I guess.

I guess it is no different than a "normal" actor playing a pirate or a murderer...It doesn't define who you are as a person, it's just a job.To them... It's a role that pays money. And if it don't make don't make sense. To them...

However there are some things that I can never see myself doing to make money .

Bending over in front of a man;with the forgone conclusion that I'm about to get a hard dick entered all up in my nether regions or letting a man bend over in front of me with the forgone conclusion I am about to stick hard dick all up in his nether regions or getting on my knees with a dick in my face; that is about to make entry into my open and waiting mouth or looking down at a man while my dick is in his face knowing that  I'm bout to see if I can make him choke; is pretty much some of the things I will say Ohh Hell to all the nawls too. Money be damned.

But if you are a person that gets pleasure from any of that..I ain't mad at cha...Do you..Just because I can't see it in my life, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be in yours.

I have never watched a Gay porn video and I have no desire to, but in this world there is a market for it. I ain't mad at the actors in these movies since what they are doing is technically legal; and shit that they like to do.

I just couldn't see myself doing it. And I would have to give the side-eye to any man that says they only do it for the money.

If a dick gets hard...if a dick busts a nut...then in my opinion that says there is a whole lot of pleasure in it. So yeah the money might be better....but...  I mean if that is the case...I'm pretty sure that the money is even better if a man could fuck a donkey. If  your dick gets hard for a mans ass for a few extra bucks... and have an orgasm while doing it..because everyone that has ever watched a porn video knows that the "money shot" is the whole purpose of the video...then it makes sense that it would get hard for an asses ass if a little bit more cash was involved.

If I knew I needed a money incentive in order to have sex with a woman...that I got no pleasure from it what so ever... If money made me cum...Then why bother with sex at all? There are a hundred and one easier ways to make money.

Hell sex is hard work...

I'm just saying....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The good ole days....What was good about them?

I knew my last post on Affirmative action would cause the trolls to come out.

My suspicions was right.

Somebody calling themselves VARGR; responded by calling Affirmative Action "Anti-White"..


We did agree however that as it stands right now the program is flawed; we disagree with aspects of the program. Well... I agree with aspects of the program...he/she disagrees with the whole thing. He/she thinks that it should be abolished. He/she thinks that it was never needed in the first place. He/she seems to believe that the way things were is the way things should have stayed.

I do agree that a business should be able to hire or fire any and everyone that they want. It is their business after all.
If a business wants to hire all family members, friends, dogs cats, Martians; then they should be able to do so. Without the government getting involved. Quite frankly it is none of the Government's business.

I also think that the most qualified person should come into a new situation with a hands up over someone that is not qualified. Color, sex, sexual preference be damned. But that would only apply in a world were I was running shit. As it stands now and as you all know; I ain't running nothing but my mouth.

So we have to make due with what we have and what we have is a society that if you happen to be born the "wrong" color, the "wrong" sex, or have the "wrong" sexual preference; then you are on your own.

Whoever the hell VARGR is should know this. That is if he/she was born and raised in this "land of opportunity."

For this dude/female to say that this program was never needed in the first place; with all the DOCUMENTED cases of past and current DISCRIMINATION against anyone in this country that wasn't born male and Caucasian, is laughable.

It is an ignorant Fox news informed opinion.

If this program was not enacted on March 6, 1961; there would be no Black, Hispanic, Asian, Women..... nothing in business. There would be no diversity what so ever. The demographic representation of this country would be unbalanced in the work place.

To say that this program is ANTI-WHITE is so pathetic sounding it does not deserve a response. But I am going to respond to it anyway.

How in the hot-ass blond haired blue eyed hell can you, VARGR, fix your mouth to say some dumb shit like that?

How is this program ANTI-WHITE when it was voted on and approved by WHITE politicians?

How is it ANTI-WHITE when it originally benefited WHITE women?

How is it ANTI-WHITE when 95% of all business's in this country are ran by WHITE CEO's and owned by WHITE men?

It should not have been enacted in the first place, says you?
So you think that it is ok to discriminate against a HUMAN BEING for the sole reason that they would not fit in at your family reunion?

The "others" in this country do not have the right to grow and establish wealth for their families?
We do not have the right to showcase our skills in ways that do not include entertaining you?
We do not deserve a chance to sit in a classroom next to your kids?
We cannot move into your neighborhood?

Is this what you are saying VARGR?

This is that bullshit VARGR.

Opinions like yours is one of the reasons that this country will always be fucked up when it comes to race relations and treating people fairly. Opinions like yours is the reason that so many people game the system. Opinions like yours is the reason why I will always be viewed as a BLACK man instead of a MAN... by dumb asses like you. I cannot stand people like you VARGR. I would probably be cool with you as long as I did not try to walk beside you or move in the house beside you...the one with the bigger yard... or date your daughter. The minute I cross that line...I am an affirmative action case. And the system that allowed me to do those things is all of a sudden "ANTI-WHITE." Was it "anti-white" before? When everything was all "white?"Was it "ANTI-WHITE" when I was a step behind and you were in front?


I apologize if someone "undeserving" took your promotion or your kids college tuition. Or for the fact that the man that represents this country to the world (for the time being anyway) is of a darker hue than you. A man who so many people like you think is unqualified by the way... Who would have thunk it? An "affirmative action" case made it to the White House....

Naaa.. Fuck that.

I ain't apologizing for shit.

Welcome to my World VARGR.

And I thank little Blond haired Blue Eyed Baby Jesus that you are just like me... running nothing but your mouth.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's about Race stupid!!!

Affirmative and Action.

The two most polarizing words in this great country of ours.

Do we still need it?
Is it racist?
Can White People use it?
Why was it started in the first place?
Is it "reverse" discrimination?

These are all questions that are asked daily about this program.

Me personally....I don't like it.

I understand it.

If this program was not started back in the 70's; I would not have my job now. I would not have gotten where I am in the Military and damn near every Black person I know that is successful would not have been given an opportunity to showcase their skills.

I mean it is what it is.

This country was founded by White men for White men. They did not anticipate all these other ethnicity's coming here and calling this place that Columbus "found" home.

The founding fathers intended this place to be the Anti-Britain. I think that is why Americans drive on the right and British on the left. This place was designed to be as different from our brothers and sisters across the pond as humanly possible.

So again.. The  "minorities" that call themselves "American" had to adapt who they were to fit into the founding fathers blueprint.

This country was not made for us.

So I understand why we needed Affirmative Action. I understand why in some cases we still need Affirmative Action.

But again... I don't like it.

I do not think that an unqualified person should be given consideration over someone that is qualified simply because a quota has to be met to keep the government off your back.

The person with the most experience should be given the job, whatever it is, hands down. I would not feel right taking a job if I knew that I did not deserve it. I would not want to live in a place where I knew the only reason I got the apartment/house was because they had to have a certain amount of Black men living in the area. I think that basing a decision on race and ethnicity is wrong ass wrong.

But then again I think that NOT giving someone qualified a chance just because of race and ethnicity is equally as wrong.

I understand that Affirmative Action was started to give minorities a fair was started to give WHITE WOMEN a fair chance....However, I think that it needs to be revamped a little.

Not giving a qualified White dude a job simply because you already have met your 95% "white" quota; is just as fucked up as giving an unqualified Black dude a job just because you need a little color in your company photo.

Do we still need Affirmative Action?
Should it be retooled to fit the current times?
Is this really a "post racial" Country?
Uhhhh.. Hell no.

Everything in this bitch is about race.

If some "leaders" in this "post racial" society of ours had their way...Every White man's first name would be "Massa",I would be working in the fields, eating  leftover pig scraps and sleeping on a dirt floor out behind the big house.

So yeah... If the government did not make some people include minorities...then they would not include minorities...

In nothing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Politics is a game of chess.. Not checkers

I watched the debates last night and I tried my best to understand just what the fuck the President was doing.

I mean he had Mittens on the ropes every since the conventions. But he gave him room to breath last night and for a while I did not understand why.

Did his people not prepare him well?
Was he scared?
Was his mind on his anniversary?
Was another big raid going on somewhere in one of the "Axis of Evils"?

I went to sleep wondering....
Well this morning it hit me... At least this is what I think anyway.

See we should all know by now that our Prez is a master polictrickster. And from what I know about good politricksters is that nothing just happens. Now shit always goes wrong with amateurs....i.e..Mittens...Rick on and so forth; but with GOOD polictricksters...Everything is scripted and planned.

Here is my theory...

1. Big O was winning in damn near every state except the ones in the deep south and some of the ones in the  Midwest.  You know the ones with all the White folks that Mittens said were moochers; (but in their minds he was not talking to them.) Every poll had the Prez up by 5/6 points. Now this was a problem for him because people get complacent. And if the general consensus is that he is winning...then voter turn out will be low because people will think that since he is winning already...why should they vote. The election is is a done deal..The fat lady is singing. So the game had to be shaken up a little. Now since Obama handed Mittens dumb ass a victory...The polls will shift. Watch... Romney will either be winning some of those polls by Monday or he will be neck and neck with Obama. Either case, Obama supporters will wake up and realize that Big O might just lose this thing and voter turn out will be high.

2. Romney has nothing else to talk about now. He has laid all his cards on the table. Everyone knows his position now. He cannot flip/flop, he cannot backtrack. He has to stick by everything he said. This was no private fund raiser.. This was broadcast to the world. So now all Obama has to do is keep reminding the people about all the lies they heard. In my opinion Romney sacrificed his queen. He has no more moves.

3.And finally since Romney found his mojo during the debates; he will start to get over confident and he will fuck up...Again...

If I'm right, then this was a brilliant move by the President. He learned a lot from Sweet Dick Bill.

But if I'm wrong and the President just didn't have his head in the game...Then he better start taking his shit out of storage; because he won't be in the Big house for too much longer.

I'm just saying....

Monday, October 1, 2012


This is a YouTube video I saw over at OHH Hell Nawl that I thought was funny as hell..

True..But funny none the less.

Samuel Jackson is a damn fool.

If only more people would take his advice.

I think a very wise Polictrickster said very recently...And I quote...

"Don't Boo... Vote!!"
President Barrack Hussein Obama
44th President of the United States Of America